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  1. Elephant in the room - Hank and Danny

    It may not be the "norm" but the Sedins have earned the right to have their say in all that they have done with the Canucks.  Out of the entire Canucks roster outside of the kids the Sedins are the only other "untradeables" & within the next couple of years I see them easily transitioning to 2nd line roles if resigned (aka if they choose to keep playing) and Horvat/McCann/Virtanen etc becoming key  contributors. I would love to see them retire one day in a Canucks uniform
  2. I know its most teams to draft the "best player available" but the Oilers need some serious help on D, plus it doesnt help that they kept drafting the same kind of a forward.  I will say they are the Columbus of last year....the injury bug hurts. Although I think the NHL needs to make sure they dont get the 1st overall pick this year.
  3. Should Miller Still Be Considered #1? (Article)

    I was surprised that Miller played last night. No matter what our goalies havent been the issue. He isnt worth 6 million to me though
  4. So more empty "purchased" condos or whatever Pavco wants to build. I dont mind the viaducts coming down so much if there was a better plan for the traffic, the other feeder streets such as Hastings, Pender or Corova are going to get 10x busier esp when construction is happening. Traffic was bad enough when Deadpool was filming.
  5. [Discussion] Why is Derek Roy still job-less?

    I was surprised he didn't get some kind of bottom 6 role. Roy seemed to be a in a good mentor role with EDM and Yakopov
  6. Canucks@Bruins Jan 21

    Its a great city to check out. You may get a few assholes who will try to heckle you if ur wearing Canucks colors but I've had good experiences there a couple of times. bostonians are just passionate about their sports. I have always flown out of Seattle to Bos. seemed to get cheaper rates
  7. Young Stars Tourney

    Excited to see our crop of prospects...I dont think we have had a better group since the Manitoba Moose days with Kesler, Bieska, Edler etc
  8. Ducks and Avs new 3rd jerseys leaked....

    Love the avs colours and logo, but is it just me or does the logo look really big? Its kinda throwing me off. Plus its weird that they only have 1 shoulder patch Ducks use of logo is awesome, not liking the colour though. Would have been better if they went a little bit more old school - I thought bright orange was Philly's thing
  9. I'll try D P. Demitra - M. Dionne - S. Doan U. Dahlen - A. Delvecchio - M. Duchene K. Draper - P. Datsyuk - D. Drake P. Dupuis - V. Damphousse - T. Domi Extras: E. Daze, C. Drury, A. Deadmarsh D. Doughty - K. Daneyko G. De Vries - E. Desjardins T. Daley - M. Dandenault Extra : C. De Haan K. Dryden B. Durnan D. Dubynk Tried to keep at least 1 current NHLer per position.
  10. Name That Canuck!

    I think its Dennis Grot?
  11. Who is the next Oilers captain?

    I would leave Ference as captain, none of the younger players are either ready or worthy of it yet.
  12. Rogers arena is too quiet during canucks game

    Cause there is too many suits looking at their phones who dont really care about the game, its just something to do. Plus the lower bowl is out most peoples $$$ range(considering in the last couple of years u could go to some road games for cheaper) The upper bowl i find is where most of the noise comes from Its sad when the loudest it gets sometimes is when mark donnelly does O Canada
  13. Ovechkin - Toews - Stamkos Benn - Crosby - Nash Forsberg - Kopitar - Vorachek Zetterberg - Johnson - Gallagher Extras: Iginla, Upshall, Atkinson McDonagh - Weber Doughty - Ekblad Rielly - Hamilton Extra: Yandle Price Quick Lack Missing X
  14. Trades that made you sad

    Hodgson trade shocked me when it happened but it turned out okay. Lacks trade to this day still shocks me. When I was a kid the Linden trade shocked me and I was so sad(kinda like that kid over the Oshie trade), Linden was my fav. player and was so happy when he came back.
  15. [Report] Rich Peverley announces retirement

    Great to see him leave the game so soon. At least he will do a great job with the young guys, has always been the mentor type.