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  1. But ..... no one is saying don't go out and get sun. Just, stay 6 feet apart from people who aren't living in your household while you're in the sun. ? It's not that hard to comprehend?
  2. Randomly clicked to a random point of the video and it was him claiming he created e-mail.
  3. If AC goes up to 18 tomorrow I'm gonna break my laptop lol
  4. So AC is above where I bought it... wtf. Should I sell it for a marginal profit but guarantee no loss? or risk it climbing for another couple days?
  5. Exactly! Ive played sports all my life and have been weight lifting for about 5 years with different goals here and there. A buddy I lift with warms up with my max. We’re all chasing someone.
  6. Looool. I guess I'm in it for the long haul. Will average down when they hit singles
  7. I also think it'll drop back down. But. 10k at 17.50/share and selling today at 25 would've given my skip the dishes account a niiiiiice boost Instead AC is gonna make me cook for myself
  8. No. Regret. The day I chose AC over Suncor, Suncor was at 17.50/share
  9. The day I bought AC, I passed on Suncor. As much as AC is down in that amount of time, Suncor is up (even with their big drop today). That's the way she goes
  10. Down 8% today LOL I hope it just crashes to 10 so I can average my cost to 13
  11. Got into AC at 16.30 thinking I got lucky it had dropped a couple bucks. It's continued to crash into the 14's today. Hahahaha....hahahaha...ha.ha.....ha.....where's the Baileys?