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  1. Whatta ya think
  2. Wait, so Melania is really Rick Roll? OK yeah I can see that.
  3. don't forget Minnesota's Jessie Ventura now an Alex Jones disciple
  4. ^^ironically both their initials are B S
  5. Right, so the police need to be given official powers of judge jury and executioners. It'll save a lot of resources and help git er done right proper.
  6. See video inside...creepy
  7. So your average politician then
  8. For sure it's nearly impossible for anyone to improve themselves without a hand up from somewhere.
  9. You are completely correct toews. myself I didn't even have parents (they abandoned me at age 3). So I don't even know what it means to come from a family. When I perceive someone like yourself trying to help I usually write it off to an attempt to assuage your conscience. But I know I am cynical. if you come from such a privileged position in society (and you do) and can truly have empathy then I salute you, but I think you are a rarity. But in any event I can not relate to your life in the least. Today I run my own business I literally started with nothing. I hope to sell it in the next year hopefully for a ransom and I look forward to acquiring a much larger enterprise. However I was around 40 before my life even began.
  10. And make Merica pay for it.
  11. I believe it belongs in the Post Hall of Fame. In reality it is the post to end all posts, there is no longer a need for these boards.
  12. Well, I do like dogs And who shouldn't like a lovely new pony (read in Kate Middleton's voice) I'm not fond of blah blah
  13. One scientist. Mike Brown to be exact. Send your hate mail there lol
  14. Then it's now highly incumbent upon the rest of them to speak out. It's not happening. Why? They will always protect their own.