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  1. Minor car accident, no damage. Report to ICBC?

    I would report it. Never hurts esp if not your fault I got rear ended once and there was no damage that I could see but still took it my dealer to look at and it ended up having about 500 worth of damage. Wouldnt have known by looking at it.
  2. OMG Snow?

    Some people are true idiots when this weather comes along
  3. I would put in a rule saying that a team cannot have the #1 pick back to back. Even at 2 or 3 you can still get one hell of player. Even go as far to go say that if its a 3rd straight year of being a bottom feeder they have to pick outside of the top 5. I still say that the Oilers are a true exception in the fact that they have been mismanaged over the years and have picked the wrong player for what they have needed. Like they could have traded down to get a D-Man or Goalie over the years...its sad when they have almost as many 1st overall picks in the last 5 years as they do franchise Stanley Cups.
  4. Best/Worst Ball Parks in Baseball

    Fav: AT&T Park One of the best experiences I ever had was going to Gm 2 of the 2012 World Series. The view of the Bay day or night is fantastic and the atmosphere is fantastic no matter when you go. I stumbled upon one of the best views ever...the last row of the upper deck down the 1st base line you can see the entire field, downtown San Fran & the Bay Bridge. Fenway Park I'm a bit bias as a Red Sox fan but Fenway has a unique charm & history to it. Certain views could be better but Monster seats are an experience all on their own. Pre game down Yawkey Way is also quite the experience. PNC Park Only been a couple of times but PNC has one of the best views of downtown Pittsburgh and I love that it only has 2 decks and with the Pirates winning recently has made the atmosphere at games very eventful. Plus I love coming into the park through the bridge. Worst: Tropicana Field The roof takes away the character and echoes everything and those catwalks are ridiculous(would hate to be a Rays player) plus the "special rules" for those catwalks. Can see why they have threatened to leave. Athletics This was a nice stadium at one point but over the years has just gotten bad. The view was fantastic till they built the ridiculous bleachers (that only the Raiders use). They need a new stadium and FAST. I don't really have a issue with Marlins Park, but whatever that thing is in centrefield is ugly. I also miss the old Yankee Stadium.
  5. I feel like that if we are more then 10 points out of a playoff spot then consider being sellers at the deadline. At the same time with Edler/Sutter seeming to be out till late March I think Hammer won't be going anywhere unless it's a blockbuster of a deal. I can see both sides of the coin...pushing for the playoffs at least shows that the team/management cares about being successful and it would great experience for the young players (esp. where we would end up) But at the same time why push for the playoffs just to play a top seed such as Chicago or LA (we would most likely be a wild card team) when we could drop and could get a top pick (as of right now we are 8th from the bottom)
  6. Elephant in the room - Hank and Danny

    It may not be the "norm" but the Sedins have earned the right to have their say in all that they have done with the Canucks. Out of the entire Canucks roster outside of the kids the Sedins are the only other "untradeables" & within the next couple of years I see them easily transitioning to 2nd line roles if resigned (aka if they choose to keep playing) and Horvat/McCann/Virtanen etc becoming key contributors. I would love to see them retire one day in a Canucks uniform
  7. I know its most teams to draft the "best player available" but the Oilers need some serious help on D, plus it doesnt help that they kept drafting the same kind of a forward. I will say they are the Columbus of last year....the injury bug hurts. Although I think the NHL needs to make sure they dont get the 1st overall pick this year.
  8. Should Miller Still Be Considered #1? (Article)

    I was surprised that Miller played last night. No matter what our goalies havent been the issue. He isnt worth 6 million to me though
  9. I'll try D P. Demitra - M. Dionne - S. Doan U. Dahlen - A. Delvecchio - M. Duchene K. Draper - P. Datsyuk - D. Drake P. Dupuis - V. Damphousse - T. Domi Extras: E. Daze, C. Drury, A. Deadmarsh D. Doughty - K. Daneyko G. De Vries - E. Desjardins T. Daley - M. Dandenault Extra : C. De Haan K. Dryden B. Durnan D. Dubynk Tried to keep at least 1 current NHLer per position.
  10. Name That Canuck!

    I think its Dennis Grot?
  11. Ovechkin - Toews - Stamkos Benn - Crosby - Nash Forsberg - Kopitar - Vorachek Zetterberg - Johnson - Gallagher Extras: Iginla, Upshall, Atkinson McDonagh - Weber Doughty - Ekblad Rielly - Hamilton Extra: Yandle Price Quick Lack Missing X
  12. NHL 16 Thread

    A lot better cover with just Toews. You would think EA is based in Chicago or something. Since NHL 10 there has been 3 Hawks covers. Or does EA just not know any other players? Like idk Price, Sedins, Crosby, Perry, Tavares, Benn etc.
  13. Which nhl players or folk have you met in person?

    Met most of the Canucks team in 2009 at training camp at UBC. Met Eddie Lack, Ryan Kesler & Alex Burrows at car dealership events & Mason Raymond at a Best Buy event. Met Hayley Wickenheiser & shannon szabados from the womans team & Scott Niedermayer at the Olympics. My brother played on the Pacific Vipers with Seabrook, Ladd & Brouwer so I was lucky to know them before they went on to the NHL
  14. NHL Officially launches expansion process

    I'm all for new markets but shouldn't the NHL fix the franchises they do have? Quebec is always going to have support and would love another Canadian team but didn't the declining loonie do them in the 1st time. Vegas is building an awesome building and not only has the support but a tourism market that can support it as well. The question I have with Vegas is will the support stick around and not wane in the long term and through good & bad times.
  15. Working on a new pump up vid.

    1. :D


      Did you buy a new pump? I was told you can't post those kind of videos here...

    2. Mr. Ambien

      Mr. Ambien

      too late, Austin Powers already made that vid

    3. viking mama

      viking mama

      Can never have enough of those...anxious to see it! :D