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  1. +285 odds on Texas is next, I say by the end of the weekend. Any takers?
  2. NucksPatsFan

    NFL thread

    Not sure if filming will be allowed, or how you could compare - but this could potentially allow Kaep's camp to show that he can still ball and make better decisions and throw a better ball than 95% of the back ups in the league and even some starters, further "proving" he's being blacklisted for his stance on systemic racism rather than not being signed due to ability.
  3. NucksPatsFan

    NFL thread

    It's a QB driven league though. Voters love QBs
  4. NucksPatsFan

    NFL thread

    Like the Pats this will be a good loss for this 49ers defense. Better to have it now than in January or February. What a game.
  5. NucksPatsFan

    NFL thread

    RW vs LJ for MVP. Not sure who else even goes in that discussion. Granted there’s just under 2 months left in the season still, but who else is affecting their teams to their level?
  6. Apparently the league championship was yesterday. Who knew.
  7. NucksPatsFan

    BC Lions

    Imagine how many Seahawks fans would be at each Lions game if they were watching recent Seattle draft picks and potential future roster players playing 4 down football.
  8. NPF: trades 3rd round pick. @Van40 : trades 5th round pick and Ryan Tannehill
  9. NucksPatsFan

    NFL thread

    Time for Rivers to focus on his 9 kids and step away from football. 0-8 when needing 10 yards, aided by a phantom holding call. Peterman could've gotten the 10 yards with how wide open some of the receivers were.
  10. NucksPatsFan

    NFL thread

    Definition of a good loss. Good game, get the perfect season talk erased for good, and wait to see Baltimore up in Foxboro in January.
  11. NucksPatsFan

    NFL thread

    Outside of his phenomenal season like 6 years ago, he’s been pretty “alright”. With the Pats he averaged 3 catches a game and less than 50 yards. He also didn’t have the separation speed he used to have which is why Dorsett replaced him on those outside deep routes. I hope he can stay away from the legal kush in Seattle and just focus on football. But he can’t rush the passer which is Seattle’s need, not another pass catcher.
  12. NucksPatsFan

    NFL thread

    Kind of hope we lose tonight. Need a good loss for learning purposes and to get the monkey off the back.
  13. NucksPatsFan

    NFL thread

    Stacked roster and no leader. Their coach is literally making up his game plan on the fly each game. "4th and 11 we gotta punt" *false start* "Oh wait, 4th and 16 now inside our own 20? Get our offense out there and throw a 5 yard out!"
  14. NucksPatsFan

    NFL thread

    The bigger issue is on 3rd and 3 why was the DB lined 10 yards off Jones? He ran an uncovered quick out to seal the game with a first down. Defensive coach needs better awareness.