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  1. using these criteria makes evaluating "prospect pools" arbitrary and pointless. if a team's "prospect pool" is considered worse because players are good enough to graduate, or because the nhl roster is weak enough that it forces under-ripe kids into the lineup, that seems silly. it's far more sensible to evaluate "players under 23" or something similar than it is to evaluate players not currently on the nhl roster.
  2. I don't see any way to do it, regardless of how they attempt it (getting into the top 3 first, etc), without giving up most of 2019 1st, 2020 1st, bo, jake, demko.
  3. this is a really dumb post.
  4. you know something has gone horribly wrong inside when you see in the forum listing that the thread about nic dowd re-signing with the caps is 4 pages long.
  5. I'd have them retain less/not at all on lucic rather than both teams retaining, strictly in the name of keeping open the option of retaining in a different deal down the road.
  6. I'd do it even without the retention on lucic.
  7. given track record, philosophy and draft position, I bet benning goes to europe or ushl/college. at 10, the player you're likely to get is going to be in that range of not quite ready for the nhl, but good enough that you don't want to be restricted by the chl/ahl agreement. unless a bigger name drops, given the weight benning puts on goal scoring, I bet he goes with caufield.
  8. he wants to work on his conditioning so the team should just hook him up with the twins. pettersson's gifts combined with the sedins' fitness and durability would be unstoppable.
  9. the guy had multiple practices and video sessions designed just for him by the coaching staff. he got plenty of help and guidance. goldobin improved, and his attitude never seemed bad. green likes him. but either he loses focus or commitment to the details, or he just can't grasp what he's being taught. give him a shot with another organization.
  10. so your knock on benning's drafting is that because the canucks 3 best prospects are all nhl ready, the remaining list looks underwhelming compared to other teams whose best prospects AREN'T nhl ready? seems logical.
  11. ok. does anybody have a solid read on why fox didn't really even get a sniff at the hobey baker fan voting? you'd think that his numbers and high profile would have him gain more than 1.8%. how's that?
  12. in ryan kesler's 22 y/o season (his 4th more or less complete professional season compared with gaudette's 1st), he had 6g and 16p in 48 games. remember, kes was the original "stone hands" before jannik hansen, and nobody thought his hands or head would ever catch up to his feet. it's way too early to be putting a cap on gaudette's potential. nobody ever thought a 5th rounder was going to win the hobey, right?
  13. I love bo, but damn is that dude vanilla.