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  1. Based solely on what I've read (including that great post in the Other Leagues section of CDC) I like Kakko better than Hughes. Hoping that we land the 2nd pick so it's an easy can't go wrong decision as there seems to be a divide in opinion from 3 onward
  2. He strikes me as a Higgins type utility player capable of playing up and down the line up as needed. Hopefully as we acquire more talent on the wing he can be used as a nice 3rd line piece with Gaudette and Virtanen.
  3. Excited to have two blue-chip smart D Men in the system now. Heard Hughes say he could play either side so maybe one they form an elite top pairing for us. Camp will be interesting with these two pushing for spots as well. I am more conservative in my expectations though so I don't expect all of our kids to come up at once. I think gifting them spots is bad for their long-term development. Of our pool, I will predict only Gaudette and EP will crack the opening day roster with OJ initially being sent down but quickly returning when the inevitable injury hits and becoming a regular
  4. It's important to temper expectations on Hughes - most likely he will require time before he makes the pros. With this fanbase though you just know that if any of the D picked after him make it pro faster or if Hughes shows any sign of struggle next year (wherever he plays) there will be people calling him a "bust" .
  5. I've been on this forum almost 12 years now and usually when the forum is excited about a pick (immediately after the pick) the player doesn't pan out (mostly because the armchair scouts and GMs on here have by in large been idiots) That being said in those 12 years Benning is by far the best drafting GM we've had so in Benning I trust. I hope Hughes pans out to be a superstar for us!