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  1. I, Personally have no interest in moving up from 5 to 3, Acquiring 3 to go along with 5 is a different story. The dream scenario then would be if Philly falls in love with one of the Dmen and either Nico or Patrick slip to 3 and we grab one of the remaining top flight Defencemen at 5 (Be that Liligren, Makar or Miro). Pipe dream scenario but one can dream.
  2. If we fall out of the top 2, I'm Liljegren all the way whether that means trading back to pick up an extra asset or just straight up grabbing him at 3 / 4 / 5.
  3. Alzner has to be our number one free agency target now right? Perhaps a long shot but he is a BC Boy. I'm hoping that we can somehow acquire a pick in the middle of the first round should Liljegren slip in the draft like Fowler or Chychrun did last year. Hopefully, a Tanev or Edler is enough for that pick, neither of those guys really fit our current timeline being 27 and 30 years old respectively and I believe that Liljegren has the potential to be a top-two defenceman alongside Juolevi one day.
  4. Hypothetically if the Rangers get bounced early and AV is let go, do we take a second look? Personally I like him more than Crow, Ruff, Green should he again hypothetically become available.
  5. Semi Unpopular opinion but I like Liljigren more than anyone ranked in the top 10. Just the idea of him and Juolevi anchoring our D for the foreseeable future is extremely appealing to me. I hope we trade down to grab him if we land 1/2. He won't be an immediate impact guy which will surely draw detractors when some of the forwards that will be inevitably taken after him start producing but in the long run, much like OJ last year is the best long term move especially if we fall to 3-5.
  6. I expect one of Tanev or Edler to be traded, would not surprise me if the Canucks then went after Alzner in FA (BC Boy, solid shutdown Dman not unlike Hamhuis ) Then we lock up our guys (Bo, Gudbranson) and hope that Brock, whoever we draft with our top 5 pick, JV and the rest of the kids come in and play well. I, unlike most of this board, don't believe the Sedins are done yet, they are not 1st liners anymore but I think they can bounce back next year and hopefully with some of the youth taking some of the scoring burden off they team they wont be faced with the pressure of producing as much as we have needed them to in the past Everyone seems to want to play the kids which I agree with to an extent but we must not forget the importance of having Vets to help the team (not just on the ice but the intangible stuff off the ice as well). Balance is key but in short, I expect a pretty quiet offseason
  7. In general idealistic terms 1. Someone to love and be loved in return by 2. A purpose that is fulfilling to the person in question. This could be a job, creating art, giving back, whatever makes you feel fulfilled. In simple terms I think that's all you need to be happy BUT the world isn't a utopia and most everyone has to deal with the stresses of meeting needs, paying bills etc. To meet these needs we often have to forgo number 2 because what fulfills us usually doesn't make any money. Thus we end up taking jobs that take up large portions of our time in order to get a paycheque. Yes, in rare cases people can love their job and make enough to meet all needs but for the vast majority of us, we are doing things that we make the best of but is far from our dreams. As for number 1. Finding someone like that remains a bit of a crapshoot. So many other factors go into now, its not like it was 2 generations ago where most people married and found love with the person down the street. Now there are so many options and dynamics in play (do I text back now or wait, can I do better than who I have now? etc etc.) that "the one" as the movies put it is seemingly more and more illusive. That being said I apologize for the long post and I don't mean to be a downer. My advice, just keep searching for the above two things and if one is lucky, they will be able to find it
  8. Just got in....Jensen on the 4th line eh? How's he looking?
  9. 1) Canucks start slow. Finish strong thanks in large part due to emergence of youth movement (JV heats up post trade deadline a la Bo last year) barely making the 8th seed 2) Vey disappoints and Gaunce ends up taking his spot (I know they transitioned him to wing last year in Utica but I think he takes the 4C by seasons end) 3) Slow start leads to fire sale leading up to deadline. One of Higgins/ Hansen gone early in the year (for picks or another quick development guy like Vey/ Clendening) to make room for Kenins who impresses in training camp 4) Both Hamhuis and Vrbata get moved at the deadline. Hamhuis wins the cup on his new team. The return on one of these trades will net a late first and the other trade will be a marginal pick package 5) Markstrom challenges Miller mid season for starting role after a few good games (because its not Vancouver without a goalie controversy) 6) Sutter becomes a fan favorite (I know the Penguin fans hated him last year) 7) Final Lineup by the end of the season Sedin-Sedin-Burrows Sven-Sutter-JV Kenins-Horvat-Higgins/Hansen (whoever remains) Prust-Gaunce-Dorsett Edler-Tanev Corrado- Sbisa Weber-Barkowski Random not season specific predictions 8) Benning uses cap space to chase best available D-Man in FA 9) Canucks lose round 1 in 7. Team plays hard and shows signs of promise 10) Canucks lose the game they wear the 94 retro jerseys because we never seem to win when we go retro
  10. Happy that the pick is 2015 instead of 2017. I know others have stated its a deep draft but I like that we know the pick will be in the late 40s (perhaps even later ) whereas in 2017 we have no idea how good/bad this team will be. Either way don't know much about the kid but I trust GMJB, hopefully he's a big part of the future
  11. Why is everyone so keen on moving up to 1st? From what I've read and seen in mock drafts there doesn't seem to be a consensus number one guy (Reinhart,Ekblad and Bennett have all been up there in the rankings/mocks) and the gap between those three and the other 3/4 guys slated to go after doesn't seem that large (again just purely based on what I've read not professing to be some expert on jr hockey) So I don't see why there is such a big push to trade assets and/or the number 6 to move up to 1...Maybe someone more knowledgable can shed some light?
  12. As long as we don't give up picks for any rental I'm fine with so given our injuries I'm happy with this trade. Our bottom 6 as people have pointed out is loaded with similar talent so losing Weise isn't a major hit. I doubt an Edler trade is coming until after the break and we see the timetable on return of our other D men
  14. My thoughts go out to those affected by the earthquakes today hope everyone is okay