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  1. Thank You Jim Benning.

    about the same as the reactions were when he got baertschi, granlund, gudbranson and vey.
  2. How to approach Edler about waiving his NTC

    absolutely moronic.
  3. Thank You Jim Benning.

    I'm no dave nonis apologist, but in his 3 seasons (4 drafts) at the helm he drafted schneider, edler, hansen, bourdon, raymond, and grabner (4 players who were important parts of that 2011 team, and 2 more that should have been), signed alex burrows, traded for roberto luongo, and hired alain vigneault. maybe he's the one who should have been allowed to see his vision through?
  4. Quinn Hughes | D

    and it's not even close. edit: hell, he had better 15, 16, AND 17 year old years than dahlin's season this year.
  5. Quinn Hughes | D

    maybe iain macintyre broke the news.
  6. Quinn Hughes | D

    where's the confusion? you seem to understand ...
  7. Quinn Hughes | D

    yeesh. simmer down there, fella.
  8. [Signing] Canucks re-sign Troy Stecher

    he'll wear a letter when the rest of the older guys are gone. he's the bieksa personality of this new group.
  9. Horvat or Pettersson for #1 Center ?

    who cares? players move throughout lineups constantly. play them in the roles that benefit the team most.
  10. '20-21 stanley cup final will be vancouver vs carolina.
  11. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    this is what I've been saying since benning's first year, when the media and fans were constantly screeching about benning trading 2nd rounders for projects or "throwing in" late round picks in trades. the guy has draft swagger. he genuinely believes he can afford to "waste" picks in that fashion because he KNOWS he's going to hit on a higher percentage of his picks than virtually anyone else.
  12. Quinn Hughes | D

    it's quintin (with an 'i'), but he chooses to go by quinn.
  13. as an entirely neutral observer, your post actually reads far more like a trump message than the post you quoted.
  14. well that would have saved me some time.
  15. there is no world where kesler is clutch and the sedins aren't. naslund going end to end with less than 10 seconds left in game 7 against calgary, creating the play that allowed matt cooke to whack in the rebound with 5.7 seconds left to force overtime was pretty clutch in my books.