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  1. k_man08

    2017-2018 line up (with what we have)

    I would personally love to see virtanen, dahlin goldobin, joulevi, holm, subban, demko, Boesr and all other prospects in the AHL and go to the championship playing together, while the vets play to compete in the NHL. This will do two things: 1) allow the prospects to play and develop chemistry as well as win together. This will mean when they jump to NHL they'll know each other's game 2) allow our big club to be competitive every night with NHL talent and at deadline if we are a bubble team, then we can do a massive sell off and pick top 5 again. I expect our forward lineup to be: Sedin-sedin-granlund/rodin Baer-horvat-gagner Gaunce-sutter-eriksson Boucher-burmistrov-granlund/Rodin Dorset/Megan/chaput on the outside with chaput, and Megna likely playing in AHL with all our prospects. I'm personally excited for the future with these moves.
  2. k_man08

    Canucks release protected list for expansion draft

    He's not. He's available based on the list above
  3. k_man08

    Canucks release protected list for expansion draft

    Can lv take more than one player from any one team? If so is there a penalty associated to it? Sorry just getting caught up with the expansion draft rules
  4. Isn't it true that many of the players they select could have little NHL experience and may be waiver exempt which would mean they can be sent down without risk? If that's true you'd think that's part of their strategy to not lose any players once drafted. In that case your proposal to claim may not come to fruition.
  5. k_man08

    (Speculation) Cody Franson on TSN1040

    You do realize Franson and Bo have a very big age difference. Bo also has a much higher ceiling than Franson. at this point Franson is who he is.. he won't be getting any better so it would be foolish to think if he tries, he'll be faster. I rather give the roster spot to one of our prospects to see what they got if we can't get someone from available UFAs. If franson comes dirt cheap (1 - 2 Million per year) then great. else i'm not interested personally.
  6. k_man08

    (Speculation) Cody Franson on TSN1040

    adding size is one thing.. i would like us to add mobility to our D-core more though. With offense drying up on the Forwards end, i'd like our D to be able to score some timely goals in PP/help move pucks out to our Fwds so they can maybe score. Franson isn't really all that great. Maybe as a 6/7th D.
  7. k_man08

    (Rumour) Canucks and Seabrook

    If this can be a three way deal where we trade tanev and get back a pick from one team, and a prospect fro. Another then I'd do it. Chicago gets tanev Other team gets Seabrook We get pick from chi/other team + we get prospect from chi/other team
  8. Potential without will won't get him far. I rather move on and give other kids a chance to develop instead while he grooms his skills in khl. Maybe when we're winning again and need grit, he'll also have desire to return to NHL. If not, just expose him to LV and let them deal with the diva.
  9. k_man08

    Lack of interest in Miller good for Canucks

    I don't think that his height was the only reason .. his salary likely had to do with it as well.. Miller is going to be 38 when he resigns and personally if we're spending 4 - 5 Million on a goalie, even if its temporary, i rather get someone younger who can push Markstrom, not someone who takes majority of the starts.. If not Halak, then Hiller, or Ramo, or anyone else can be signed at fraction of the price and still provide solid support and the cap space can be used to buy and bury contracts in order to get back decent return at deadline. I've said it many times on these boards.. i like how leafs played smart and signed a bunch of vets to fill holes in their lineup in FA period only to flip them for picks / prospects at deadline each year. That's the best/quickest way to fill your picks and prospect pool. It seems that's what we're also trying to do.
  10. k_man08

    Lack of interest in Miller good for Canucks

    re-post -.. dont' know how to delete..
  11. k_man08

    Lack of interest in Miller good for Canucks

    i wouldn't commit more than 3-3.5 / season to him. There are more goalies available than there is demand. at 4+ i'd rather take Halak.
  12. same. really hoping that there is no NMC. Would like to have the flexibility to trade him in two years while he's still in early 30's if need be.
  13. any word on NTC/NMC on this deal?