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  1. Well last time we went to the SCF we faced the Defending Champs in the 1st round.
  2. Not saying 3rd and 4th line are not important and don't have impact....but given the fact that we have 8 candidates to fill 6 roles, whether we play ABC DEF or ABG DEH, that's not going to make or break the playoffs. Ultimately there is always a core of 7-8 forwards....with the last 4-5 players alternating throughout the playoffs, due to matchup, injuries, opponent style of play, etc. Don't think Green is losing any sleep whether he's going to Play Virtanen or McEwen and/or both or neither.
  3. The top 6 is set in stone....the bottom 6 can be whatever it is...that's not going to decide if we move on or fail.
  4. Miller Petey Toffoli Pearson Bo Boeser IMO this is pretty much set in stone, so not sure what's so hard about deciding who's playing in the bottom 6. They'll probably be a rotation. This is also pretty much set in stone....Win --­> lineup will stay the same and Green will be a called a genius....Lose --> bottom lines will be shuffled and Green crucified on CDC.
  5. Detroit is rebuilding, why the hell would they do that trade...pretty sure Virtanen is not the type of player/character Yzerman is looking for and that trade is not the type of deal Yzerman would do. While it's beneficial for the Canucks, I don't see it from Detroit's perspective. "BUF will want Rous because he will show their guys how to be a professional and play with 100% effort consistently." Again, not sure why Buffalo, a rebuilding team would shed some young asset to pick up a guy they could sign for free via UFA. No point of wasting an asset for that, they will be a ton of "Roussel" type of player that will hit the market.
  6. So basically we are bashing Trudeau whenever he gives out the contract to, no matter what the circumstances are lol. There are actually international laws and treaties that prevent Government entities to discriminate against foreign vendors when awarding contracts of that significance. You can't pick and choose who to award the contract to, it's a bid and you choose the winning bids based on predetermined criteria. People are complaining when the bid is awarded to the lowest bidder when it suit their argument...and the same people are complaining that their Taxes are not well spent when not awarded to the lowest bidders. One way or another, can't win.
  7. local natural disaster is so last year....Global Natural Disaster is 2020....Seattle's Covid-19! Isn't it where it started in the US anyways?
  8. Agree on paper, but I think they are playing above their head also, which is why I said they had a better team mentality which boosted their wins IMO. Also Panarin reminds me of when Hall won the trophy, with the difference that the Devils made the playoffs, which is usually a big factor in the decision. SC qualifier aside...the Rangers were sitting in 11th position in the East and were a very longshot to make the playoff in a "normal" season.
  9. I think there's more to it than simply who would you pick for your team. In the long-run, most likely my answer would be Hedman or Josi....but if we talking right now, if it were the trade deadline and all three would be available as a rental for a playoff run at the same price...based on their performances of 2019-2020, my answer would be Carlson followed closely by Josi. You seem to be analyzing the player's entire career rather than just this year, which is not the point of the Norris. Only 2019-2020 matters. Plus, I don't think your interpretation of how would Carlson do without Ovie and co is accurate......maybe the question should be How Ovie and Co. would be doing without Carlson. At the peak of his career, Green had the same numbers as Carlson has this year.....except Ovie and Backstrom had 110pts and 88pts each. Carlson is leading the team in point with Ovie, Backstorm and Kuznetsov below 1PPG. So, who's carrying who? Finally, if you can't see that Carlson is a much much better all-around hockey player than Mike Green, then there's no point of arguing about this. Listen, not saying Josi deserves it less....but I don't buy that Carlson is a offensive or PP specialist that can't play D. He's a pretty good all-around players and I won't cry murder if he wins...well deserved IMO.
  10. Rantanen missed 27 games and both him and Landeskog are scoring < 1PPG.... Panarin has Zibanejad who is scoring at 1.31PPG. IMO, yes Panarin has a big impact on his team, but I think the NYR have a much better TEAM approach than Colorado or Edmonton, which rely solely on a few guys only. Remove the 3 guys from the their respective team, I feel like Edmonton and Colorado would take a bigger fall than NYR. I think he 100% deserves to be nominated, but I don't he's THE most important player.
  11. Jeez, reading the comments on Carlson makes him seems like he's just another Marc-André Bergeron. I agree that Josi is better defensively but the gap is not that big, otherwise Carlson wouldn't be able to play 25 minutes per night without costing the capitals wins. The guy scored 15 goals and 6 of them were GWG. The same amount as McDavid! His EV goals differencial is 17, trailing Josi's 25, but still top 12 amongst defencemen. He's got 14 more giveaways than Josi, but also 8 more takeaways, same amount of blocked shots, same amount of hits. I just hope the same people voting for Josi, aren't also going to be offended if Makar wins Calder over Hughes.
  12. Basically what I have been saying for a while. While we do need Tanev, he will never live-up to his new contract. Might help us for 2020-21, but will hamper us after that. Highly doubt he settle for less than 4 years. This is his last contract IMO. As for Toffoli, I'm all up for re-signing him too, but I'm afraid of the price tag. Benning as been pretty adamant of setting a standard within the organization. Bo and Brock are signed at reasonable price and until EP is re-signed Toffoli will be the highest paid player on this team IMO. But looking at comparable, if Toffoli is looking to get over 7M$, then we'll have to pass. Tyler Toffoli, 28, 300 pts in 525 games Chris Kreider, 28, 316 pts in 523 games, 6.5M$ for 7 years extension Brayden Schenn, 28, 429 pts in 657 games, 6.5M$ for 8 years extension Kyle Connor, 22, 201 pts in 249 games, 7.142M$ for 7 years extension Matt Duchene, 28, 589 pts in 793 games, 8M$ for 7 years extension Honestly, before doing this exercise, I thought the comparable would be much higher. Now I'm actually thinking we have a decent shot at keeping him. At least we'll know if it doesn't work out, it's because Toffoli was too gready. Benning paid a good price for him, I doubt he's going to lowball him to stay now, he'll pay a fair price I believe, and he has some pretty good comparable arguments on his side too.
  13. Healthy and in shape are two different thing. The guy is listed at 260 on hockeydb, that was his playing weight. The guy hasn't played in over a year and didn't seem motivated to do so, I highly doubt he had the motivation to keep in shape while away from the game. At 35 years old, it's even harder to stay in shape, I cannot see how he can return to hockey and be relevant in any way.