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  1. It is the best time to get rid of sutter's contract! He has no value if we try to trade him after season. Who wants a 20 Points+ 3rd C that miss half of the season with 4.3 mil Cap?
  2. Sutter has one contract year left. If he remains healthy, definitely worth a 3rd at TDL.
  3. Anyone can be moved. If a GM wants to move you, you move on.......
  4. To: COL Brandon Sutter To: Van 3rd draft pick Why Van do this: dump Sutter's salary. Have Gaudette, Adam pushing for 3rd C Why Col do this: need 3rd C after Kadri out rest of the year...
  5. As I said, Chi should sell high on Kane.... dump salary, get draft picks and prospects. With the current aging core, they will stuck just like Kings or Ducks in the next 2 years.
  6. if GMs wants to make deal done. I am sure they can find out a way.
  7. Kane is at the end-ish of his career. you are comparing orange and apple.
  8. To: Chi LE + Juolevi + 2020 2nd + 2021 first + Goldobin (or some other grade B prospects) To: Van Patrick Kane (retain this year's half salary) Why Van do this: Kane is a playoff monster. And producing like 100 points a season with 3 more seasons left in his contract. He will instantly strength our top line and make us contender in the next 3 years. Why Chi do this: Chi is rebuilding. They will go nowhere with current aging roster. sell high, dump salary, collect prospects and draft picks is the way to go. The roster of next 3 years: (It is almost the best top 9 of the league). Kane Petterson Miller Boeser Horvat Pearson Virtanen Gaudette Roussel(Leivo) MacEwen Beagle Filler
  9. Maybe the last spot or the last two spots can be changed in the last second.
  10. It seems very likely we will lose Demko to Seattle if we sign Marky long term...
  11. let's pull Marleau as an example, if we need dump LE's contract, we have to give away 1st. LE +2022 1st =Ottawa + 2022 7th. Lockwood + 2020 2nd= Ottawa Duclair sign Dunclair 4milx5 year.