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  1. what people fail to recognize is that there's a difference between being a fan (short for "fanatic") and merely being a consumer of entertainment. if you feel like you're owed wins and/or "exciting hockey" in return for your time and money, you're a consumer of entertainment (commonly referred to around here as a bandwagon fan). being a fanatic means you do it for the love of the team and the game. you support them in whatever way you can through the rough times so that you can get greater enjoyment out of the good times. it's a two way street. the entertainment value for fanatics is inherent to the team and the game, whether they play like the '84 oilers or the '95 devils, whether they win like the 2011 canucks or lose like the 2016 canucks. they are, effectively, part of the team. they play their supporting role as if it's their job, a job that they love.
  2. the market is having a crisis of confidence in the product, and it's due entirely to the message and not the actions. if linden and benning had come in and said "we're stripping this thing down to the studs and rebuilding from the ground up" and then proceeded to make all of the exact same moves that they have, the hysterical media in this city (which is the sole influence of what the national media reports on in regards to this team) would be on board, and, in turn, so would be the mindless throngs of vancouverites who are incapable of drawing their own conclusions and need to have everything spelled out for them. if you can compare the roster in 2013-14 to the one in 2016-17 and conclude that this team ISN'T in the middle of a major rebuild, there's something wrong with you.
  3. let's say subban maintains his current scoring pace and doesn't miss any more games this season. subban's first 2 pro seasons (draft+3, draft+4): 91 pts in 141 games. 0.645 ppg adam clendening's first 2 pro seasons (draft+2, draft+3): 105 pts in 147 games. 0.714 ppg. clendening is also bigger and better defensively.
  4. seems like a good player, but from the parts of the video I watched, it seems like he relies an awful lot on beating guys wide and i'm not crazy about the tendency to stay on the perimeter, making laps rather than taking the puck to the net.
  5. 4-2 canucks including an empty netter.
  6. the canucks for sure won't sign a single free agent or make a single hockey trade over the next 2 seasons. for sure.
  7. haven't seen the ridiculous nhl mentorship myth trotted out here for a while.
  8. a secondary assist on an empty net goal that gets scored after he has already left the ice on a line change.
  9. unfortunately arizona won't move strome.
  10. tanev-virtanen for duclair-strome
  11. the thing about evander kane that everyone seems to either not understand, ignore, or refuse to accept is that he's a bad, horribly overrated hockey player even if you ignore the ego and off ice garbage. you're frustrated with louis eriksson for $6 mil? just wait until you see evander.
  12. the grenier ship has sailed. labate provides the elements the team will be missing with dorsett out of the lineup. zalewski would be fine too.
  13. "man, I wish I could could skate like you. it's not fair how fast you are! and that agility!" "that's NOTHING compared to your shot. I would KILL to have your shot, bro. and don't even get me started on your stick handling!"
  14. no, I don't think that because he has neither the shot quality nor the nose for the net.