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  1. Because it gets me off...
  2. still undefeated in regulation
  3. VanGnomes melodrama set in the sketchy American northwest attempts to paint the altruistic pioneering Canadian spirit with the dark comeuppance of the coming of age one might rightly expect of misguided international hijinks. In a rarely witnessed spectacle of modern literature derring-do VanGnomes cliff hanger style of prose takes the reader to edge of delirious expectancy only to left dizzyingly wanting.
  4. a guy I went to school with his son was there and hit but ok
  5. my point is this is an isolated incident by one deluded misfit, lets keep it in perspective before anyone runs out and burns down their neighborhood mosque. don't let yourself be played by the terrorist/terrorism narrative being pushed by the ruling class. Trudeau is just hitting his talking points as he's instructed to.
  6. Suspected terror at this point. Just want to remind all that multiple more lives were lost in the last 24 to drug overdoses, impaired drivers and law enforcement than to "terror' in the land.
  7. did you even read the article? they tried to but were told that this kind of democratic behavior is ILLEGAL!
  8. never let your mom brush your hair when she's ;mad at your dad
  9. Good article here with slide show at the bottom. Some things I didn't know.
  10. served on the best China
  12. My back to the wall A victim of laughing chance This is for me The essence of true romance Sharing the things we know and love With those of my kind Libations Sensations That stagger the mind I crawl like a viper Through these suburban streets Make love to these women Languid and bittersweet I rise when the sun goes down Cover every game in town A world of my own I'll make it my home sweet home
  13. lol
  14. Washington state has cancelled the limit on them. Go catch as many as you like