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  1. If I recall correctly it wasn't Kesler who necessarily asked for a trade. When Benning came in and wanted to hit the reset button, he identified Kesler as a guy who could bring asset back before it was too late. Afterward Kesler only exercised his right to use his NTC that was earned and handed down to him by the Canucks. What's the point of an NTC, if we are going to hold it against the player if he doesn't waive it. I think in due time, I would like to see Kesler in the ring of honour. Whether you liked his antics or not sometimes, he did leave it all on the ice for the Canucks. He single handedly beat Nashville in 2011. However, I don't think it need to happen rightaway once he retire, I don't mind waiting a little bit.
  2. I'm not saying its impossible, I just wouldn't be my house on it, like the other guy is. IMO It is pretty optimistic to state that he will easily be an 1-2 or at worst 3-4, considering the long history of disappointing 1st rounder/top 10 picks. I'm pretty sure it's longer than your list.
  3. I'm not writing him off at all, I just said he will be an NHL player. However, unlike you, I don't have rose colored glasses and painting Juolevi with an easy floor of 3-4 (or worse and easy 1-2 ceiling) when the guy hasn't even played one NHL games. Top pairings are reserved for the elite (unless someone is piggyback riding on a shallow team) and usually, those elite player (injured or not) show their elite gamebreaking skills early on, like Hughes. Juolevi will be a good player, but if he had shown any of that gamebreaking ability to be a top pairing, he would have been here by now already, someone along the organization would have notice.
  4. You do realize that Eriksson only score 30 goals twice in his career right? Not trying to argue that Eriksson doesn'T have a bad contract, but right now if he can play and contribute in any way without being a liability, that's a win. When his 6M$ is a total waste is when he's bought out, siting in the pressbox or burried in the minor. So if he can contribute to our 2nd line and the team is winning....that's a win in my book. And how many 30 goals season does Brock Boeser have with his 5.87M$ salary? I guess he's another guy who's overpaid. FYI he won't be getting 60 assists either.
  5. Juolevi at 21 is still young and it takes longer for a defenseman to develop. However, the plan when we selected him was to be a 1st pairing defenseman and that I doubt that will happen. At his peak Juolevi might reach a #3 defenseman, but most likely will be a 4-5-6. If he can become what Nicklas Hjalmarsson (maybe not style of play, but impact on the team) was for the Blackhawks, that would be a win.
  6. So hypocritical, the league doesn't want to eliminate fighting... yet they are adding instigating rules and suspending players for it and warning teams when temper flares.....which is it?
  7. I have never been a fan of Green, but I don't think tossing him right now is a good move. Might take a while to adjust to a new coach and we can't have that right now. I don't really care what we do in the playoffs, but I think it is important that our core gets a taste of it this year. My projection of Green's tenure in Vancouver is the following: - Canucks barely makes the playoff and gets eliminated in the first round. Canucks start the 2020-21 season with a losing record and Green is canned by the end of November. or -Canucks makes the playoffs, gets home ice advantages but still loses easily in 4-5 games. Green gets canned after the playoffs.
  8. Pretty sure Gallant will find work as a head coach easily. I doubt he quickly settle for anything less than that for now. Maybe if he hasn't been hired before the next season starts, then he'll start considering alternatives.
  9. Jack Adams Winners' track record doesn't lie Gallant - 2018 winner, fired in 2020 Trotz - 2016 winner, 2018 mutually part ways with Caps Hartley - 2015 winner, fired in 2016 Roy - 2014 winner, stepped down in 2016 before the season McLean - 2013 winner, fired in 2014
  10. Wow, I know they are in a skid, but still only 3 points from 1st place in the Pacific. Could easily backfire on Vegas too, like it did for Florida. Huge gamble.
  11. Ovechkin UFA in 2 years. He'll be 36, that will be an interesting negotiation...already 71M engaged for 16 players next year, however nobody significant to re-sign beside Holtby. Not sure he's coming back.
  12. The goalie market is so volatile... who knows what will happen. Binnington came out of nowhere. Fleury was supposedly overpaid and on the downhill and Pittsburgh was more than happy to ship him to Vegas to solve cap issues. Price and Bobrovsky have been like a roller coaster the past 5 years. Lehner resurrected his career with the Isles. Who knows where Markstrom and Demko's game will be in 1.5 years. Markstorm numbers have been pretty steady the past few years (ironically slight increase in both GAA and save %), one career-year or a down-year in 2020-21 and the whole landscape will change. I think it's too soon to say what will the goalie market will look like for Seattle. Montreal will also have a big decision. If Cayden Primeau is there go-to guy in the future and are rebuilding, do they leave Price unprotected and make a deal a la Fleury?
  13. Buffalo declines easily IMO. They'll probably value Risto close to Boeser, and they need to give up a 7th overall of the last draft who had a good showing at the WJC, and a conditional 1st for Stetcher for Stetcher and Madden, not a chance. Drop Cozens and maybe you get Buffalo to stay on the line.