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  1. [Rumour] Sprong on the Trade Block

    If he was a defenseman i'd take a shot at him, but right now where would he fit? At one point when you add Goldy, Virtanen, Dahlen, Gaudette, Lind, these are players looking for a spot in the top 6 (already occupied by Horvat, Boeser, Petterson), if you add Sprong to the mix, something gotta give, they can't all make it. They all need some minutes without taking it away from each other.
  2. [Question] Would U Trade Him?

    Flame away, but I would. We can hate the Oilers all we want, but still he's 21 and has 2 Ted Lindsay, 2 Art Ross and 1 Hart and he hasn't even peaked yet. If Pettersson reaches the level of McDavid, his next contract would probably be 15M$ with the increasing cap (especially with Vegas' success and now Seattle coming up). If Pettersson reaches 90% of the level of McDavid, he'll still make more than Eichel and his 10M$. Sooner or later we will have to pay him.
  3. Can the Canucks afford to re-sign Edler after this season?

    My guess is we'll know whether or not those rumor of Edler never willing to waive his NTC were true or not. If they were, then I can definitely see him re-signing here short-term and for cheap. Seems like Edler is a quiet guy that is not interested in uprooting himself to a new city. Otherwise, he will bolt to the first team that will throw stupid money at him comes July 1st. I can definitely see teams throwing 3 years 5M+ at him. He'll be 33 at the end highly doubt anyone throws more than 3 year at him. My guess, Edler re-signs for 1 year or 2 at 4M$ with Vancouver then retire from the NHL and go play 1 or 2 season in Sweden before officially retiring.
  4. Hawks fire Quennville

    Still...they should just had kept him...Columbus will flip him at the deadline and get a better return than Saad. I don't think Bowman really shopped Panarin around, he settle for a guy he thought he knew...he had 2 years left on his contract, jumped the gun imo.
  5. Hawks fire Quennville

    Stan Bowman just trying to save his butt. Yes Quenneville's time might have expired, but Bowman has made way more mistake than Q. Panarin/Saad, Seabrook extension, trading young players like Hartman, Teravainen, Danault.
  6. [Signing] Lightning re-sign Yanni Gourde

    64 pts last year and 1PPG so far, outscoring Stamkos and equal to Kucherov. Also UFA at the end of the year. I think this a good signing. Yes, he came out of no where, but I don't think he's a fluke either. Lots of similarity with Marty St-Louis (Similarities, not the same player) I'd take him and his 5.1M over Baertschi and his 3.3M$ any day.
  7. Locker room cancers

    My definition of cancer, is Karlsson/Hoffman situation or someone sleeping with another player's wife, not someone asking for a trade. Anyway, Gagner never got to the point of affecting the Canucks locker room, it was dealt with before it even was a problem. NOt sure Kassian is a cancer either, maybe he's a problem for the GM/Coach but I don't think his situation affect his teammates at all.
  8. Not at all. It happens to every team. MTL (Hemsky/Streit/Semin), CHI (can't remember who but they traded a few players they had just signed), PHI (Lecavalier), etc. Might rub some players to wrong way, while for others they will say, man this team will give me a real chance and they will pick the best player instead of keeping the worst one just because of his contracts. IMO it's already forgotten. Not really sure why you are bringing it now actually?
  9. [Proposals] 3 trades and out

    Congratulations! You just jinxed Baert, Edler and Tanev with you trade proposals. All injured in the same game!
  10. [Proposals] 3 trades and out

    Just the fact that you needed to watch WSH-VAN to realize we are short on a few things, speaks to the credibility of this proposal. Nashville has no use for Guddy and Baertschi. They traded Seth Jones for Ryan Johansen, they are better off keeping Fabbro or trading him for something much more useful than Guddy and Baerstchi. Not saying, nothing in here is plausible, but i'd be shocked if more than one of these kind of trade materialized itself.
  11. Matheson hit on Pettersson

    You are delusional if you think that having an enforcer would have made Matheson did something different on the play. It happened on the play behind the net, his thought process would have been the same. This isn't the 80, 90s anymore. Anyways, it didn't prevent the Bruins and Bergeron being knocked unconscious by Randy Jones. It didn't prevent Aaron Rome from knocking out Nathan Horton. Bbbbuubut...it's the Big Bad Bruins, it can't happen to them right? Did Jarko Ruutu, Georges Laraque, Gary Roberts, Aaron Asham or Matt Cooke prevented any of Crosby's concussion?
  12. Emergence of Nilsson

    I don't think either goaltender is capable of handling the NHL workload. Ride the hot goalie. Give them each a stretch of 2-5 games consecutively (except back to back) depending on their performances. Both goalies should get at least 30 games this year.
  13. Jake Virtanen still doesn't realize how strong he is

    Maybe we shouldn't. That's what we tried to do with Kassian and ended up being a marked man by the league discipline committee (or worse we don't want another Bertuzzi incident). Also, I'd rather not make a Tom Wilson out of Jake. Jake is strong, heavy and fast. He just need to stand his ground and stay the course and not "try" to bully everyone around, because he will do that just with his raw power. He doesn't need to be looking for that stuff, that stuff will come to him.
  14. Report: Sam Gagner Didn't see his cut coming

    That's totally fine, just don't go cry about it in the media.
  15. Report: Sam Gagner Didn't see his cut coming

    "TORONTO – When you sign a three-year, $9.45-million NHL contract one season, the last place you imagine starting the next is living at your parents’ house, three time zones away, and skating for some other franchise’s farm team" EXACTLY!!! You're making 9.45M$ and you made like probably 20M$ before that...why would you go live with your parents...jeez, rent a hotel, a condo or house...i think you can afford it.