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  1. This may have something to do with Leafs ex-coach that the ducks recently hired..
  2. same. really hoping that there is no NMC. Would like to have the flexibility to trade him in two years while he's still in early 30's if need be.
  3. any word on NTC/NMC on this deal?
  4. I would sign him over Lucic at this point. He'll be cheaper and is less risky and will demand lower term since he has already received his payout. I think he had a down year due to injuries / recovering from past injuries. I think he's still a very effective player, and his SHG stats tell me he's very clutch in key situations still. Just my 2 cents though.
  5. understood. I just meant i prefer all prospects to spend time in lower tier leagues to build up their games.
  6. I would prefer all our prospects do 1 year in junior, 1 year AHL and then make jump to NHL. I wouldn't mind it if he was with AHL and took the year to grow as a person and hockey player.
  7. just watched this fight. This guy looks like a gritty player that needs to get a year trial at AHL level to see how he pans out. I will reserve judgement til then.
  8. I disagree. I believe he was already established since he had proved he was better than Luongo while with Canucks. He had enough games under his belt and had played enough crucial games for Canucks to steal the job away. That said, i agree i love Horvat. I think he's got a long way to go to become an offensive threat. But i love that we have productive young forwards in our lineup
  9. I think i would agree with you if it was any other player. Schneider is a starter on most NHL teams this season and he's doing a fine job for NJ. Horvat is a great future player for us and we're lucky to land him at 9. That said, try to understand that we landed just a single pick for a young established franchise goalie. That first is now Bo Horvat but that's beside the point.
  10. Yea they gave up only a 1st for an up and coming goalie that's already established. I'm pretty sure that i'm going to get a lot of agreement on this board that Schneider was worth more than Just a 1st. That first turned out to be Horvat which is great .. but it could have just as easily been just another player if we didn't draft well. Point is he was traded for a 1st only.
  11. I was at the leafs vs canucks game this past saturday. it was one of my only two live games i've attended and i've gotta say i'm disappointed. I consider Canucks to be a better team than leafs skillwise because Leafs is very much a patch-work team, while Canucks have been together for a while, and have recently injected some talented youth that have promise. I've gotta say the game was very disappointing. The team just didn't have the will to fight for the puck (except for the odd times), and they were visibly smaller than the leafs and were pushed around all night. Reimer faced around 40 shots, but i'd argue that 30 were from the perimeter, or dump-ins which were easy to save since Reimer had clear line of sight. The game was a clear contrast to the first game against the Flames where they had passion, and fought hard to win puck battles and went hard to the net. I found three things were missing from this team 1) Size - our team looked out-matched and when the smaller guys were out against the leafs, it was noticeable how they were dominated, which caused them to turn over pucks continuously. I would like to think our players are better puck movers but in this game, i noticed they could barely make complete passes and were always making lazy finesse plays. 2) Willingness to go to the net - mostly all shots from perimeter, or dump-in. When few shots caused rebounds, noone was around to shove it in. This is a problem as it has been in the past years 3) Brandon Prust - I know we got Dorsett, and Cracknell, but there was absolutely no grit in the team. I found they didn't stand up for the team to provide a spark unless you count the dying minutes of the 3rd and by then the game was out of their hands. If these three things do not change, i think we're going to be winning very few games.
  12. well i don't agree. whenever you have a franchise goalie retire without putting in place a proper succession plan, you will end up with a situation like calgary. Look at Colorado for example, After Roy, they went through Budaj, Aebschier, Jose Theodore and I think a few others before they landed varlamov. Leafs got lucky and were able to secure Eddie after Cujo but since Eddie injured himself, they've gone from Raycroft to toskala to Giguere, to god knows who else. Still finding their way. Only exception to this is maybe NJ who ended up getting really lucky and paid next to nothing for schneider at draft day. I would argue we were in the same boat for a while after Cloutier and finally got lucky with Luongo. Now we're in a good place again with a older goalie that's going to move on and likely leave reigns with Markstrom. if that doesn't work we have demko (fingers crossed) Calgary will get there.. they don't have a true number 1 but their goalies play well and are decent starters. should buy them time until they can draft/develop one of their goalies into a true #1
  13. i don't know about you guys, but i would have loved to see some of these vets on a PTO with canucks. I would love to see what they bring and then only give our youngsters a shot at the big leagues if they outperform these Vets. And if these guys do really well, they can always be traded for 2nd/3rd rounders that JB loves.
  14. I liked bieksa but let's face it, he is past his prime. He was not the reason we made playoffs but he surely was one of the reasons we failed against flames. So him leaving does not make us worse, but the 2nd rounder that we have acquired, and his cap space definitely makes us better. You can argue he was a leader, but nothing that other players can't replace in the locker room. We have enough vets. We need more youth on the Defence
  15. We have some good talent in this club already who should be ready to take over in 3-4 years. Some of these players are ready in 1-2 years. the players are: jensen, Kassian, Horvat, Virtanen, Markstrom/Lack/Demko, Baertschi, McCan, Cassels, Corrado. In the upcoming draft, would be nice to concentrate on getting players ready to go, Centres, or D-men in that order. We have players that can hold the fort while the young talent is infused in as needed. Where veterans have run their course, they can be traded before the draft for more picks (as JB indicated) which gives us a bigger prospect pool. We will be just fine. If we can continue to put up 90 - 100 point seasons while this transition occurs and if we keep continuing to make a push for playoffs and continue to play hard and advance to 2nd, 3rd round of playoffs then i think we're re-building progressively and i find nothing wrong with that. People that complain about this season are the worse. Last year when we had an abysmal year we had a reason to complain. This year we have done 100% better but we have identified our faults where we have to continue to build from. If Calgary can do it, so can we. And we're well on our way already