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  1. tas

    Canada First

    I assign no importance to made up lines on a map.
  2. it's an exaggeration in the name of making a point. the point is that you should be able to consistently apply the same logic in varying circumstances, and clearly you can't in this case.
  3. it's not called the "ring of talented hockey players." it's about honour.
  4. no, no I don't. and it sounds like you need to raise your respect bar a little. if there was a dude who could juggle chainsaws but also sometimes had the bad habit of murdering kids, would you respect him too? you can't juggle chainsaws, after all ...
  5. being good at a game for children is not enough to earn my respect, at least not if you've proven to be an ass in other areas.
  6. the point is, I don't know how someone can be a fan of a player they can't respect, and I don't know how people can respect a player who's a piece of trash in "real life."
  7. players without honor shouldn't go in the ring of honour.
  8. the canucks' top 5 scorers have combined for 219 points at the all star break. in 2016-17, the canucks' top 5 scorers combined for 215 ... all season.
  9. tas

    Fire Green!

    there'll always be people who don't have a clue, I suppose ...
  10. I'm pretty sure if he was concerned he'd have his agent request that he get reassigned. he's making 10 times as much money while practicing and learning and improving. he's fine.