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  1. just curious, if we trade Miller and his $6 mil, who will be our trade partner? what return we can get? 3rd rounder draft pick?
  2. thought Oilers want Edler... Edler for 4th overall. done deal
  3. trade Edler to Edm for their first rounder. Van will get a franchise forward. Edm will get a top 2 dman trade Mccann and BAERTSCHI and Vey or plugger or draft picks to Leafs for their first rounder. Van will get a franchise forward. Leafs will get 2 or even 3 first rounders which will be their rebuilding block. can JB make that happen?
  4. because you are too new to this forum
  5. why the F**k we win these useless games????
  6. Can anyone else score except twins???
  7. One year dip like Tampa draft Stamkos would be nice to see
  8. well, can we move Kass at deadline for 3rd rounder? why rush to get rid of him NOW???
  9. trade Vrbata for 1st rounder. trade Hamhuis for 1st rounder, we will be bottom 3 team in the league. and target some kids in 2016 draft. wula, we will rebuild.
  10. yes, twins scored 70+ points in REGULAR season, Toews and Kane scored 60+ points. so which pair do you want? LOL. people just so excited to compare regular season data day after day... who the fxxk care about regular season. we want play off. we want the CUP.