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  1. Just in time for summer.... you need this
  2. ^ I know right? I'm not even sure what the point of this thread is. This will not be the last in Belgium or anywhere else. They will keep coming and escalate. It's time for the west to do some serious soul searching and take back our power. WE are the ones that create these monsters and the refugees by the boatload. We have rolled over and given free rein to the corporate greed that has usurped our political system for their endless greed. They rape and pillage other countries for control of their resources and economies while they deplete our own for power and control of us all. In the meantime there is no accountability of our leaders. Enough.
  4. Trump yells at TVs
  5. Jimmy Carter was president of the United States from 1977 to 1981.
  6. 10. You can stack 25 beer bottles before they fall down 9. You can’t perform the Heimlich maneuver on yourself 8. A spider can pull up to half a pound of string 7. The grass in the back yard is 3 feet high 6. There are 58 tiles on my bedroom ceiling 5. A George divided against itself cannot stand 4. My sister had a baby 3. When you drop a cat upside down from a distance of six feet it will land on its feet 9 times out of 10 2. My TV has manual control buttons on it in case I ever lose the remote 1. There’s another website
  7. One of the greatest. Didn't know the man but knew his housekeeper for a while circa 1988
  8. I learned the grass in the back yard is three feet high
  9. Talk about putting your money where your mouth is. Although I'm not a big supporter or even believer in food banks I admire this mans unselfish sacrifice and his effort to take it to the people. He will sell his vehicle at the end of his trek and donate that as well. A true humanitarian.
  10. and some of them have been elected to public office
  11. It's a good start and that was the point of posting this. Historically you would be hard pressed to find one that would break ranks. Hopefully this is the beginning of some enlightenment that will encourage others to question the status quo and brainwashing.
  13. Who says Muslims aren't calling out other Muslims
  14. that would be cruel, who would do that!!???