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  1. I really is kind of mind boggling, with any decent GM, we could have had 3 1st round draft picks in this years draft, and a 2nd. If anybody disagrees, please join me :D Hamhuis - Not debatable, Automatic 1st rounder around the 15-30 range + mid tier prospect Edler - Not debatable, Automatic 1st rounder around the 15-30 range + mid tier prospect Radim Vrbata - debatable, 1st rounder between 20-30. Kevin Bieksa - 2nd Rounder (Confirmed!) Those are my Automatics imo, Let's dig deeper, just for fun. Sedins (50% Retained) = Two 1sts (10/15), Top prospect + Mid prospect + Multiple 2nds. That's my realistic Sedin trade offer, most people would say they can get more, but I wanted it to be as fair as possible. Daniel Sedin - 1st (15 range) + Mid Prospect + 2nd Rounder Henrik Sedin - 1st (10 range) + Top prospect + 2nd Rounder I think there would be a TOP of teams who would do this for the remainder of the Sedins contracts, and at 50%, they get an entire 1st/2nd line for only 7m in cap. So just for fun! Sedin Sedin Vrbata Edler Hamhuis FOR 1st (2016),1st(2016) ,1st (2017) ,1st (2017) ,2nd (2016) 2nd (2016), 2nd (2017), Top Prospect, Mid prospect. Canucks then go out and sign a TON of decent players on 1 year deals, and trade half of them at the deadline for more picks + prospects. Canucks come last place, Draft Matthews :D. Canucks Line up! Free Agent / Free Agent / Burrows Sven / Bonino / Free Agent Higgins / Horvat / Hansen Dorsett / Vey / Prust Virtanen / Keinins Tanev - Free Agent Weber - Clendening Sbisa - Bartkowski Corrado It's so bad, it's good :D
  2. bobby mac tweeted that Tortz was signed then deleted it today
  3. wtf?, he was terrible tonight
  4. uhh he played on the fourth line and had maybe 4min a game, in the WJC he was on the third line and was second in scoring for sweden.
  5. Added a picture comparison
  6. (around 2:08) When rodin was doing his bench presses, did you guys notice something about him, that drastically changed this year?. Well if not, I am here to inform you guys he has grew roughly 2 inches, and put on some Massive mass, and is considerably bigger then he was last year. From what I heard from tweets, etc, People were in shock when he walked in, because of the amount of muscle he put on in just one year. Just a interesting tidbit for you all. Update:
  7. he was incredible tonight, second star, I watched the whole game. The second assist was highlight of the month worthy, just sick
  9. this kid is the story of the tourney for sweden, he was incredible.
  10. :lol:
  12. Kimbo connected there, but hes fracked now. fatty gots side control
  13. WOW why would they not stop it?, regardless of the damage. 30 secs of getting beat down, with NO SELF DEFENSE. it should have been over in the first.
  14. dammmmn now thats a great way to start.
  15. Listen im not comparing brock and lesner as athletes. I'm comparing them on how there going to make there respected sports grow.