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  1. Marlon Mack
  2. Phil Dunphy is dad goals for me.
  3. Dalvin Cook
  4. Any you recommend?
  5. I picked my keepers a few weeks back.
  6. Bought some shares in the BTL Group LTD Rumor is there's some big meeting happening on the 15th for Cardiocomm.
  7. Closed at 5.10, at least it bumped back into the 5's. I am still holding it (posted above how I regret not selling it 2 months ago when it was at $8). . . Now I don't know when to sell. I bought in at 5.65/share. Do I try for it to get back up to that and sell and call it even? Or do I hold until next July and hope legalization and intro into the US market helps it improve? So glad I didn't invest in Canopy. When I bought APH at 5.65, Canopy was at 10.35 .. now down into the 7's.
  8. Holy sh*t Aphria dropped to below $5
  9. I respect your belief that a prayer goes a long way in helping people grieve, however, can an individual pray and not have to post it online to 'prove' they prayed and still have it be effective? If everyone who has posted in this thread prayed for the victims on their own accord, must they post "thoughts and prayers" in this thread to 'validate' those prayers? Much like, must I post my lunch to my instagram page to have it digested and have the nutrients absorbed into my body? Or can I simply eat my meal and not let the world know?
  10. Not that people discussing islam/muslims does anything but, what exactly are your thoughts and prayers going to do? I've never understood this with any attack around the world where people rush to post/tweet "thoughts and prayers to _______" - change facebook picture to filter with that countries flag - light candle for vigil. Just seems like a 'protocol' that's been established when something like this happens. So while these people rushing to discuss islam/muslims doesn't help anything, neither does a thread full of people control+c - Control+v on "thoughts and prayers"
  11. Should've sold Aphria back in March
  12. It's funny. A couple years ago I posted here about how the Seattle defense gets the Canucks treatment in regards to they get a lot of praise when they close out games, but also get blamed for losses even when it's (in my opinion over-rated) Wilson's offense not scoring more than 10-15 points for the reason they lost. I got ripped by Seattle 'fans' saying Wilson gets equally as criticized by management and the coaching staff and that I don't know what I'm talking about. Turns out, I did. Sherman and some other 'key' members of that defense have been feeling that way for a couple years now, even before the Butler did it. - It's an excellent read regardless of what team you cheer for. Here's a couple of paragraphs that stood out to me: "According to witnesses, Sherman threw the ball back to Wilson and yelled, "You f---ing suck!" Another fight broke out. Sherman was cussing and yelling; Wilson seemed stunned. Pete Carroll stopped practice and would later hold a series of meetings to remind the players they needed to build each other up, not tear each other down -- and that they needed to support their quarterback, further pissing off a defense that already thought the head coach went out of his way to protect him." "with just one trophy and the window closing fast, he has placed responsibility for that failing on the two faces of the franchise: Wilson and Carroll. Sherman, who like Wilson declined comment for this story, thinks Carroll hasn't held Wilson or many young Seahawks to the defense's championship standard. He's been disillusioned not only by that single play more than two years earlier but also by his coach's and quarterback's response to it." "Sherman walked into a team meeting and found rookie guard Germain Ifedi sitting at a desk. That's a no-no. Rookies sit on the floor; veterans get the desks. Sherman lorded over him, but Ifedi did what Sherman might have done as a rookie: He stayed at the desk. Finally, Sherman broke: "Get up." Ifedi stood up and knocked over the desk, tossing it aside. The 6-foot-5, 325-pound Ifedi stared at the 6-3, 195-pound Sherman as if ready to throw down. Ifedi eventually stepped aside, but Sherman later told friends that he saw the incident as emblematic of a bigger problem. The offense, led by Wilson, was in the midst of a season in which it would score fewer than 13 points five times, but the only players being held to the lofty standard created by the defense were the members of it." "Sherman was on the field for 99 snaps, including four on special teams. He was so exhausted and dehydrated, shivering with a fever, that he leaned on Wagner from the shower to his locker and drained two IV bags. It was a warrior effort wasted. Before overtime, Wilson's offense had managed only five first downs and nine punts. The game ended 6-6. The offensive line was manhandled, but Carroll complimented Ifedi's play after the game, privately setting off many Seahawks defenders as an example of Carroll seeming too positive." "It seems to go beyond the normal jealousy aimed at most star quarterbacks. Teammates privately seem to want him exposed, but ask them why, or on what grounds, and their reasons vary. A man who vowed to live in transparency -- Wilson famously announced that he was refraining from premarital sex with his then-girlfriend, Ciara -- required guests to sign nondisclosure agreements before entering his box at Mariners games. After the Super Bowl against Denver, team management "fell in love with Russell," in the words of a former high-level staffer; defensive players would see him in executives' offices and wonder, "Why not me?" Pettiness grew. In 2014, Bleacher Report reported that some black teammates "think Wilson isn't black enough."
  13. He can still average ~4 yards per carry and the odd time break off a long run. But he'll be a great bruiser who will have the most impact in the 4th quarter when defenses are tired and don't want to deal with a big bruiser.
  14. Enjoy Blount, Philly fans. He'll be missed.