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  1. Elephant in the room - Hank and Danny

    Never mind defining white elephant Let's get Higginsed in the dictionary.
  2. "Feel the Bern" [The Bernie Sanders thread]

    Funny when you say Clinton grilled Sanders all I can think about is Bill barbequing some chicken.
  3. wtf johnny gardenknome has owned the canucks?
  4. Notable Quoteables

    Nobody goes there any more, it's too crowded. Yogi Berra
  5. Notable Quoteables

    It was the truth as I believed it to be at the time Phil Gaglardi
  6. Trump Donald
  7. Uber Drivers in New York City Protest Fare Cuts

    Look if you're uninformed and incapable of intelligent discussion don't try to entice me join you in the sandbox of ignorance. The world is changing and fast. The robots are coming for your job whether you care to see it or not. Even some high skill jobs are at risk. 
  8. Uber Drivers in New York City Protest Fare Cuts

    That's a good point, he will be here in a few short years. But then many low and medium skill jobs will also be lost to technology. What then? Have the architects of the brave new world considered the unrest they are creating?
  9. It's OK? As if Trump is the answer to the worlds problems? Not sure what you're getting at, surely in the final analysis no one is taking this guy seriously...are they?
  10. Saskatoon Breaks Snowball Fight Record!

    A fitting activity for Toon Town. Breaks the routine of driving over bridges to the next Hortons before heading off to the next theatre.
  11. Right, Point Grey is in need of some serious gentrification...
  12. La Loche Residents No Strangers to Violence.  
  13. 2016 is Coming For Them All-Now Paul Kantner

    ...its hard to believe how the time went so fast?  most all the people and times gone!  I was young, and it seemed life was forever. And those times in the 1960's lasted for a good time, then year after year things were changing, not for the better. and I remember how I felt living in the moment back then. In 1969 in High School in San Francisco, I remember it was a beautiful Sunny day, and we were cruising in a guys 67 Chevelle Super Sport 396, drinking red mountain wine, smoking panama red, and listening to " Magic Carpet Ride".   we were young and strong, and on top of the world.    Jim Dickson
  14. 2016 is Coming For Them All-Now Paul Kantner

    ...those times in San Francisco was a different world. I lived it, growing up at ocean Beach. I grew up during the Haight Ashbury days, Hippies, gangs, Hells' Angel's, Black Panthers, Santana, Steppenwolf, Cream, iron Butterfly, the SLA, Jim Jones, civil rights, Vietnam war, west coast California Dreaming, beach Boys, animals, stones, turtles, rascals, the Doors with lite my fire! lost many friends. you could walk at night safely in any part of the city and a stranger would smoke a joint with you. joints were 50 cents, and lid's were ten dollars. we cruised the streets in Hot rods, corvettes, 32 fords, 40 ford's, buicks,  super sports, 55,56,57 chevy's. Drag racing, Malt shops, hot weather, surfing, chasing girls before it became a crime. went to the summer of love , Golden gate Park in 1967, 10,000 people walking around nude, throwing Frisbee's, a cloud over the people of weed. the Hell's angel's and gypsy jokers walking through the crowd. people falling out of trees, red Mountain wine, panama red, ultra weed. Crazy!!  yep! then I joined the Marines july 12th 1971. there will never be a time in history like those times. so glad I was part of the experience!!  Jimi Hendrix.