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  1. Not a chance he'll make the team. Won't even get 9 games. He's far better off going straight to the OHL after the pre-season.
  2. I can't see Schroeder making the big club this year. Maybe if he has an incredible camp and preseason. I don't think he has enough to earn a bottom 6 spot this year. He'll be better off playing top 6 minutes for the Moose.
  3. The odds are slim to none. He'll play for the Moose and develop there and hopefully be successful. We have too many NHL-calibre d-men right now in front of him. It will do Sauve no good to be a #7 or #8 d-man when he can be a 15-20 minute a night guy on the moose.
  4. I see Schroeder as being a winger in the NHL. Not really big enough or physical enough for the defensive part of playing center.
  5. Couple more tweets from Farhan Devji today... farhandevji I can confirm with the utmost certainty that Jordan Schroeder has indeed decided to turn pro. farhandevji I'm hearing that Schroeder's agent is in the process of negotiating a contract with the #Canucks. I assume he'll go straight to the Moose. Not sure what there is to negotiate. Give him the rookie max for 3 years. Done deal.
  6. A couple of tweets I've seen posted late tonight... QuickFacts Expect Jordan Schroeder to be signing with Vancouver Canucks by this weekend only question will be whether sent to Moose or up with Canucks farhandevji Sent out some emails re: Schroeder's rumored decision to join the #Canucks. Won't hear anything at this hour, though. Hopefully tomorrow We can only cross our fingers.
  7. Minnesota vs. Wisconsin on the Big10 network tonight. 8pm start on the HD channel.
  8. I found Schroeder to easily be the best player on the ice for Minny. He's definitely the most skilled, heads up guy they have. Glad we have him in our system.
  9. I notice that on the Big10 network today that they're broadcasting the Minnesota vs. Colorado college games this weekend (one tonight and one tomorrow morning). Good chance to see Schroeder play.
  10. This is true. NCAA rules are designed to keep university football and basketball players in college rather than trying to make the jump to the pros. Its only when a kid knows he'll make the team does he bolt for the NFL or NBA. Neither of these leagues has a "minor league system" in any real sense like the NHL does. The NCAA should account for this and let these kids go play for AHL affiliates once their college seasons are over. The experience will only help the school programs in the long run as the majority of those players will probably return to school the next year anyway.
  11. The question is, who does Sauve bump out of the lineup? Is he better than Bieksa/Mitchell/Salo/Edler/SOB/Erhoff? I can't see him beating any of those guys out of a spot. Maybe SOB as he always seems to be in AV's doghouse. I just don't see AV picking a d-man who has no pro experience. He likes guys to play a season or two on the Moose before stepping up to the big club.
  12. No, I'm just someone who calls a spade a spade when they start flinging falsehoods around just so they can bash a prospect they don't like. You don't want to respond to my posts? Fine. You've proven, yet again, that you're a coward who can't back up his arguments with logical and coherent statements of truth. Either step up to the plate or stfu. I think I can speak for all on CDC who read your posts that I hope you just choose to stfu and leave these boards. Your blatant lying is unwanted and unacceptable.
  13. What is this wall of which you speak? How is Sauve any better off than Cody? Sauve didn't make the team in 2 camps. He *never* played for the Moose (in the playoffs) when he was called up. He was cut from the WJHC team last year and wasn't even at their summer camp this year. Is that the wall you're talking about? You may have had Cody rated #4 on your list, but you're the #1 douchebag on these boards. So yeah, I suspect it was half out of spite and half because you're an idiot for rating him so low.
  14. Really? Who's spot is he going to take? Let's assume that Willie re-signs (which I think he will). Is Sauve going to take a spot from Willie, Bieksa, Edler, Salo, Erhoff or O'Brien? Maybe SOB. Maybe. More than likely Sauve will go to the Moose and play a couple of seasons there.
  15. I hope Sauve's early season success draws the attention of Team Canada brass. I'd love to see him on the WJHC team.