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  1. maybe no superheroes yet, but supervillain Donald Trump says hi.
  2. Which part, the skating fast or the falling down? or the lucky bast@rd gets the whole package?
  3. let's make him captain while were at it...you know, because he was suppose to be the next one! Seriously, pretty sure that's what he was hoping for, a PTO, but my guess is right now is, he's pondering a Swiss League offer if that PTO doesn't come. This is a league I think he could have some success.
  4. Well considering Edmonton itself is a farm team, you can argue it is actually better than Utica. But seriously I question the thoroughness of the ranking because, when you look at the comments it mention Tampa Bay's Vasilevsky being in their farm system, but he actually been an NHL backup for 2 years now I believe. So where is the line between NHLer and prospect? Like where would we classify Virtanen, Horvat, Hutton and McCann if he was still here??
  5. 1) Toronto 2) Arizona 3) Winnipeg 4) Columbus 5) Carolina 6) Philadelphia 7) New York Islanders 8) Edmonton 9) Calgary 10) Nashville 11) Buffalo 12) Boston 13) Vancouver 14) Tampa Bay 15) Montreal 16) Ottawa 17) Minnesota 18) Detroit 19) New Jersey 20) Chicago 21) Colorado 22) Anaheim 23) St- Louis 24) San Jose 25) Dallas 26) Washington 27) Pittsburgh 28) New York Rangers 29) Los Angeles 30) Florida BTW I don't have an insider account. You're not only a cheap bastard, you're also a lazy bastard. All I did is take your post title and google it and found this within 2 minutes.! http://abcnews.go.com/Sports/ranking-nhl-team-prospect-pipeline/story?id=41724093
  6. I guess we'll know after this year if they can repeat. It was also healthy season in a while for Kane, so I'm sure that contributed as well to his success.
  7. Maybe, but Kane as been paired with Toews, Sharp, Hossa (in his prime) also in the past. By that logic that would mean Panarin is better than all of those? Or, maybe Panarin actually makes Kane better because of chemistry and style of play. But that doesn't necessarily mean that Panarin by himself is a 1st liner and/or 70-80 pts guy.
  8. Panarin is a good player, but he got 77 pts mainly due to Kane's career year of 105 pts. If Kane goes back to his career average of 82-83 pts, Panarin is more of a 50-60 pts guy. Horvat got 40 pts playing with a struggling Vrbata as a sophomore. Plus I believe Horvat brings more intangible than Panarin. If the Canucks were a contenders looking for offense, then maybe there would be some arguments for a deadline deal...but I wouldn't rebuilt/retool my team around Panarin, I'd rather do it around Horvat.
  9. we should lock this thread....all that speculation about the Canucks' search for a big scoring winger is about to surpass the legendary tale of the search for the Loch Ness Monster....#it.ain't.real.boys
  10. I'm sorry but no one draft bottom 6 players with the 11th overall. Any 17 years old who made Team Canada at the WHJC is because he has a unique skillset. He might not have been projected as a 100pts 1st line player, but he was easily viewed as a potential top 6, power forward. 10 pts increase in junior is nothing, especially on a stacked Kingston team. He also probably had much more ice-time than the previous year. Also my progression report on Crouse is also based on poor WHJC and Summer Showcase performances. He could barely follow Strome and Marner at the WHJC and couldn't lead Canada at Showcase despite being a 2 time WHJC veteran.
  11. Considering most of Team Canada were top 5 picks from 2002 to 2012 and that Canadians team had strong teams during that stretch with Edmonton, Calgary, Ottawa and Vancouver going to the SCF and Montreal going on a few deep runs....it's was pretty much impossible for Canadian teams to draft top-end Canadian talent in the top 5 during that stretch.
  12. I think long off-season + intense preseason (World Cup) might help the Sedin to get off to a red hot start in Vancouver. Even if they fade towards the end, if their hot start can give the Canucks enough early point they'll be able to hang on for a playoff spot. Also a hot start, might help fire up our secondary scoring also with Horvat, Baerstchi, Sutter.
  13. If it's Sbisa, then it might be a blessing in disguise.
  14. Cheap and easier pawn to sacrifice during their rebuild. Next coach should be a higher profile one.
  15. Arizona got better long term.....if Crouse live up to the 11th overall. Can't see how Arizona is a threat for the Canucks. If anything with their low internal cap, Bolland's contract will be an albatross in a few years when they need to re-sign Domi, Duclair, Strome, OEL.