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  1. I have what I'm pretty sure is a heavily strained infraspinatus and teres. Ulnar nerve is compressed, constant tricep, lateral elbow, lateral forearm pain with pins and needles into the pinky and ring finger. Haven't picked up a weight in 8 days. Just cardio. I feel depressed lol
  2. You should know if you're making progress or not based on depth of your split squat and the weights you're doing. Soreness doesn't necessarily mean you're not progressing. You will always get sore if you break down the muscles efficiently. My chest always is sore after chest day.
  3. Sorry not neutralize it, I meant it would be a waste of money as you're not getting any additional benefit from two substances that will more or less do the same thing.
  4. If you're drinking ACV and alkaline water, you're just wasting money on both products as they're counter intuitive to each other. ACV raises pH through natural acidity while alkaline will neutralize it. At the end of the day, you're left with the same starting pH but you may experience some (unproven) side benefits from ACV. Depends on the type of filter you have. Standard fridge filters don't have the ability to change the pH. However, you can shell out some extra cash to get a specialized filter that will add pH to the water as it filters.
  5. Yes, stabilizing pH makes the blood viscosity less, allowing it to flow through blood vessels with more ease. Cardiologists tell their patients to drink a pH between 8.7 and 8.9
  6. There's no scientific evidence or any positive double blind studies that have shown any effects of alkaline water on overall gut pH. There is positive studies showcasing the effect of alkaline water set at a particular pH that can help eliminate acid reflux by essentially "Turning off" the enzymes that cause the reflux to occur. I believe alkaline water is also linked to blood flow efficiency in working tissues by increasing efficiency by over 100%.
  7. Wasn't that Harman Dayal aka boy wonder?
  8. Don't we still have 6 mill in cap space after this signing and with the projection send downs to Utica? Add in another 3 mill with Roussel starting season LTIR = 9 mill in cap space to sign Boeser to a 6-7 mill/year contract. I'm sure these NHL professional head office guys will have a plan to off load a contract or 2 in the next 3 months... Ya'll complain for no reason. It's not your money. Watch to enjoy the game. Or shut the damn TV off. Quit your yapping about every single move. Dmitri is a terrible writer FYI.
  9. I hope they do. I'm in Dajin at 5 cents/share. would be happy to sell at 25 cents
  10. No need to add weight to Russian Twists until you can stack 15 of these guys to each side without a rest. Adding a target goal (stacking) forces you to actually use your obliques and core rather than just swinging your arms.
  11. Your trainer is putting you on cardio for 5 minutes to warm up your body and get the heart rate up. It's not meant to be to increase cardio. The rower is your best bet for improving cardio through steady state cardio. You could also do a tabata workout for 10-20 minutes on the stationary bike, great way to increase cardiovascular endurance and get the legs a nice pump. However, a proper trainer should be including cardio bouts into your circuit training session if you have made them aware that one of your goals is to increase your cardio. Uphill sprints (treadmill is fine if you cant run outside) and winggate style bike intervals are a great circuit station for those wanting to increase their cardio. Also boosts your EPOC.
  12. Now glutamine is an add in to almost every type of supplement on the market lol.
  13. It does and doesn't. It increases the recovery period of phosphocreatine to restore in the muscles so that you are able to go for that max effort exertion sooner. However, it doesn't improve recovery between higher repetition sets as phosphocreatine is a short duration (up to 10 seconds) energy source. You are correct that yes if phosphocreatine can help you lift more on your 1 or 2 rep max lifts, then it will increase your gains, and all things being equal, it should help improve body comp. However, majority of the guys who take creatine thinking it's going to help them get bigger or shredded don't use it properly. They take creatine then go do high volume work outs and aren't actually using the benefits of the creatine.
  14. Most of the research with creatine is performance based not necessarily body composition. At its roots phosphocreatine is used for up to 10 seconds of max effort in the muscles. So if you’re a power lifter or going for 1 rep max you’ll notice something. But I laugh when I hear guys say they take creatine to get big. Creatine is a monohydrate it’s just water making them feel full and big not muscle.