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  1. took a starter in hmhc at 2.22 as sympathy as well
  2. Well wtf do I know with my timelines eh? Could hit $5 today! This is one of my biggest positions I accumulated in for a few days under $1.
  3. Congrats!! Boxl has been an atm machine all week. Currently up from 79c to 3.15. Should go up towards 5 as we get closer to the USA school re openings digitally. Took out capital+10% and bought more shares because of how strongly I believe in the company. Upped my average to just under a dollar.
  4. California shutting down news. Luckily had a 2 100% winners today. Gonna try to get on BA calls as early as possible tomorrow
  5. Dolphin entertainment group setting up to become a powerhouse in the industry. Former acquisition of 42West, which is headed up by Leslee Dart, who is a powerhouse. Leslee leaving her role as co-ceo of 42West to take a bigger role in leading Dolphin, but will continue to service her A list roster. Dolphin delayed their earnings from end of May to tomorrow because they had some major deals waiting to settle before reporting them. Dolphin had issued shares at a price of 3.44/share and have plans to continue to add through acquisition other A list firms to create a powerhouse media company.
  6. I disagree with nkla comment. While I cashed out on the stocks a while ago, I picked up call options when it dropped to low 40s. They’ve showcased the live hydrogen semi truck driving, braking and its dash and user interface. It’s a real thing. This isn’t just renderings anymore. In December the badger will be showcased but I have a strong feeling Trevor will leak videos of the badger in late August or September. I bought 50$ calls and expect to pay for my 2021-2022 canucks season tickets with the calls.
  7. Every EV company is going public. Fisker the latest. Limit order didn't trigger at 12.84 yesterday had to get in at 13.40. Was pissed. Not so much any more lol. Also bought GRAF warrants this morning on the rumour they're bidding for Walmart deal
  8. Fmci merger with tattoo chef officially officially approved and given final go ahead. For us day 1ers it’s gonna be a nice ride up having this in the portfolio. @AriGold2.0
  9. The WKHS dip to 14 was beautiful, was able to add $17.50 calls expiring 7/17 for pennies on the dollar. Also the BLNK dip this morning was insane, was able to buy $7.50 calls expiring 7/17 for 45c per contract. Already up over 100% lol
  10. Thank goodness for after hours and pre market. Only made about 12% off black out day. EV sector pulling back strong today hope you were able to get in a good entry!
  11. Ayro and blnk have been nuts today. Holding onto my July 17 $5 blnk call for another few more days
  12. Glad I got into Ayro in the 2’s - the ugly duckling of the EV stocks in it didn’t run when they all did over past 2 weeks but boy she’s running today! also gonna grab a couple lotto tickets in byfc and carv ahead of blackout day
  13. 2.6 bill Uber buys Postmates in all stock sale