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  1. NFL thread

    Would've been nice to have the Min/Det game as the prime time
  2. NFL thread

    How was his ability to set the edge in Seattle? We just released Marsh who started out really well for 3 weeks and slowly declined
  3. NFL thread

    If he was an integral component, wouldn't they get rid of another guy? Unless every other DL on the roster is better than Freeney.
  4. NFL thread

    What happened to Freeney thriving and dominating in Seattle? Lol
  5. NFL thread

    Going to Dec 17 LA vs SEA .. Bought tickets a couple months ago before week 1 because they were cheap as it was a 'throw away' game for Seattle .. now looks like it might be for the division!
  6. NFL thread

    Lmao why did Alford stop running after Baldwin.. Neither defense deserves to win
  7. NFL thread

    Seattle really missing Sherm and Chanc
  8. NFL thread

    I definitely agree with everything you stated. I too played and now coach, so I certainly see your perspective of Seattle's defense running through Earl, Wagner/Right and the D-line. However, where I'd disagree is, opposing QB's now know that to minimize the effect the D-line can have is to use formations to isolate their skill guys in 1 on 1 with the DB's. Earl isn't going to help much with the entirety of the defense if he is dropping down to cover. And if you're going to have Wagner or Wright or both go out into coverage against a spread, then you're going to have mismatch's and hope your 4 man pass rush gets there before the QB can throw. Against teams that don't have the personnel to do that, there won't be much of a difference. Against a team that can spread them out with 4 or 5 quality guys (Not having Freeman is going to hurt Atlanta), you'll notice the difference in not having Sherman/Chancellor. If I'm a QB, I'm gameplanning against Griffin and Coleman, whereas previously the gameplans were going away from Sherman.
  9. CDC Dynasty League/Other Fantasy League Talk

    Hahaha sorry! Was coaching in the dome on Saturday and I didn't realize McCown was going to be on a bye when I acquired him so there was no starter to pick up. I am definitely not tanking for Saquon Barkley...
  10. NFL thread

    It appears as if whenever Seattle has a key injury, it's not a problem because the next guy is actually going to somehow be at par or be better than the guy he's replacing. Cliff Avril. Richard Sherman. Kam Chancellor. Most Hawks fans I know understand that losing these 3 guys is an enormous loss, both on the field and in the locker room (Ok, maybe not Sherm in the locker room). But it seems like with you after each of these injuries, it's 'don't worry, the guy coming in is actually going to do better in these ways' . I suppose it's a great mindset to be an optimist. I wish we had a LB to replace Hightower who I could say is going to perform to par or better than him.
  11. NFL thread

    Essentially in your mind all the Seattle back ups are so good they can be their own playoff team.
  12. CDC Dynasty League/Other Fantasy League Talk

    I also receive Josh McCown
  13. NFL thread

    I was referring to the fact that getting an asset for free, having that asset flop, then getting a draft pick for that asset isn't considered having him stolen from you. If he works out for Seattle, great, mutually beneficial deal.
  14. NFL thread

    We signed him off Seattle's PR for free, he sucked for 2 years, and then we traded him back to Seattle for a pick.
  15. Investing in the stock market - Discussion

    Haven't kept up lately, but bought Aurora at 2.43 a couple months ago and nearly lost my sh*t when I saw it's over $6 today.