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  1. 2018-2019 - Line-Up - Trades to come ?

    1. Easing Pettersson in while playing with two of our better defensive forwards is smart at least until he proves he can hang at this level on this ice surface 2. Granlund is likely the 13th forward rotating with Leipsic, Motte Gaunce and Archie are all easily funneled through to Utica with little threat of them getting scooped (and if they do it's not a major loss (though CDC will make it seem like it - See Volpatti, Corrado and the unnecessary freak out over insignificant players) 3. I don't see Hughes on the Canucks next year, everyone is excited and I am too but I think he's not quite ready / will probably decide to go back to school one more year McAvoy / Werenski style (those guys turned out fine - an extra year developing isn't gonna hurt him). I think people are sleeping on Juolevi who has had a couple years to develop and by all accounts was a solid D-Man on a men's team 4. If by mid-season one of the young guys tear it up in Utica - Benning can make room for them by trading MDZ (an expiring), Hutton, Granlund, Leipsic (all low-cost RFAs) and even Gagner (who only has two years left and at worst we retain some salary for a year) to make room for the guy(s) deserving of a call-up. Not a fan of gifting kids a spot before they have even proven anything at the minor league level. The young guys who earn it will have room to play. People need to examine our lineup and realize that along with the amount of expiring $ over the next two years - the cap is not an issue for us
  2. [Signing] Canucks re-sign Sven Baertschi

    RFAs don't have the leverage UFAs have at all. Today's signings were not a factor in what Baer signed for
  3. [Signing] Canucks re-sign Sven Baertschi

    Vanek signed for one year and is in his mid 30s. Also took less money to get a NTC of which I assume Baer does not have
  4. Benning is doing a great job! (Discussion)

    Outside of Petterson, which one of our forward prospects do the people on the "these guys are taking away spots from the kids crowd" side think can play in the NHL THIS year? Lind and Gadjovich as promising as they are have not even made an impact at the minor league level yet let alone the NHL level. Gaudette looked alright but not mind-blowing in his short stint here, still based on JB's comments he'll have a spot opening night but some time in Utica wouldn't hurt. Dahlen is transitioning to NA ice and again is unproven at the AHL level let alone NHL. Look I love our prospects and want them to succeed but there is no guarantee that they will translate despite looking promising (see guys like Shinkaruk, Cassels, Subban who all had strong junior careers but never panned out) IF one of the kids do come in and surprise, then Benning can make room. Gagner only has two years left on his deal, worse case scenario we retain some salary (of which we still have plenty of cap space / expiring contracts that that's not a concern) and guys like Granlund, Leipsic are on young / cheap enough that they can be easily moved if one of the young guys surpass them on the depth chart
  5. Neither Beagle or Roussel will occupy the role / minutes EP is expected to play Gaunce is a fringe NHLer who we hope can become Beagle Gaudette is unproven and like Kesler learning from vets like Linden / Sundin will prove invaluable in his development. Plus though he seemed more comfortable as he played more games, Some time in Utica wouldn't hurt him
  6. These deals are fine. Insulate the kids a bit as they adapt. I would also think JB has some moves in mind to clear out some of the gluttony of forwards. For reference Perron got 4 years 16 million so this is on par with market value for bottom 6 guys
  7. Deal isn't terrible perhaps a year too long on both Beagle and Roussel but that's the price of Free Agency. Leadership in guiding the young guys will be essential as well as having some grit. Also a lot of our forwards need some time to marinate. This affords them some time despite some fans insisting we should throw them in the fire when they are not ready
  8. [Report] Canucks in on Tim Schaller

    At the rumored price if he doesn't cut it with the big club we can put him on waivers and send him down to be a vet in Utica. If he gets picked up on waivers no harm no foul
  9. Scoring will have to come from within - to get one of the big name scorers in Free Agency is to pay insane prices coupled with egregious term.
  10. less so the price more an issue of term
  11. While there is some truth to this remember when it comes to UFAs the rest of the market dictates value. Meaning if player A is only getting offers of let's say 2 million from other teams, there is very little negotiating power to say "well you guys paid player B 4 million" because teams will know what his market value (relative to the rest of the league) is at
  12. We have ample money to spend and it's not likely any of the marquee names ever make it to market let alone consider Vancouver when we are not in the contention stage yet. Of our young guys, the only one in position to demand ample money immediately is Boeser. Jury still out on the rest. The big names like Juolevi, Hughes and EP all have 3 years of ELC before any big money kicks in (if they pan out to be stars that is). Also bear in mind MDZ, Dorsett and Edler are expiring deals this year. Gagner, Tanev have two years left some of which will be moved via trade so I am not too worried about our cap situation
  13. 2018-2019 - Line-Up - Trades to come ?

    Yes but only 6 D play every game. The other 2 sit in the press box. My rationale is that I don't think it does his development any good sitting in the press box and playing in games once a week. He'd be better served playing lots either in Michigan or Utica where if its Utica he can play with some of our other up and comers / bulk up. Now if he shows up to camp and proves himself a legit Top 2-4 D Man for us that's a different story. Do I think that outcome is likely this year? No
  14. 2018-2019 - Line-Up - Trades to come ?

    I mean if he blows away the competition then yes I agree he should have a spot on the roster. Our main difference lies in the degree of confidence we think he will be able to do that. I think our D (before Free Agency) has 4 locks to be on the team in Edler, Tanev, Gudbranson and MDZ. Then you look at the final two spots - one of which will probably go to Stecher so that really leaves one spot. Is Hughes head and shoulders above Juolevi, Hutton or whoever we bring in via free agency? I'd personally say no (as of right now) but if making the team means being a rotational 7th D Man, is that really what's best for his long-term growth? Hughes will hopefully be a great Canuck one day. I just don't see it being just yet or even feel it's necessary for it to be now. Brock went back to college, Bo played another year of junior, Virtanen eventually spent a year in Utica. Taking more time is fine. But that is a comment directed more at the "TRADE ALL THE VETS, PLAY THE KIDS 100%" and "HUGHES WILL FOR SURE PLAY AND BE A STAR IN HIS ROOKIE YEAR" crowd.
  15. 2018-2019 - Line-Up - Trades to come ?

    Baertschi - Horvat - Boeser Pettersson - UFA / Sutter - Eriksson Leipsic - Granlund / Sutter - Virtanen Guance - Gagner - UFA Grinder / Granlund Edler - Gudbranson Stetcher - Tanev Juolevi / Hutton - MDZ Markstrom Nillson Pressbox: Goldobin. Hutton, Biega Barring an amazing camp, I don't think Hughes will be ready this year to play in the NHL which is fine. Werenski took the same path returning to Michigan for another year before being a full-time NHLer. People point out the Worlds experience as reasoning behind why he can make the jump which is great but its a small sample size on a different ice surface (plus while he did play NHL level teams in Canada, Finland etc, a handful of those games were also against the likes of South Korea, Denmark etc not exactly elite level competition). People say he didn't look out of place there which is great for his age but he didn't exactly blow away the competition either. Does he get a look on the Canucks this year? Sure but the guys he has to beat out are all vets who have more experience at this level so I wouldn't expect it let alone say "Hughes is on the team for sure". He'll be a great player for us hopefully and I get that everyone is excited about the brand new prospect but defenceman take time and I certainly don't want to rush him for the sake of "playing the young guys"