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  1. Olli Juolevi | D

    I remember when Horvat went down to the Utica for that brief 5 game stint his rookie year and people were freaking out that he went pointless over that stretch. He also had that stretch in his sophomore year where he went forever without finding the back of the net and again some on here freaked out. His progression was a long one (in comparison to the instant impact guys we've been fortunate to have like Boeser and EP) but few would complain the way he's playing now. I think Juolevi can still be that top pairing defenceman for us, people just need to have patience (which on here is a tough ask I know). Oh and for the record, Horvat is a career -48 for the Canucks including a minus 3 on the year as of writing this post despite our hot start. I guess by some people's logic on here, he sucks as well?
  2. Petterssons next contract

    As an RFA we will have most of the leverage, that being said he doesn't seem like the type to be a diva about it. I expect whatever Boeser signs for, EP signs in the same range. It's still early in his career though but JB should be able to get them both on (relatively) team friendly contracts as he did with Horvat
  3. [Speculation] Interest in Alex Edler

    It's a win either way for us, If he stays he'll likely mentor Juolevi who will almost undoubtedly come up at some point this year and if he goes via trade whatever we get in return is gravy. If he does leave, hopefully, he wins a cup and returns to us in the offseason. Our D core is pretty weak at the moment and outside of OJ and Hughes, It looks like we will need reliable stop gap vets until more youngsters are ready.
  4. Olli Juolevi | D

    Pouliot and MDZ have been very subpar this season (so far). I think OJ could outperform both of them right now in our lineup (low bar) but it might be better for his development eating up heavy minutes on a comets team that in theory won't get shelled every game like the Canucks have thus far. I don't know if JB can find anyone to take either Pouliot or MDZ though but both Tanev and Edler have been great (relatively speaking) so maybe they get flipped for futures opening up the spot for OJ to come up
  5. Lot of revisionist history here both on this forum and by GMs and scouts around the league haha. In any case though glad we have him and hope he continues to light it up
  6. I want to see Juolevi play the point on the PP1 for a bit tonight. I remember him being quite effective in that role getting the puck to the likes of Laine and Aho on that Finnish WJC team and think he has the potential to do similar things with EP and Boeser. In my opinion, he has untapped offensive potential, it might not always show on the stat sheet or even the eye test because he doesn't have the flashiest game but he can succeed in that role if given the chance. Besides Hutton did not really impress the other day in that role so we should be looking at more options for that spot.
  7. [Official] 2018 Training Camp Thread

    To be fair Manny Malhotra was a sub 50% faceoff guy his first 6 years in the league before becoming elite in the circle.
  8. [Official] 2018 Training Camp Thread

    Should be one of the more competitive camps we've had in a while with so many young guys knocking on the door. Will be interesting to see how management maneuvers the roster especially because I don't anticipate there being a huge trade market for our bubble/fringe players.
  9. All the Friedman tweet said was that Vancouver kicked the tires to see if there could be a match, not that Vancouver was presenting a Godfather offer to the Sens as some of you are projecting. As for the actual logistics of a potential deal. I don't think it will be as high as some of you think because EK is an expiring contract capable of walking at season's end and there is some risk coming off injury with him. Also OTT's desire to see him in the West coupled with our ability to absorb the Ryan contract should help lower the price. A decent comparison would be the McDonagh trade from NY To Tampa. 2 mid-tier prospects, 1 roster player and a first got that deal done. A reasonable deal should be in the same ball park given the circumstances listed above
  10. 2018-2019 - Line-Up - Trades to come ?

    1. Easing Pettersson in while playing with two of our better defensive forwards is smart at least until he proves he can hang at this level on this ice surface 2. Granlund is likely the 13th forward rotating with Leipsic, Motte Gaunce and Archie are all easily funneled through to Utica with little threat of them getting scooped (and if they do it's not a major loss (though CDC will make it seem like it - See Volpatti, Corrado and the unnecessary freak out over insignificant players) 3. I don't see Hughes on the Canucks next year, everyone is excited and I am too but I think he's not quite ready / will probably decide to go back to school one more year McAvoy / Werenski style (those guys turned out fine - an extra year developing isn't gonna hurt him). I think people are sleeping on Juolevi who has had a couple years to develop and by all accounts was a solid D-Man on a men's team 4. If by mid-season one of the young guys tear it up in Utica - Benning can make room for them by trading MDZ (an expiring), Hutton, Granlund, Leipsic (all low-cost RFAs) and even Gagner (who only has two years left and at worst we retain some salary for a year) to make room for the guy(s) deserving of a call-up. Not a fan of gifting kids a spot before they have even proven anything at the minor league level. The young guys who earn it will have room to play. People need to examine our lineup and realize that along with the amount of expiring $ over the next two years - the cap is not an issue for us
  11. [Signing] Canucks re-sign Sven Baertschi

    RFAs don't have the leverage UFAs have at all. Today's signings were not a factor in what Baer signed for
  12. [Signing] Canucks re-sign Sven Baertschi

    Vanek signed for one year and is in his mid 30s. Also took less money to get a NTC of which I assume Baer does not have
  13. Benning is doing a great job! (Discussion)

    Outside of Petterson, which one of our forward prospects do the people on the "these guys are taking away spots from the kids crowd" side think can play in the NHL THIS year? Lind and Gadjovich as promising as they are have not even made an impact at the minor league level yet let alone the NHL level. Gaudette looked alright but not mind-blowing in his short stint here, still based on JB's comments he'll have a spot opening night but some time in Utica wouldn't hurt. Dahlen is transitioning to NA ice and again is unproven at the AHL level let alone NHL. Look I love our prospects and want them to succeed but there is no guarantee that they will translate despite looking promising (see guys like Shinkaruk, Cassels, Subban who all had strong junior careers but never panned out) IF one of the kids do come in and surprise, then Benning can make room. Gagner only has two years left on his deal, worse case scenario we retain some salary (of which we still have plenty of cap space / expiring contracts that that's not a concern) and guys like Granlund, Leipsic are on young / cheap enough that they can be easily moved if one of the young guys surpass them on the depth chart
  14. Neither Beagle or Roussel will occupy the role / minutes EP is expected to play Gaunce is a fringe NHLer who we hope can become Beagle Gaudette is unproven and like Kesler learning from vets like Linden / Sundin will prove invaluable in his development. Plus though he seemed more comfortable as he played more games, Some time in Utica wouldn't hurt him
  15. These deals are fine. Insulate the kids a bit as they adapt. I would also think JB has some moves in mind to clear out some of the gluttony of forwards. For reference Perron got 4 years 16 million so this is on par with market value for bottom 6 guys