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  1. waive mcdavid
  2. auston matthews in 2016-2017.
  3. gaunce is smart, is a born leader, and carries himself with a certain serious, business-like, professional and competitive approach to the game. those are the reasons I firmly believe he will put it together and carve out meaningful role in this league.
  4. orca bay still owns the team. the name was just changed to canucks sports and entertainment.
  5. and still they were all infinitely better than cramarossa (and duco).
  6. not even close. while certainly not good, each of those players was actually able to contribute meaningful minutes to the team. the reason they seem worse to you is because they were actually good enough to get playing time.
  7. he was the worst canucks player since mike duco.
  8. he won't earn a roster spot out of camp. just there for added competition. if he clears waivers it's a bonus.
  9. really surprised they're opting not to just simulcast the games like they used to since they now own all of the tv and radio broadcast rights. why pay another (inferior) team to do the same job you're already paying someone else to do?
  10. I'm pretty sure that was facetious and intended as commentary on the analytics vs eye test debates.
  11. I'm a gudbranson fan, but not even close.
  12. then why did you comment on it being one way? what difference does it make to you?
  13. it being one way has absolutely no bearing on him having to clear waivers.
  14. he's not eligible for performance bonuses. anyway, I'm betting 6 years $31.5 mil. high enough to buy a couple years of ufa status, low enough that he'll get his next contract while still in his prime.