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  1. Why so many mononucleosis cases for hockey players?

    Mononucleosis is not uncommon in the hockey world, but to say it is a problem? I'm not sure. I don't remember the last time that an NHL team had more than 1 mononucleosis case at the same. You hear maybe or a few cases every year, more often in the minors or junior, but rarely at the NHL. You hear much more often about a rash of flu or even the mumps than mononucleosis IMO.
  2. The thing with Quantity vs Quality types of deal, is, even if your unloading quantity, you still need to put significant pieces in the deal. You can't just unload marginal, unwanted players for a top 6 or top prospect. Usually, how it goes, is you offer a pretty good prospect (Juolevi, Lind, Woo, Dahlen), coupled with guys like Sutter, Gagner, Hutton, Guddy and either get a legit top 3 D or top 6 F, or a better prospect. You won't get away with trading these name you mentionned and getting a significant upgrade. You still need to put something substantial.
  3. World Junior Eligible players this year

    He is not, turns 20 in November. Cutoff date is December 31, I believe.
  4. Staal is 29, and hasn't really progressed since leaving Pittsburgh 6 years ago (apparently he was held back by Corsby and Malkin), and still have 5 more year on his contracts. I'd take him for 1 or 2 season, but eventually Petterson will take over. Plus, I feel like Staal is too much like BO and Sutter. He's a little more offensive than Sutter but less than Horvat. It's funny how 5 years ago the name Staal was almost royalty, now all three are pretty much an afterthought (even with Eric's resurgence the past two year).
  5. World Junior Eligible players this year

    Team Canada head coach is Moose Jaw Warriors head coach...I'm pretty sure Woo has a pretty good shot at it. Hughes is a lock if not in the NHL.
  6. Schedule makers colluding with the Canucks

    The bottom line is, our schedule is never going to be easy...due to geographical reason and not because of a conspiracy theory from the NHL against the Canucks. Teams have input on their schedule, and I remember a few years back the Canucks were askingfor longer road trips to limit travel time and cost and have longer home-stand.
  7. 2M$ this year, but the whole 5M$+ year two and three. Plus, technically they need a body at least 650$ to replace Hossa, so he cost them 6M+, now at least Kruger is a body in the line-up.
  8. [Signing] Jets re-sign Connor Hellebuyck

    Heck of a commitment for a goalie that had 1 good year, and only 149 NHL games. It's either going to be a steal or bust, nothing in between IMO.
  9. (Value Of) Tyler Johnson

    A lot of you reasons could also apply to the Canucks, therefore he won't be coming here either.
  10. (Value Of) Tyler Johnson

    First of all, Tampa currently has 2.6M$ in cap space with the maximum of 23 roster spots. They have a full year to dump both Johnson and Callahan, therefore no rush. They won't sell Johnson rightaway, at least not at a huge discount and I doubt someone will take callahan with Johnson. I think if Johnson is traded it will be a hockey deal...for someone to shore up Tampa's 2nd pair of defense or a solid 3rd line player, with a lower cap hit. So Johnson could be a huge asset for Tampa at the deadline. Also, Ottawa's center line is currently formed by Duchene, Smith, Pageau, Tom Pyatt and two prospects White and Brown. I think if Tampa is getting Karlsson, Johnson must be part of the return. Ottawa currently sits at 61M. Salary cap floor is 58.8M, they can't trade Karlsson's 6.5M salary for pick and prospects only. Plus they will give Colorado their 1st pick next year, why not try and be competitive with Johnson if your going to trade Karlsson. Plus his salary his manageable for their internal cap. Johnson could also refuse to go to Ottawa, but if Tampa doesn't want him and he's getting leapfrogged by player like Point, Gourde....why not go to Ottawa and have all the ice-time he wants.
  11. Every year, people are concerned of losing players to waiver but we never do. The only exception was Corrado, which wasn't really a loss. The fact is every team has some Motte, McEneny, McEwen or Sautner in their pipeline and every team will put similar player to waivers. So, all the stars need to be aligned for one of our players to get claimed on waivers. If it happens, I highly doubt we give away anything more than a 4th liner or depth defenseman. We won't lose any Wayne Gretzky's on waiver. People need to realize that these players need to stay in the NHL if a teams claimed them...if these guys can't make one of the worst line-up in hockey...who is really going to pick them up??? Classic overreaction/overhyped prospects. Benning won't lose any sleep over this.
  12. I don't see how Kucherov extension prevents him to getting EK. Kucherov extension was always in play, so whether he acquired Karlsson last week or today...Kucherov was always going to get paid +/- 10M. So if the signing prevent the EK trade...then Tampa was never in the running for EK. I think Tampa is fine cap wise with the Kucherov extension...now whether or not EK is acquired will depend if Yzerman can get rid of Callahan and possibly someone like Johnson. SO I think Callahan cap dump is what is preventing EK trade and not Kucherov.
  13. First principal of Finance....a dollar today is worth more than a dollar tomorrow. In the cap ERA, Deals shouldn't be compared on $ value, they should be compare as a % of cap. If you like to compare so much...Horvat's career best is 52 pts....Kucherov is 100 pts, and he had less than 52 points once in his career.
  14. Kucherov was getting close to UFA, Point is still far away. Point also has to double down on the year he just had if he wants to cash in next year. Point won't get a 8 year deal, he will get another bridge contract at a lower AAV. They can unload, Johnson, Callahan without affecting their on-ice results. Consider they have other young guys on ELC coming up in the pipeline (Raddysh, Foote, KAtchouk, Spencer, Stephens) and the cap that should continue to go up...seriously i'm not too worried for them.
  15. Those deals were signed when the cap was 60M$ or so. It's now 80$. Roughly 16% of total cap vs 12% for Kucherov. Can't compare these deals.