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  1. Marky's a UFA at year's end so the question is what the UFA market will be for a 30 year old starting calibre yet not quite elite goalie? If there is belief that there's a market that'll offer him long term and / or high salary then I think you have to trade him and run with Demko (who is still unproven but has shown flashes). Obviously if there's no market then you can resign Marky to a 2-3 year deal wherein we get more time to evaluate our two young goalies and that contract is much more moveable than a contract with extended term / money Given our cap situation I think that's the correct move especially given if Demko for whatever reason doesn't work out you still have De Pietro in the wings who also has potential. The more likely scenario? We ride Marky the rest of the year hopefully ending in the playoffs and he walks in free agency for money / term (good for him in that case).
  2. We need cheaper players to fill out the roster when EP and Hughes' ELCs expire. Getting Podkolzin on a rookie deal at that point will be ideal as he is cheap and will hopefully be ready to be an impact player in two years time
  3. 39 million in projected cap space - a large portion of which will go to resigning Kerfoot and Rantanen both of whom are RFAs. That puts them at just 7 forwards signed which means they'll have a few spots to fill up front plus they'll have to find a backup goalie as well. I'm not familiar enough with their farm system to know if they can address these within (thereby allowing them to go for the likes of Panarin who'll command a very high price) but Sakic has a lot of work to do to fill out that roster
  4. Avoid splashing in free agency, it's almost always a mistake because the term will kill you when these 27-30 year old guys want 6-7 year deals. By the midpoint those contracts become albatrosses (which is also why the Miller acquisition despite the high price is valuable as he is on a good deal with excellent term). I don't mind signing depth guys on shorter term deals though - those contracts are way easier to move.
  5. Based solely on what I've read (including that great post in the Other Leagues section of CDC) I like Kakko better than Hughes. Hoping that we land the 2nd pick so it's an easy can't go wrong decision as there seems to be a divide in opinion from 3 onward
  6. He strikes me as a Higgins type utility player capable of playing up and down the line up as needed. Hopefully as we acquire more talent on the wing he can be used as a nice 3rd line piece with Gaudette and Virtanen.
  7. Excited to have two blue-chip smart D Men in the system now. Heard Hughes say he could play either side so maybe one they form an elite top pairing for us. Camp will be interesting with these two pushing for spots as well. I am more conservative in my expectations though so I don't expect all of our kids to come up at once. I think gifting them spots is bad for their long-term development. Of our pool, I will predict only Gaudette and EP will crack the opening day roster with OJ initially being sent down but quickly returning when the inevitable injury hits and becoming a regular
  8. It's important to temper expectations on Hughes - most likely he will require time before he makes the pros. With this fanbase though you just know that if any of the D picked after him make it pro faster or if Hughes shows any sign of struggle next year (wherever he plays) there will be people calling him a "bust" .
  9. I've been on this forum almost 12 years now and usually when the forum is excited about a pick (immediately after the pick) the player doesn't pan out (mostly because the armchair scouts and GMs on here have by in large been idiots) That being said in those 12 years Benning is by far the best drafting GM we've had so in Benning I trust. I hope Hughes pans out to be a superstar for us!
  10. Just combing through our draft history for those complaining that JB went off the board or the "consensus pick" this year and last - Looking at Bob Mckenzie's rankings because he polls multiple scouts for a "consensus" rank 2008: #10 Cody Hodgson Ranked 9 by TSN - obviously didn't turn out despite us getting a "steal" if we followed the consensus rankings, Karlsson went 15 FYI 09: #22 Jordan Schroeder Ranked 15 by TSN - Picked the BPA according to rankings, again bust 11: #29 Jensen Ranked 24 by TSN - again picked a guy that ranked higher than our draft position - another bust, Could make a case for Saad who was ranked higher but point of post is that we've picked players that have consistently ranked higher and that hasn't yielded great results 12: #26 Guance Ranked 20 by TSN - picked player ranked above our slot again - BPA according to Mckenzie - Fringe NHL Player thus far while Pearson and Skjei are NHL regulars 13: #9 Horvat 5th BPA according to TSN - an example of us going off the board, had we gone BPA according to rankings, would have been Nichuskin. I think we did good here going off board 13: #24 Shinkaruk ranked 14 by TSN - we went BPA again and he has yet to find a regular spot in the NHL, won't call him a bust yet but the numbers speak for themselves 14: #6 Virtanen ranked 7 by TSN - not as great a leap as some on here suggest but interesting note Ehlers ranked 10 and Nylander ranked 9 so either way. any of those picks would have been off the board for those arguing for the rankings 14: #24 McCann ranked 16 by TSN - BPA again, jury's still out but note that Pastrnak went #25 and he was ranked 22 15: #23 Boeser ranked 26 by TSN - went off board and while it's early I'd venture to say no one is mad anymore about us going off the rankings So hindsight is 20/20 but the point of this post is to illustrate that just because a player is ranked higher doesn't mean that it is the best pick. As our history has shown, we have often went BPA and those instances have almost always failed us. I won't say Pettersson or Juolevi are going to be bonafide stars but I trust our scouts and as our history has shown going against the rankings have produced some of our biggest pieces for the future.