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  1. You have the eyes of an angel.

  2. I'm enjoying it. It's a pleasant change.

  4. Federer for me, Nadal is much too cocky for my liking. I also loove Federer's white coat he wears. It also helps that I'm part Swiss, was a Hingis fan back then.
  5. Greatest username ever?

    I think so

  6. Cant wait to read some of your posts!

  7. You sir, are my hero. Please keep posting forever

  8. You can simply get a editor on a fansite and it will unfake all unlicensed names. As for good players for the PK I always get Halpern and Pj Axelsson and I always end up with the Number 1 PK.
  9. You have ALOT of patience Rough Neck, I would have gone crazy by now with someone who couldn't understand such simple sentences.
  10. None of the torrents do work. If they only did more marketing for this game, it could have sold better.