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  1. 2017-2018 line up (with what we have)

    I would personally love to see virtanen, dahlin goldobin, joulevi, holm, subban, demko, Boesr and all other prospects in the AHL and go to the championship playing together, while the vets play to compete in the NHL. This will do two things: 1) allow the prospects to play and develop chemistry as well as win together. This will mean when they jump to NHL they'll know each other's game 2) allow our big club to be competitive every night with NHL talent and at deadline if we are a bubble team, then we can do a massive sell off and pick top 5 again. I expect our forward lineup to be: Sedin-sedin-granlund/rodin Baer-horvat-gagner Gaunce-sutter-eriksson Boucher-burmistrov-granlund/Rodin Dorset/Megan/chaput on the outside with chaput, and Megna likely playing in AHL with all our prospects. I'm personally excited for the future with these moves.
  2. Canucks release protected list for expansion draft

    He's not. He's available based on the list above
  3. Canucks release protected list for expansion draft

    Can lv take more than one player from any one team? If so is there a penalty associated to it? Sorry just getting caught up with the expansion draft rules
  4. Isn't it true that many of the players they select could have little NHL experience and may be waiver exempt which would mean they can be sent down without risk? If that's true you'd think that's part of their strategy to not lose any players once drafted. In that case your proposal to claim may not come to fruition.
  5. (Speculation) Cody Franson on TSN1040

    You do realize Franson and Bo have a very big age difference. Bo also has a much higher ceiling than Franson. at this point Franson is who he is.. he won't be getting any better so it would be foolish to think if he tries, he'll be faster. I rather give the roster spot to one of our prospects to see what they got if we can't get someone from available UFAs. If franson comes dirt cheap (1 - 2 Million per year) then great. else i'm not interested personally.
  6. (Speculation) Cody Franson on TSN1040

    adding size is one thing.. i would like us to add mobility to our D-core more though. With offense drying up on the Forwards end, i'd like our D to be able to score some timely goals in PP/help move pucks out to our Fwds so they can maybe score. Franson isn't really all that great. Maybe as a 6/7th D.
  7. (Rumour) Canucks and Seabrook

    If this can be a three way deal where we trade tanev and get back a pick from one team, and a prospect fro. Another then I'd do it. Chicago gets tanev Other team gets Seabrook We get pick from chi/other team + we get prospect from chi/other team
  8. Potential without will won't get him far. I rather move on and give other kids a chance to develop instead while he grooms his skills in khl. Maybe when we're winning again and need grit, he'll also have desire to return to NHL. If not, just expose him to LV and let them deal with the diva.
  9. Lack of interest in Miller good for Canucks

    I don't think that his height was the only reason .. his salary likely had to do with it as well.. Miller is going to be 38 when he resigns and personally if we're spending 4 - 5 Million on a goalie, even if its temporary, i rather get someone younger who can push Markstrom, not someone who takes majority of the starts.. If not Halak, then Hiller, or Ramo, or anyone else can be signed at fraction of the price and still provide solid support and the cap space can be used to buy and bury contracts in order to get back decent return at deadline. I've said it many times on these boards.. i like how leafs played smart and signed a bunch of vets to fill holes in their lineup in FA period only to flip them for picks / prospects at deadline each year. That's the best/quickest way to fill your picks and prospect pool. It seems that's what we're also trying to do.
  10. Lack of interest in Miller good for Canucks

    re-post -.. dont' know how to delete..
  11. Lack of interest in Miller good for Canucks

    i wouldn't commit more than 3-3.5 / season to him. There are more goalies available than there is demand. at 4+ i'd rather take Halak.
  12. [Cleared Waivers] Leafs D Frank Corrado

    I say we pick him up and put him in minors if we still get priority. He's our asset even if he's not a regular NHL'er yet. He was part of our system until he was stolen. He has some promise to become a bottom pairing d-man and he would be nice to have in utica to play with Subban and push for playoffs.
  13. Stetcher or Subban?

    I like Stetcher... He reminds me of bryan rafalski - they're both small and Rafalski was a great offensive D. Subban is same size but doesn't play big which is his drawback. he may hold value to a team that's looking for a power play QB. I sooner trade Larsen than Subban. Subban still can grow into a great PP q-back where as Larsen is what he is.. bottom 7 D.
  14. Early Season Musings: A Big Head Edition

    don't over estimate our team and don't under estimate theirs. Leafs and Oilers are miles ahead of flames who are several years ahead of canucks. Oil and Leafs finally have prospects that make for exciting hockey and a chance to win every night. Flames need some good Dmen to make them decent. Canucks have holes all over the F position and in D position which just can't be plugged through FA or trades. if they can be plugged its short term fix and requires us to give up our future - Evander Kane for example would require a pick and /or prospect.. .. and he can't really score for Sabres.. i'm not sure he can do better here against more physical competition every night in W Conference.
  15. Early Season Musings: A Big Head Edition

    Yea.. I can think of two.. Flames did this just about 2-3 years ago and completely wiped all veteran contracts away except for a few Leafs recently also did that about a year ago. It isn't that unheard of. if you want to start over, you trade whatever you can and get as much back for them and plug holes with whatever talent you've got.
  16. Early Season Musings: A Big Head Edition

    Well tell me, what have Suter, Hansen, Loui, and Gudbranson done to warrant us keeping them.. They're young, and complementary pieces to a good team which we're not. If they each bring in 1st rounders or more, we quickly fill up our prospect pool, tank to get maybe a top 5 pick and then in the summer sign FAs that can be flipped for more picks at next year's deadline while giving our existing prospects a chance to prove themselves. I'm tired of being in this situation where we suck but have nothing to look forward to. I'm sure many fans are as well.
  17. Early Season Musings: A Big Head Edition

    I get what you're saying but i'm not a GM and i don't have the know-how of who is in need of what. So i can't say trade Miller to team X for Y pick. And all the suggestions above were assumed to be transaction that would happen before trade deadline if opportunity arises. As for Miller, yea no one wants a goalie, but.. by deadline, most teams find a need either due to injury or other factors.. Miller is a good enough goalie to play 1B or backup on a good team. I am sure of that. Skille is dime a dozen sure.. but he doesn't command more than 10 minutes a game. Most teams that have a need to fill a hole on 4th line and need toughness would likely not put their prized prospects in that role and would need a banger. He would fit that role, and he's game ready. I'm sure Burrows fills the same need for teams but we'll have to take back some $$ and i'm okay with that if it translates to a mid-round pick. Larsen, we over valued him. plain and simple. He's not what Benning said he is. and if he is that player, he is that player on a good team that needs secondary scoring or scoring from depth d. We aren't that team. SO i do believe other teams would have value for him. If we consider the list of players i listed above as Fringe, then the players we currently have given roster spots to (other than MIller) aren't any better. Except by replacing the existing players with the younger ones from AHL we have two benefit.. the younger players should be more hungry and will work harder. Secondly, we get some valuable picks in return that will lead to a better prospect pool if Benning really drafts wisely. If i remember correctly, Cassels was on a upwards trajectory prior to his injury about a year ago. Labate was good in training camp this year and i'm sure he'll be able to give the same if not more to the team if he replaces Burrows/Skille. Heck, i'm totally okay with trading away Gudbranson, Hansen, Loui and Suter if it means each gives us higher round picks or prospects in return that will be ready to play in a year or now. Only aged players that should be here .. that have earned their spot are sedins (and maybe markstrom and Tanev). Noone else should be kept.. we need to start over.
  18. Early Season Musings: A Big Head Edition

    I love how CDC over values some players and under values others. Larsen is still a young player who would do okay in 6/7 role on a good team. Skille would be good for a team looking for grit as a 12/13th forward. I think they're worth a mid-low round picks and we can perhaps translate them into better prospects, or space for more deserving players from AHL.
  19. Early Season Musings: A Big Head Edition

    Well i realize you want answers but its not easy to do a fix that took years to mess up. We had no need to trade for players that fill the gap between our 30 something and prospects. We could have let our prospects grow in the AHL, while signing FAs to 1 year deals and then trading them away at deadline. we don't have that luxury anymore because we've filled our roster with sub-par prospects that have a future potential of 3rd line on a good team. Here's who i think can fill roster spots this year: Zalewski, Michael Cassels, Cole Labate, Joseph Pedan, Andrey Grenier, Alexandre Bachman, Richard I would trade Miller for picks call up Bachman Trade burrows and call up Zalewski Trade Skille for picks when Rodin returns Trade away larsen for picks and call up Pedan This fills the holes for us at forward, D and G positions and allows us to ice a full line while gathering any set of picks we can get our hands on. Let Benning draft well and fill the cupboards for one more year. If we're close to bottom 5 in the NHL, then even better as we'll get one more NHL ready piece. Let Virtanen continue to play in AHL for the remainder of the year. In expansion draft, protect anyone we consider to be our best player at the time. We should not have much to worry about at the time because most of our exposed players would not be very desirable to LV. After that, follow the leafs model of signing NHL talented players to 1 year deals to only flip them for picks at deadline. Keep our prospects at AHL and allow them to play together and gel so when they play in NHL they have somewhat of a chemistry. By the end of next season our cupboards should be fuller and Sedins should be ready for retirement. Loui should be traded away for picks and our roster should be filled with NHL ready players that we've developed so far,
  20. Early Season Musings: A Big Head Edition

    Personally I think a proper rebuild is needed. Yes we're one of the youngest teams in the NHL (minus Sedin/Burrows), but the young players we have aren't really that exceptional (not including Horvat, Baer, and Virtanen, Markstrom). We have decent prospects and we need to grow that pool of prospects through draft. Something Benning knows how to do. He needs to be given the leash trade for Picks and then draft well for the future. I've said it before in other threads and i'll say it again.. Leafs did it right for last 2-3 years. They were awful and they cleaned house. They signed free agents for 1 year deals and traded them at deadline for picks and then drafted well. Their cupboards are full now and their prospects are thriving and putting up solid numbers already.
  21. same. really hoping that there is no NMC. Would like to have the flexibility to trade him in two years while he's still in early 30's if need be.
  22. any word on NTC/NMC on this deal?