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  1. Does anyone else question what they've REALLY been up to up there all this time????
  2. - no part of "victims" body touched, thus there is no nature of contact to decipher - the situation was public in the line of duty in accordance with workplace policy - words and gestures were intended to be entertaining and in the interest of building repore - words and gestures completely non offensive and designed to engage customer in an entertaining experience -no threats to the "victim" - no extenuating circumstances that would constitute a threat to the "victim" - sexual integrity of "victim" not violated Seriously If this went to court I would hope the judge would deem it a frivolous waste of court resources and slap the "victim" with the associated costs.
  3. We're Canadian, we'll help both of the them. problem solved easy peasy
  4. To be clear she responded to that comment, she didn't author it.
  6. I swear some people at hockey games aren't fully aware of where they are. perhaps she was just along for the ride and really wished she was somewhere else.
  7. you weren't in the dressing room...apparently it's more about that
  8. See now this is the true Canadian spirit. It's a free country just don't feel free to be free on my turf or with mine.
  9. that's funny, you calling me sensitive
  10. you're not interpreting the events here properly. somehow though I'm not too surprised. an inability to interpret the world at large seems compatible with insensitivity. I think you just shoot from the hip in general and ask questions later
  11. so a mother trying to save her daughters life doesn't cut it with you. wow...tough crowd
  12. unfortunately it was her mother that paid the price
  13. I know, I have a friend going there in September and she's nervous. Been there many times but things are different now. She has ridden the train where that attack happened so it's a concern for sure.
  14. Whatta ya think