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  1. Antons' has it's reputation for 1) being a staple in that community for so long and 2) all the current SFU Burnaby students and alumni have fond memories of it as you could go there for dinner on a Sunday night and have left overs for Monday and Tuesday, which is very ideal for broke students. And of course nostalgia plays a part in it. If you have good memories of the place, you'll always love it and put it above other places.
  2. Antons is quantity over quality. You'll get 3 days worth of left overs, but can find equal quality pasta at Boston Pizza beside the stadiums. Carmelo's in Ambleside or The Italian Kitchen are much, much, much better options for Italian. However, seeing how you're coming from the UK, you would enjoy The London Pub and/or Elephant & Castle pub. You can find tickets to the Monday October 30 game here:
  3. Couldn't catch a break with betting this weekend. Almost nailed an 8 game parlay, but the goddamn Chargers can't seem to kick a game winning field goal...
  4. I expected the offense to come out firing after last week, despite only having 3 healthy receivers. Did not expect the defense to be holding up thus far. Missing 3 starters, definitely thought Brees would be picking apart the middle.
  5. For the betterment of the Bengals franchise, they should lose their jobs after the Green Bay game. It's time to hand over the reigns to McAaron and see how he does. Dalton over threw/under threw so many wide open receivers, made dumb decisions, and just seems like he's losing his football IQ. He got lucky AJ Green bailed him out on the deep throw into triple coverage... Trust me, I want the Bengals to win, it makes for happier Sundays in the house lol.
  6. I had 7 .. lmao
  7. 0-3 after next week's trip to Lambeau. Goddamnit Dalton you POS .. All you had to do was win outright and I would've won cash tonight ... betting big on the Browns in week 4.
  8. I just threw $50 on Detroit and was given +4 spread as well.
  9. Kevin White is on IR and out for the season too?!? Edelman, Meredith, Robinson, White ... can I have more IR spots? lol
  10. Wow, won week 1 .. I was predicted to lose by like 25 points lol. Adam Thielen and Dalvin Cook saved my team.
  11. The thing is, everyone could see it coming from 1825 miles away that no one would show up to the Rams/Chargers games in LA, especially early on. There's a reason teams have left LA in the past. The NFL owners could only see dollar signs and moved 2 teams there and filled their pockets. Vegas right now is a mystery. The appeal of a professional sports franchise (let's face it, football is a lot more popular in the south west than ice hockey) could lead to a lot of people going to the games, especially to see a good, young Raiders team. I certainly do not agree with Oakland moving to Vegas, but I can see why it is, objectively speaking, a better decision relative to 2 teams moving to LA.
  12. Didn't hear him but heard he was great, was able to call what would happen based on what he would do, and sure enough the next play was what he called. Also heard he was very quick, witty, but smart.
  13. Stupid Eli, all I needed was 1 touchdown.
  14. That 1st pick is mine... Meredith, then Edelman, now Robinson all to IR with torn ACLs.. Seriously wtf
  15. Took the $100 I won on the Seahawks losing and re-invested it in a single game-double bet [Cowboys to win-Win by between 7-12 points) - Wins $844 Come onnnnnn Zeke and Dak and Dez and Cole