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  1. So simple...i guess too simple for these smarty pants in Ottawa to think about it. What are you waiting for... you should get into politics, you seem like a guy who has all the answer to the worlds most complicated problems. Can't wait to hear your simple solutions to world famine, climate change, poverty, Canadian economy...or is the pipeline going to solve all of that too? Can't wait to vote for you.
  2. As good a year Bowen is having, and as good a prospect he is, I don't think he's worth trading Boeser for. Byram kinds of reminds me of Dobson last year. Their stats are similar in their draft year...and both had huge playoffs and a deep run with their team. They both play with a stacked team, and I think that kind of overvalue the players IMO. I think both will have great career in the NHL...however it remain to be seen if these guys are going to be at a level of a Duncan Keith or more like a Jay Bouwmeester type of players. Because of this, I don't think you trade a known asset like Boeser for an unknown like Byram.
  3. This news pretty proves my point I was trying to make yesterday in the Bill Nye's global warming post.
  4. We are as weak on the left side than the right side (if you exclude Hughes). Even, if Edler re-sign, it delays the problem a year or 2 and Juolevi is too much of an unknown at the moment. IMO it's a lateral move, as our defense needs help everywhere. Also, I don't know how Benning feels about Makar, but I know how he feels about Hughes..."home run!". I don't think he does that move even if Colorado or New Jersey add the Canucks way.
  5. True, but as a Canadian, even if I vote for change, our pull on the planet is so weak compared to China, US and Russia. Kinda of defeat the purpose when USA elects trump and if any Canadian government does anything material on the environmental scene, we'll lose all of our business and industry to China anyways. And who knows what Russia is doing nowadays. As long as these 3 don't do anything against climate change...nothing that the rest of the world can really do.
  6. I mean, I can't argue against anything you said. On the other hand...this is the human race. What is the problem with stopping to hurt, fight and kill each other and we still do it? Unfortunately, we don't live in a perfect world and never will. The human race has survived and adapted all these years and I believe will continue to do so (in my humbled, non-scientific, opinion), as stupid as it is. Us, the common people, I don't believe can really make a difference, it is mostly up to the gaziollionnaires and their company, and I don't believe they are willing to share their wealth in order to save the planet. Governments nowadays are too weak, gutless and powerless to really to do anything about it. Sad, but this is the reality of our world. As much as I would like to leave a better future for future generation, I'm not really losing sleep over it, can't really control that.
  7. Numbers are dead even. If he was that much better, shouldn't we have seen a difference. I also think we played much better team defense than in previous years, especially at the start of the season. Was he better, yes I can say that.....but to say it wasn't even close when numbers are exactly the same, not so sure. IMO he's a good stop gap, but he'll never be a true #1 in my book.
  8. Gotta believe Shanahan would have a say in this. Wasn't he a big part of the team that made the sales pitch for Babcock? Can't see this happening for another 2 years, unless the Leafs miss the playoffs or something.
  9. I sort of agree with his theory, but I dont think Holland is a complete idiot either. Yes, he did inherit a dynasty when he joined in 97/98 and rode that wave into the 200s. But that 2008 Cup and the final the next year is all him. For many years, people praised the Detroit Red Wings development system, because of playoffs streak, but I always thought that they kind of hit a hail mary with Datsyuk and Zetterberg and rode Lidstrom as long as they could. As soon as Lidstrom retire, this franchise went downhill, which is also normal. Kinda of just how Pittsburgh right now is on a playoff streak of 12-13 years, but they are just riding the Crosby/Malkin train. They are bound for the same faith as Detroit in less than 5 years. Kinda of funny that this guy is using Trust Fund Kid when referring to Holland. He's kind of a Trust Fund Fan, having being spoiled by two decades of dominance from the wings. You can't expect the Red Wings to continue the success they had in the 90s and 2000s. They rode the wave of their dynasty as long as they could coming into the new millenium. But now, they are just like any other franchise, bound to hit the high and lows of the cycle created by parity in the league.
  10. Kadri's absence was one of the determining factors in Toronto's loss to Boston IMO. Deprived them of an important depth/two-way piece for them. Pretty sure Virtanen is not Babcock's type of player. Draft ranking is pretty useless, after 3 pro seasons, when evaluating trade value. It means squat now, only players performances is relevant after that. Pretty sure, Toronto declines hard.
  11. Goalies are so unpredictable. As of now, Demko is our future. Why commit $$$ to Markstrom now when we don't know what we'll get next year. Everyone, is saying Markstrom was a bright spot for us this year. When you look at the numbers, his GAA is up and SV% is exactly the same as two years ago, in the same number of games. The only difference, he has 5 more wins. Some could argue that these wins came because of a better offensive output and more talent upfront.