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  1. they don't learn it from the vets. like i said, they need to learn it first hand, as in playing playoff games themselves.  benning and linden's philosophy, whether you agree or not, is that having the vets increases the likelihood of making the playoffs (regardless of how they exit them), thus providing that invaluable experience. 
  2. in order to succeed in the playoffs, your players need to learn first hand the intensity level and sacrifice needed to do so.  the more playoff games the young players can get under their belts before they're genuinely ready to compete for the cup the better. 
  3. because coming out and saying "yeah, we're ready to unload some vets" 3 weeks before the deadline would be great for morale and a wonderful way to increase trade value ...
  4. [Report] Canucks recall Yannick Weber & Alex Friesen

    weber has 0 goals of any type this year ...
  5. your man muscles are greatly overshadowed by your boy brains. 
  6. [Discussion] Hamhuis. What To Do.

    weber was a problem because he helped the team lose. that would no longer be a problem. 
  7. [Discussion] Hamhuis. What To Do.

    they don't HAVE to keep someone in the press box.  bring up weber, put biega back in the lineup, utica is unscathed. 
  8. clearly you didn't attend.
  9. since when do people from surrey know how to read?
  10. [Discussion] Hamhuis. What To Do.

    but if they're trading hamhuis it's because they've given up on the playoffs, which means the depth is irrelevant. 
  11. now? no. after 2 more weeks of sub-.500 hockey? sure. 
  12. [Discussion] Hamhuis. What To Do.

    the canucks have 8 games before the deadline. realistically, management will need to make a decision about their approach to the deadline by game 6 at the latest, which would leave them with a week to negotiate trades should that be the course of action they choose.  of those six games, 3 are against divisional teams and another 2 are against teams that are currently ahead of them in the wildcard race.  if they go 3-3 or worse in those 6 games, they need to move tradeable assets, unless the offers they receive are nowhere close. 
  13. [Discussion] Hamhuis. What To Do.

    edler is out 3 weeks, the canucks lose games until the deadline. if anything, it INCREASES the likelihood of hamhuis being moved. 
  14. he would be third on the canucks in scoring and second in penalty minutes.  useless. 
  15. Elephant in the room - Hank and Danny

    jarome was actually 3 months shy of 36 when the flames traded him.