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  1. From my understanding the whole solar panel/create your own electricity thing, the way it work is, you are actually paying regular supply of electrity from the electric company, but get a credit from the electricity you produce (which is sent back onto the grid). I don't believe he's supplying his own electricity, he's just producing the equivalent of what he's taking from the electric company. You got to refer to the HST/GST definitions of taxable and exempt supply, etc. The electric company is selling a taxable supply, however, this guy is a person and probably not registered to the HST/GST, therefore can't get the HST/GST credit or rebate. That's how I see how they can charge him for the HST. As for your food example, basic food is HST/GST exempt, unless you are buying chips and candies and stuff like that. Maybe a better example would be when you buy/sell a car. If you buy a car from the dealership, you get a HST/GST credit on your trade-in. But if you sell you car personally, and then buy from the dealership then you don't get the credit. There must be a reason from the HST/GST rules that prevents this transactions to be treated like a trading-in your car. That's why I say if you make an exemption for this case, well it opens the door for other similar transactions to maybe be taken advantage off. And when I refer to similar case, if doesn't have to do with clean energy, you have to refer to the HST/GST taxable, exempt, zero-base supplies definitions and rules. Anyways i'm not HST/GST experts, but that's sort of my interpretation of the situation. @Ryan Strome
  2. Sucks for this dude, but if you make an exception for him...opens the door for other Richie Rich to take advantage of this opportunity. Probably creates another loophole for the rich to get richer.
  3. lol I guess anyone who disagree with your opinion is angry apparently? Like you said it's a blog...what did you expect? Congratulations? A medal? A job offer in communication? Everyone to agree with your opinion? Maybe If I add some emojis I'll sound less angry
  4. No, because he got a new deal with Ottawa, which he wouldn't have had in Vancouver. He would have left at the end of the year anyways and CDC would have imploded because we lost him for nothing.
  5. No anger, just no patience for ridiculous proposal. This isn't playstation, can't just toss aside an experienced vet like Tanev and bring up a kid with 0 NHL experience and think the transition will be seemless, especially when were not even guaranteed a playoff spot. You're concerned we won't receive anything in return if Tanev gets injured. But have you considered the consequences if we do trade Tanev and one of Rafferty, Myers or Stecher gets injured? What next....who fills that void. At least if Tanev get injured we know we have Rafferty who could potentially replace him. Like I said I'd rather have depth over getting back some trivial draft picks.....because no you won't get a 1st rounder for Tanev, not even sure you get a 2nd.
  6. Is it showing in the record books? No....so yes 0 games! Can't believe you are arguing this, preseason games with 1/2 of AHL players don't count! I guess any AHL players with better stats than Tanev's are defacto better NHL players than him. Maybe in 5 years yes, but not at the moment. Look, I'm not against bringing up Rafferty, see how he does, but trading Tanev to make room for him seems premature. If Rafferty comes up and proves over a span of 30-40 games that he can play in the NHL and take 18-20 minutes per games, then maybe we could entertain the option of moving Tanev. But again, I'd rather have depth for the stretch and the playoffs rather than getting a few trivial picks for Tanev.
  7. Have you actually watch Rafferty play or you're sole basis for this proposal is based on the 16 pts and plus 9 stats? Yeah he has great stats in Utica....but is he ready to replace Tanev and his 20 minutes/game? The guy has play 0 NHL game and you suggesting replacing a veteran like Tanev with him, while were fighting for the playoffs? That's suicide, especially with our injury history on the back end. Keep both for depth, even if it were lose a potential return on Tanev. I don't see getting more than a 2nd rounder in return, so not worth it. I prefer depth. Trade him if we are out comes trade deadline.
  8. There ya go. I guess someone wanted some action on his Twitter feed. Poor reporting....Batchelor either knew Jake was ill and omitted to mention it to create a "non" story. Or instead of doing real journalism work and actually ask around why Jake wasn't there, jump to conclusion. Either way, jerk move.
  9. Maybe it was because they were in Calgary on Saturday and Vancouver today. Dorion, might be a bad GMs, but it's not like he's going shopping in between games. He's doing his job by watching games and probably discussing with JB in person, doesn't mean there is something imminent, I'm pretty sure GMs speaks often with each other. So because someone random on twitter says trade alert, apparently a trade is coming? Seriously My guess is he's out because of an illness or maintenance.
  10. Konecky is an up and coming player about to hit his prime in a few years. Why would Philly trade him for spare parts? Woo is a good propsect, not a top one. They have Sam Morin, Provorov, Sanheim and Myers as up and coming defenseman, not sure Woo really fills a need for them. On the other hand, Giroux and Voracek are getting old, they need Konecky. I'll break it down for you 1st ­> 2nd JVR = Eriksson Laughton >= Pearson So we are left with: Konecky ­>>>>>>> Ferland and Woo If Philly wanted Ferland, they could have signed him this summer.
  11. Hey, I'm a pro Benning and the drafting has been amazing. Just not sure if he survives the year if they don't make the playoffs. So far, so good, but lots of hockey left to play. So can we dial it down a little before calling for a Dynasty. Yakupov, RNH, Hall, Eberle was suppose to be the next great dynasty in Edmonton.
  12. I'm trying to show that Konecky has similar value to BB. Then, I'm asking the OP if he would take a package of Pearson, Roussel and a 2nd for BB and a 1st. Was trying to show how ridiculous that offer was, sorry if it wasn't clear.
  13. Take out his rookie season as a 19 years old and Konecky has similar career stats to Brock Boeser, who was selected 1 rank before him. Ask yourself, would you take that package for Boeser??? I think your proposal needs a complete overhaul, not a tweak.