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  1. ok i'm definitely done tinkering, or i'll go nuts. home, road, alternate, from top to bottom:
  2. Jake Virtanen Talk

    don taylor stated outright that they were speculating about it. if people choose to regurgitate their speculation as fact that's not the hosts' fault. all we know is that jake was reported to be in, and was then bag skated and made a late scratch in favor of mccann. 
  3. [Waivers] Yannick Weber

    any player that feels like having to earn his spot is a bad thing is a player i don't want on my team. 
  4. the more i look at the black one, the more i think i preferred the simpler version without the shoulder stripes.  as far as the yellow one goes, take my word for it, it needs that colour contrast at the top. it's horribly blinding without it   edit: i'm now considering trying versions of these with more traditional bottom striping instead of the vees/chevrons, and maybe making a road white to go with the home yellow and alternate black. 
  5.   alright, i think i'm done i changed the red from the 80's orangey-red to the post-92 blood red, and i made a yellow version. let me know what you guys think.
  6. i was thinking of it more as like an alternate, alternate jersey, used for a special event of some sort. i haven't made any other versions of it, and while i don't think it would work on a white road jersey, i might try a yellow version reminiscent of the one from the flying v era. 
  7. here's an update on my jersey idea. it's now basically a modernized flying v throwback. kind of fun.
  8. with trotz there i would bet that hamhuis would be willing to re-sign there, assuming they wanted him and gave him a competitive offer. 
  9. excuse my ignorance, but why are we valuing an undersized, 5th round pick, 0.5 ppg ahl defenceman so highly? how is connor carrick any better than jordan subban, yannick weber or marc-andre bergeron? or maybe you guys are really low balling hamhuis's deadline value as an expiring yet reasonable contract, consistent top 4 dman with olympic and other international experience, who's been to the finals, plays a 2 way game, and is an incredible team guy. 
  10. i'm not sure if it's done or still a work in progress. minimalism is a big part of this version.
  11. 25 years old or 7 years of service, whichever comes first, doesn't seem "ill-defined" to me. 
  12. Jordan Subban Talk

  13. that logo has always been a mess. i agree with you though.  that said, ive been tinkering with a modernized retro jersey and logo using that colour scheme that i think would look cool.  maybe i'll post it later. 
  14. regardless of if/where he goes at the deadline, my gut tells me dan lands in edmonton in the offseason. it just makes too much sense.  -edmonton's need goes without saying, so they'd be willing to give him more money than most other teams would -track record with lowe and nicholson from team canada -edmonton is just about the same distance from his home base in smithers/pg as vancouver -the climate and environment of edmonton likely wouldn't bother him considering his origins and interests -dan would be a big time leader in edmonton and that's something i think both sides would appreciate
  15. do not give up assets for him, but gi hard at him as a ufa backup plan to lucic.