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  1. You guys been watching Hard Knocks? Some of my favourite lines so far "Where does the sun rise?" "...the air" "Dinosaurs ain't ever exist man, what about the dinosaurs in the water what happened to them" "They're still here, they're sharks!" "I believe in mermaids, new species in the ocean found every day"
  2. Lol no. Though I did determine while I was there that I need to marry a Boston girl.
  3. So close to Charizard. Just 6 more charmanders.
  4. To my fellow Pats fans: Go to The Hall at Patriot Place at Gillette Stadium. Incredible experience. Went to the Pats/Bears game and watched it from the 50 yard line. Was kind of chapped that the decision for Brady to not play was made literally minutes before they ran out of the tunnel, but I couldn't complain, it was a beautiful night in Boston and I had a couple beers in hand sitting in Gillette stadium. Jimmy G looked good in person, made a couple of bad check down mistakes but he also wasn't playing with any legitimate receiving targets besides Bennett. In reality, if the defense stays healthy and plays like they're expected to, 2-2 would be great, 3-1 wouldn't be all that surprising. 2-2 and I think we can take the division, anything under .500 and Brady would have to go perfect the last 12 games for a shot at the division. Also, saw Eric Decker and wife Jessie in the west village in Manhattan. Unfortunately I wasn't rocking any Pats gear
  5. I'm away for the next few weeks on the east coast until september 1st, so if anything is going down with the league in regards to any sort of draft or what not, just take BPA for me please.
  6. I can't stand the crying anymore. I can't. I just can't. It's not even the fact she's the crying, it's the makes-your-ears-bleed high pitch whale noise she makes.
  7. They're most definitely not a waste of time (L-sits/toes to bars, situps yes). I agree that compound lifts are great for core strength [assuming the lifter knows how to properly load their core during those lifts] but if done correctly [no quad compensation or momentum], L-sits/toes to bars do a hell of a job at isolating.
  8. Started from a neutral grip pull up position, and then worked my way to a overhand hanging position on a bar. Your obliques or even your QL might not be engaging properly on the ground.
  9. Sounds like AC impingement. Also, your rotator cuff isn't directly under your deltoid
  10. I've noticed it too. Poliwags are starting to pop up around my house now. Saw a greyed out Lapras and Poliwrath on my nearby's today around my house which is really strange because the only body of water anywhere near my house is a mainly dried out creek.
  11. Android users, what's the best radar you guys have found? My friend's Go Radar on iOS seems to be really accurate but there's no APK for it for Androids.
  12. Used to do them. Worked my way up to toes to bars. Wait until you feel that burn.
  13. Converse as in the high ankle Chuck Taylors? Love em for squatting.
  14. Suicide Squad - 3/10 Terrible movie. First third of the movie I really enjoyed. After that it went all downhill. I've watched power rangers episodes as a kid that were better. The only thing that really saved it for me is I'm really, really attracted to Harley Edit: Jared Leto's acting was incredible.
  15. Can't wait to be there for the joint practices in a couple weeks!