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  1. really surprised they're opting not to just simulcast the games like they used to since they now own all of the tv and radio broadcast rights. why pay another (inferior) team to do the same job you're already paying someone else to do?
  2. I'm pretty sure that was facetious and intended as commentary on the analytics vs eye test debates.
  3. I'm a gudbranson fan, but not even close.
  4. then why did you comment on it being one way? what difference does it make to you?
  5. it being one way has absolutely no bearing on him having to clear waivers.
  6. he's not eligible for performance bonuses. anyway, I'm betting 6 years $31.5 mil. high enough to buy a couple years of ufa status, low enough that he'll get his next contract while still in his prime.
  7. you seem to have this being an nhl gm thing down. you should throw your hat in the ring the next time one of those spots opens up.
  8. no argument here. it was a no risk, potentially decent reward move.
  9. young, cheap, potential upside. and he's a center, which likely pushed him ahead of similar options like yakupov.
  10. I think the idea was just to bring in some young, cheap roster competition with upside. he's basically this year's emerson etem.
  11. my gut tells me burmistrov will be a preseason disappointment and will lose his job to someone and then clear waivers.
  12. "oh, the oilers have gagner, cogliano and penner. the league better watch out 2 or 3 years from now." "well, gagner, cogliano and penner might not have panned out, but the oilers have eberle and paajarvi-svensson in the pipeline, so their future looks bright." "so paajarvi isn't an nhl player as it turns out and eberle is decent but nowhere near enough, but edmonton won the lotto so hall will no doubt be their saviour with eberle already there to help." "these things take time, all the losing now will help long term. nugent hopkins will be a part of the new dynasty." "once the defence gets sorted out this team will be unstoppable, especially now with yakupov in the fold." "wow, just look at all that depth. it's a good thing edmonton was still absolutely horrible this year and managed to draft draisaitl. this will be their last time drafting early for a long time." "welp, they're still really bad, but they lucked into the best player in a generation. guaranteed second round next season." "mcdavid is only a rookie so we can't expect him to carry the team to success on his own this early. puljujarvi will be a great add down the line though."
  13. it's not about where the team finishes, it's about making prospects beat people out for roster spots rather than being gifted them. you know, to avoid the edmonton style 10 year rebuild.
  14. no, the difference is that for the first while they had to fill in an age gap from 21-27 year old players that was left by the abysmal drafting and surrendering of picks by the previous regime. now that the gap has been filled, the focus has shifted to filling in the prospect pool and creating competition for roster spots. in other words, the same exact plan they came in with.