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  1. ZombiU's first review was leaked. 4.5/10 Granted one review isn't too much to go on, 4.5 is a pretty terrible score. Nintentdo just can't seem to get a handle on genuine AAA titles (besides their repetitive bread and butter series).
  2. I guess? Not really changing my original opinion, just bowing out of what would have become a circular argument.
  3. Fair enough, can't argue with your opinion. I also don't want to cause this thread to degrade into a pointless console war. Just don't like the generalization that console gamers are angry teenagers yelling racist slurs over xbox live and shelling out $60 every month for a Call of Duty clone.
  4. I'll stick to what could be considered AAA (hard to define) Assassin's Creed II Assassin's Creed III Bioshock 2 Borderlands 2 Deus Ex: Human Revolution Dragon Age: Origins Skyrim Fallout 3 Fallout: New Vegas Gears of War 3 Grand Theft Auto IV LA Noire Mass Effect 1/2/3 Max Payne 3 Red Dead Redemption Resident Evil 5/6 There's more but probably not under the category of AAA Edit: For the record (not that it should matter) I've never bought a Halo, CoD, Battlefield, or MoH game and yet I still constantly have a new game to play on my 360
  5. Definitely correct. You've cracked the code. Just a bunch of first person shooters. Anyone who plays games on a 360/ps3 is just a sheep gamer buying whatever Activision shoves down our throats. The cases for all the games I own sure are misleading...
  6. While obviously how much someone enjoys a game is based on the person, it kinda seems hard to make a case for Super Mario Bros having superior (or more orignal depending on how you define better) gameplay mechanics than many, or really any, of the AAA releases for the other consoles.
  7. #1 People shouldn't be taking that $800 figure seriously. OP basically pulled that out of his ass. I've heard/read rumors that the next gen will drop for comparable or less than what the 360 came out at (heard as low as $399). #2 How could you say that it's not time for a new generation of consoles. The lifespan of the 360 / ps3 is by far the longest of any console ever. It's pretty much only alive now because it's been artificially extended by online content etc. The hardware for the current gen consoles (especially the 360) is severely limiting what devs can do with games nowadays. It`s time to expand that. Not to mention Microsoft wants to turn the new xbox into a one stop shop for all things entertainment. However, backwards compatability is a HUGE deal for me. I have never traded in a game in my entire life and still own every game i've ever bought. I love dusting off old favourite years down the road and re-enjoying them. And it's pretty damn obvious my 360 won't last forever so there better be backwards compatability. Huge slap in my face if there isn't.
  8. Yeah that was at a time of my life where I quite literally had nothing else to do (or lacked the motivation to do it but that's irrelevant ). It's one of only two games I've ever 100%'ed and I would probably never do it again. Those pidgeons were a b*tch!
  9. I've heard rumors on the Rockstar forums that 100%'ing GTA V will take twice as long as it did in GTA IV based on hidden packages, side missions, etc. Coming from someone who 100%'ed GTA IV, this thought truly terrifies me.
  10. Guh..but... I ju... are you... whoju... Really...? Really? Anyways. Colour me excited as hell!
  11. <3 BURROWS
  12. Very Cool. Althought personally I think you graded Edler too high.
  13. YAYYYY! SNOW IN VIC! hopefully i won't be able to get to camosun tomorrow...then again probably not