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  1. their first game with a lead was their worst game of the year so far. tonight was the only one of their four wins that they didn't really deserve.
  2. it's a classic case of either "canucks fan guilt" or a "self-hating canucks fan"
  3. historically, i've been vehemently opposed to this idea because the whole has always been greater than the sum. that said, for each of the last 4 years, the twins have had to work progressively harder and harder to earn their points. they've slowed down, the game has sped up, and even though they've continued to lead the team on scoring, they've looked less and less effective. this year could finally be the year where they regress to the point where they can no longer slow the game down and control it. through the ridiculously small sample size of the first two games, outside of one (obvious) shift against gassed opponents, this has looked to be the case. if it is, i'd be interested in conducting an experiment, splitting the twins up to see if doing so makes them play faster or makes their new linemates slow down to accommodate them. I'd run with: daniel-sutter-eriksson granlund-henrik-hansen that maximizes, in my opinion, the confluence of skills and abilities as well as established chemistry. this also wouldn't involve separating the horvat-baertschi pairing that seems to be promising.
  4. I've seen about 10000 lineup suggestions on this site and that's the first time for that particular combination. looks like it's just you.
  5. but russia is a goddamn nightmare. ship me off to st. louis on my own and pay me millions and I'll be just fine.
  6. the canucks also had a long and successful affiliation agreement with the syracuse crunch in the 90s. the hamilton canucks moved to syracuse in 94 and remained the canucks affiliate until 2000.
  7. he's going to scratch hansen and not play granlund with baertschi which is his stated purpose for splitting bo and sven? you're dumb.
  8. glad to see that the formatting being wrecked by huge, obnoxious godaddy and budweiser ads is being looked into. having static links back up the branches of the forum tree, as mentioned before, would still be greatly appreciated as well.
  9. flames at 0-2 already are probably due for one, unfortunately.
  10. exactly. he has the tools to get there (or somewhere close), but itll take him longer and more work. if he had had the same starting point as toews, he would have gone top 3 in the draft.
  11. horvat isn't toews
  12. the problem is that bo, while still being deployed in a defensive role last year, was thinking "I need to score a goal to help my team." willie has stated as much when he talked about bo and hansen knowing what the team needs and trying to provide that last year. so instead of going into a key defensive draw thinking "ok, let's win the draw, make the safe, simple play out of the zone, get it deep and change" bo was thinking "ok, let's win the draw and then transition as quickly as possible to generate a scoring chance." doing this meant he cheated more (he's admitted this himself) and put himself out of position.
  13. the issue here for many seems to be philosophical. many of you seem to think that horvat (and presumably all other offensive prospects) should be allowed to flourish offensively while gradually learning the defensive side of the game. you can certainly make a case for that argument. however, the team's stated philosophy is that more offense will come through better defense. therefore, all young players, and especially the expected future captain, need to be constructed in that mold in order to establish the culture. furthermore, if you think back to 06-07 when alain vigneault took over, he did the same thing even more radically. that team with the "popgun offense" (remember that buzzword?) was the best team in the league after christmas, finished with over 100 points and made it to the 2nd round of the playoffs before losing to the eventual cup winners. vigneault gradually built that defensive foundation into the highest scoring (and best) team in the league over the next 4 years. on the other hand, edmonton has followed the "young players in top 6 roles" philosophy for the last decade, trusting they'd gradually develop the rest of their games. look how well that's worked.
  14. it suffered not because the defensive workload was too much for him to handle, but because he was needed to produce offensively while also having those defensive responsibilities. his mindset swayed too far away from where it needed to be in order to.compensate in an area that the team didn't want to be his responsibility. if you see bo in the future as a 60-70 point, offense-only center (an average at best 1st line center), then sure, put him in an offensive role now. but if you want to take advantage of his full potential, and have him become a 50-70 point two-way shutdown beast (toews, bergeron), then his mindset needs a reset.