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  1. seems like a good player, but from the parts of the video I watched, it seems like he relies an awful lot on beating guys wide and i'm not crazy about the tendency to stay on the perimeter, making laps rather than taking the puck to the net.
  2. 4-2 canucks including an empty netter.
  3. the canucks for sure won't sign a single free agent or make a single hockey trade over the next 2 seasons. for sure.
  4. haven't seen the ridiculous nhl mentorship myth trotted out here for a while.
  5. a secondary assist on an empty net goal that gets scored after he has already left the ice on a line change.
  6. unfortunately arizona won't move strome.
  7. tanev-virtanen for duclair-strome
  8. the thing about evander kane that everyone seems to either not understand, ignore, or refuse to accept is that he's a bad, horribly overrated hockey player even if you ignore the ego and off ice garbage. you're frustrated with louis eriksson for $6 mil? just wait until you see evander.
  9. the grenier ship has sailed. labate provides the elements the team will be missing with dorsett out of the lineup. zalewski would be fine too.
  10. "man, I wish I could could skate like you. it's not fair how fast you are! and that agility!" "that's NOTHING compared to your shot. I would KILL to have your shot, bro. and don't even get me started on your stick handling!"
  11. no, I don't think that because he has neither the shot quality nor the nose for the net.
  12. don't look now, but henrik is tied for the team lead in goals and is on pace for 24 which would be the 2nd highest total of his career, behind only the year that he won the art ross and hart trophies.
  13. you know that was a satirical Photoshop job right?
  14. having enough stuff for a 2 week road trip and having enough stuff for a multiple-month stay in a different country on the opposite coast are 2 very different things. maybe it's planned for him to spend the rest of the year there and he's renting a place instead of staying in a hotel? the guy is going to need his personal effects.