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  2. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Chicago Blackhawks

    I was afraid this would happen...
  3. The Calgary Flames

    more sweet or sweeter......I don't know why I do that
  5. Massive asteroid could hit Earth in 2135

    that only leaves 117 years for the canucks to win a cup, depending which month it hits. hopefully the sedins are retired by then
  6. NDP Score Own Goal in FIFA Bid Debacle

    Yeah but she'd be taking it for the team, she was good that way.
  7. NDP Score Own Goal in FIFA Bid Debacle

    You got me there. How long before Erikkson is ready?
  8. Bridge collapse

    wtaf? seriously grow some skin, the worlds a tuff place. there's a good life lesson you can pass on to your kids. you're welcome
  9. Bridge collapse

    Can't blame this one on aging infrastructure or the Mexicans. But if it turns out cost was a factor because of the new wall expense then they need to raise taxes. Right?
  10. I got Bo Horvat to sign my jersey!!!!!!!!

    congrats, that means you're now married
  12. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Anaheim Ducks

    what the hell happened? I missed the last five minutes, lost interest or something I dunno
  13. Notley is threatening to cut off BC from AB oil

    yeah I'm just adding some technicolor to the movie going on in her head.
  14. OK look, Trump was off his meds again and talking out his butt as usual. The man has no idea of protocol or official policy. There are a few stories about this but I like this one: My guess is this meeting will never happen
  15. Notley is threatening to cut off BC from AB oil

    You don't know Alberta do you? This is going over big there. She's sure to be re-elected with this kind of tough talk.
  16. Best Way to Sell Tickets?

    ok thought that was just for sporting events
  17. Best Way to Sell Tickets?

    So I've been trying to sell some concert tickets I can't use on EBay. Third listing and the results are beyond dismal. I haven't tried to sell anything online in years so obviously I'm out of the loop. Where is best place to sell now? These are digital tickets for a US based concert (Nashville). Any advice?
  18. Nilsson played 7 fewer games
  20. Canada's like the guy that lent his friend 10k to get a face lift and some plastic surgery but now he can't find him.
  21. [PGT] New York Islanders vs. Vancouver Canucks

    and I've been waiting for a chance to say "Motte the Hoople" on here.