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  1. Funny that you don't seem to trust a Chiropractor or don't consider them real doctors....but you will trust the opinion of random people by asking the question on CDC ? Logic 101.
  2. IMO Toronto hangs up if Canucks' starting offer is anything less than Boeser, Gaudette, Juolevi and 1st. Toronto will probably counter with Boeser, Hughes and a 1st. That is my guess on how it would go down.
  3. Oh! Missed that part about the Benning era.
  4. Gotta go with Roy Baby. That nickname caught-on real fast and was use profusely in here lol.
  5. PP1 Petey Bo Boeser Hughes Myers PP2 Ferland Miller Pearson/Gaudette/Virt/Goldy Edler-Stetcher
  6. So Benning never drafted Boeser for his abilities...he only drafted him because it reminded him of his old hair style lol
  7. Like it happened to many coaches and GM in the past, many have been fired right after signing such an extension. I believe that will be the case with Benning if Canucks don't make the playoffs this year. The reason for the extension is that it's not popular practice to let a coach or GM run out their last year of contract. If the Canucks breakout this year, Benning would have all the leverage in negociation. While Benning is securing his future by adding three more years to his contracts, at the same time, the Owners are telling him, we're not giving you another five-year plan to rebuild this team, future is now. We need to see results soon. I like the contract for both the Canucks and Benning.
  8. IMO if I’m Green and want to punish LE, I’d do the exact opposite... give him a ton of icetime in preaseason and first 5 games of the season with Bo or EP and let him hang himself. he wanted More icetime, he’ll get it and look like a fool if (when) he choked. He won’t have any excuses then. if by miracles he’s rejuvenated, it’s our gain and Green still looks good for giving him a 2nd chance and making him produce (or tradeable)
  9. Jeez, I get it you hate LE ...but exaggerating much??? i mean LE has not lived up to expectations, but he’s not the first nor the last to do it, and in terms of not living up to expectations he’s far from being the worst. About his comments in Sweden, that wasn’t professional but that’s it. Seriously many, many players have bash their organization 100 times worst than that and weren’t treated like Nazis for that. Get over it, his contracts will be over when EP gets a raise won’t even affect us.
  10. From Dan Milstein Gold Star Hockey client Andrei Vasilevskiy has signed an 8-year extension with the Tampa Bay Lightning. He would like to thank great fans, ownership and management for making Tampa such a great place play and live for him and his family. #WeAreGoldStar! Per Friedman This will be a $9.5M AAV, with almost $45M in bonuses
  11. There are 2.3B Facebook users....they would get 2$ each lol
  12. Are you going to stop using the internet? telephone? tv? as well, or stop taking medications? They aren't better or worst than big Telecom or Pharmaceutical empires.