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  1. I'll happily match up the canucks' offense, powerplay, goaltending, work ethic, cohesiveness, toughness, hunger, and heart against any team in this league right now. win or lose, I won't be disappointed.
  2. where's the option for "hoping for the easiest path while disrespecting potential opponents always backfires?"
  3. Hayton will be the heart of that team for the next decade. he's their horvat+ ... just give him a few years. that said, I'd still take the perennial norris candidate that fell to us instead, but I can understand their logic, especially with conventional wisdom casting doubt on hughes translating to the NHL because of his size (conventional wisdom is usually stupid).
  4. absolutely. as soon as this team started showing so much unexpected promise early in the year, everybody completely lost their sense of perspective. this was still a development year. the goal they set out to achieve, that would make the year a success, was to be in the mix at the end battling for a playoff spot. but we as fans, and the local media too, have the tendency to let our imaginations wander. the promise of this young core has stirred us up with anticipation and as such raised our collective bar of expectation, unreasonably and prematurely, but understandably. the future is bright and I have all the patience in the world for this group, greener and benji included.
  5. just win it tonight, boys, and spare me the anxiety of a do-or-die until we reach the actual playoffs, alright?
  6. ...except that Raymond was launched ass-first into the boards, not head-first...
  7. Eriksson is a top penalty killer. 100% of the wild's goals with a goalie into he net have been on the power play. some sense.
  8. in general I'm not a fan of the idea, but if the team is down tonight heading into the 3rd, absolutely, 100% try it. at best it sparks a comeback, at worst it puts accountability on the core.
  9. yeah, I dunno ... I honestly feel like Bo WANTS to be that player more than he actually IS that player, at least at this point in time. I hope he gets there, because this team needs him to.
  10. it's a neat idea but I worry about puck retrieval on that first line. a lot of one and done zone entries.
  11. you really think the canucks stand a chance going head-to-head with edmonton in that competition?
  12. the team looked terrified every time they had to play in their own end. it was an absolute fire drill. stars looked average at best, hughes looked completely ordinary. offensively, it seems that the "MINNESOTA SHUTS DOWN THE MIDDLE OF THE ICE" narrative is in their heads so deep they didn't even try to go to the high danger areas, they just conceded them to the wild on spec. edit: I've seen a lot of people go after the coaching staff for this one, but the problems were with execution and nerves, not preparation or strategy.
  13. my god this fanbase is shrill and reactionary. breathe, people.
  14. hoping they're just slow starters, but right now it looks like their carriage has turned back into a pumpkin.