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  1. Trade: @Jiggs50 receives 4th round pick in 2018 NPF receives Eddie Lacy @gmen81
  2. Josh was banging the pans and telling mark it's his last day in the house and he only has 7 hours left to bond with him, aka, 7 hours until the eviction.
  3. I decided to stay put, but looks like a lot of other people didn't and sold for profit as it dropped almost 40 cents
  4. My Aphria stocks are expected to break the 6.80/share ceiling today, bought back 5k when it dropped to 4.75 a couple months ago. Could stand to make a 2k profit today if I sold .. but am I going to regret it if I don't get a chance to buy back in super low again?
  5. I heard one of Chubb's strengths is hitting the hole hard and squeezing in to tight spaces.
  6. Ayyyy Aphria
  7. Looks like the trend of every episode ending with 5 seconds of dragon queen and her dragons flying around continues ... they really need to find a new 'hook' for endings of episodes, it's getting tiring seeing her close out every episode with a bait line.
  8. Big day for Aphria today with quarter earnings have risen 106%. Sold half my shares for a $800 profit ... will buy back in if it dips again over the next month, or will sell the other half it somehow jumps to $7/share or higher.
  9. Anyone think this makes it's way south east towards kelowna, vernon, etc?
  10. What do you consider LISS? Incline treadmill?
  11. Also Jessica and Cody, and Elena and the big guy, forget his name, have already hooked up.
  12. Jessica... holy. Though I think Elena is better? Definitely when she has her librarian glasses on. Even Christmas ...
  13. Robert Davis
  14. Jeremy McNichols
  15. Marlon Mack