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  1. NucksPatsFan

    ICBC over a billion in debt

    I understand it's not a perfect system and anytime anyone is in a MVA, it's terrible. Again, I'm only speaking to the new rehab legislation. I hate icbc for everything else. But user fees are no longer. You will no longer pay out of pocket then collect upon settlement. Everything will be direct billed by clinics (and if clinics don't direct bill, they need a new business plan). Before it used to be a $25-$40 user fee per physio session that the claimant would get back at the end of their claim. That's no longer a thing post April 1. There will be 0 dollars out of pocket for the claimant.
  2. NucksPatsFan

    ICBC over a billion in debt

    Diagnosed psychiatric issues are automatically moved to the major claim category so payouts will not change from what they currently are. As are head injuries (concussions) that are not cleared by the attending physician within 16 weeks of the diagnosis (important to note it's 16 weeks from the date of diagnosis, not the date of the MVA). As for long-term soft tissue injuries - the claimant will have 300k towards rehab and therapy as opposed to the previous 150k. That is a lot of rehab and therapy. The pay coverage for compensating time off work has also increased now (it used to be peanuts before). Again, as a clinician, speaking strictly on the rehab side of things, claimants are going to have many more opportunities for prolonged care and rehab. That, at the end of the day, is the goal of an injured person: to be compensated for their time off work, and to be given the resources to recover. If you're injured in an MVA and are just chasing a paycheck and don't utilize the resources for rehab, then that's their prerogative.
  3. NucksPatsFan

    NFL thread

  4. NucksPatsFan


    The real Super Bowl is Gisele Bundchen vs Veronika Khomyn. Winner takes both.
  5. NucksPatsFan

    NFL thread

  6. NucksPatsFan

    NFL thread

    There were a couple plays where you could see both the D line and o line slow down to 50% effort before realizing it wasn't the refs blowing it. Apparently the guy doing it goes to games dressed as a whistle lol and it's functional
  7. NucksPatsFan

    NFL thread

    Yes. I screen shotted it before the video starts (why there's a clock that says 14 in the bottom corner). Between the whistle in new Orleans and now a laser pointer in KC, does security just not check for anything besides guns?
  8. NucksPatsFan

    NFL thread

    It's a video not a picture lol, sorry I could only screen shot it
  9. NucksPatsFan

    NFL thread

    Wait until you see Chip's next response. This dude (or girl?) goes all out, pulls up stuff from what these players were doing in high school or what he read on TMZ.. Never seen a guy (or girl?) care so much about pro athletes personal lives I was hoping to have woken up to a response for him. Anxiously (not really) waiting rest of the day.
  10. NucksPatsFan

    NFL thread

    If location and players were reversed, ESPN would've had a 60 page report out already lol. We still here #LFG
  11. NucksPatsFan

    NFL thread

    Lmao your lack of education and basic facts shines so brightly again. It's too easy to bait you into getting riled up & looking stupid. FYI the highest paid AFC QB makes 4 mill more than Brady. But hey, keep spewing that good ol' BS and enjoy hearing Pats talk everyday all day for 2 weeks
  12. NucksPatsFan

    NFL thread

    Anonymous Eagles players ripping Wentz to the media. Maybe he should take a pay cut
  13. NucksPatsFan

    NFL thread

    The best was at the Friday walk through. Walked into the room and shouted "I'm the baddest m*ther*u*ker on the planet LFG" I love athletes that try to hype up their team instead of "oh God already has a plan if we're gonna win or lose God already knows I'm just putting my trust in God he will guide us"
  14. NucksPatsFan

    Investing in the stock market - Discussion

    Put a limit order for micron waste technology this morning. Really liking their potential. Wanted to buy last week but they had a crazy run up.
  15. NucksPatsFan

    NFL thread

    Let the hate float through you. Slept like a baby last night