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  1. Car Mod Thread

    Might be a dumb question, but if I wanna keep my rims (love the look of them) but want them to be black, will spray paint suffice? Or is there another way to just turn my current rims into black? Or will I have to just buy black rims? I don't care too much about the rims, mostly just want to focus on the exhaust and the dash hack, but thought if a quick spray paint will suffice why not
  2. Car Mod Thread

    You're forgetting the playstation in the trunk.
  3. ICBC Situation.

    Get everything in writing. Always. The person issuing your yellow temp license is a disgruntled (they're all miserable SOBs at ICBC - half my psych based case load are ICBC employees) employee who doesn't care about you or their job. They may have issued that temp license and not changed it in the system, but because you didn't get it in writing, stating ICBC re-instates your license, you have no case.
  4. Car Mod Thread

    Wow, great info. Thank you! Any specific company for cat-back you'd recommend?
  5. Car Mod Thread

    No no, it won't sound like a pop can on the back of a bike tire haha. It'll sound like a Subaru/GT-R if you know what those sound like.
  6. Car Mod Thread

    The video stops playing once the car is shifted out of park. It's great for border line ups/when you get to an appointment/meeting too early.
  7. Car Mod Thread

    2016 Civic Touring, 1.5L Turbo boost engine. 17" wheels. I don't plan on racing it, just daily driving and late night driving on straight back roads. The thing I hate about the stock exhaust on these is they totally quiet down the noise. One of the great things of turbo is hearing the spool up and hear it whistle. Wanting to produce a sound more similar to a subaru/gt-r.
  8. Car Mod Thread

    Anyone here do any custom modifications to their car? Engine, exhaust, or even just kits or tint. Have done the basics such as tints and hacking the screen inside the car to install Waze and Netflix on it, but have been thinking about changing out the exhaust for an aftermarket exhaust to change the sound and increase the HP just slightly. Wondering if anyone has experience with this sort of stuff and/or if you recommend any local shops for parts.
  9. 2018 FIFA World Cup

    1st half Harry Kane cost them that match, and the passiveness they played with.
  10. NFL thread

    Bruh, you got 2 rings, why you tryna kidnap and murder your ex?
  11. CDC Dynasty League

    Trade: NPF sends: RB: Marlon Mack TE: Dion Sims 2019 2nd Round Pick To Romo for: TE: Rob Gronkowski
  12. The Workout Thread

    If you go at the right times, you can avoid the gorillas. The turf field upstairs is great for plyo and sled stuff and box jumps. You also have access to the heavy bags in the boxing room if you're into that.
  13. The Workout Thread

    That rest for your central nervous system = more gains than if you had worked out that 9th week in a row.
  14. CDC Dynasty League

    Update: It is a 2019 3rd round pick if that pick does not go to Diesel in the trade for Dez. If Dez has a great year and Diesel gets my 2019 3rd round pick, then Madness receives a 2020 3rd round pick.
  15. 2018 FIFA World Cup

    Let's go England!