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  1. If that's what's coming, then not only the NHL will be affected, all majors sports will b. My original argument was what Bettman accomplished for the business of hockey in the past 20 years. I was assessing Bettman's tenure, rather than speculating to what happens in the future. Plus if that major correction affect the NHL, it is somewhat outstide of Bettman's control, i'm sure his financial experts have a plan for it. In accounting, cash received does not necessarily equals total revenues. I don't care if the monies are distributed to owners, in the NHL's financial statements the revenues would be amortized over the deal, it's called accrual accounting, the basis of any Accounting Standards pretty much everywhere in the world. Like I said, my arguments were more towards what Bettman has done for the business of the NHL, rather than assessing the current financial situation of the planet.
  2. Haven't watched the numbers in details (wouldn't know where to look), but I would say the new Adidas Jersey deal, Vegas added revenues and 500M$ expansion fee tells me otherwise. Another reason why Quebec still hasn't gotten his team, and that Bettman wants to develop American market is to mitigate the effect of Canadian Dollars. Doesn't matter if front loaded or not in term of cash, accounting standards, similar to the salary cap, would amortize the total value of the deal over the 12 years. So these revenues should be stable in term of Financial Statements presentation.
  3. Salary cap almost doubled since it's implementation, meaning league revenues basically doubled. That's a pretty good cancer. I don't have the numbers, but I was under the impression the NHL was catching up to the NBA and MLB. Don't forget that these are hardcore sports imprinted in American's DNA. Canada doesn't have the markets and population to take hockey to the next level. The new Adidas jersey deal, $500M expansion fee and Rogers' $5.2B TV rights are pretty good accomplishment IMO. In today's reality...it's not about growing the game, it's about growing the business. Like is or not, the NHL is now more a business than a sport, and on this front I believe Bettman has done a good job.
  4. I'm all for trading Tanev....but that deal doesn't really help us for at least 5 years. The main piece in the deal, the 1st rounder probably won't play in the NHL before 2022. I'd trade Tanev for 2018 1st rounder, other another good young roster player, but 2020 is really far down the road. As for Fischer, I'm pretty sure we can find someone like him within our organization...Gaunce, Virtanen and Gadjovich comes to mind.
  5. Of course, if Bettman gets his price he will let the players go. Otherwise, he's played hardball twice already and pretty much still got what he wanted with the last two lockout, so I believe he won't budge for the Olympics. I mean, as much I dislike Bettman, his methods and his attitude, I have admit that the NHL wouldn't be nowhere close to the other majors sports if it wasn't from him. From a marketing and management point of view he's been pretty much ... ruthless but also flawless. I mean the two lockouts didn't even hurt the NHL, it came back stronger after both of them. It's just to bad that everything he tries to implement has to be done in a standoff. I guess that's the cost of doing business when Billions are in play.
  6. Pittsburgh will look for another bargain like Bonino for their 3C, and they might find him within their own organization like they did with Rust, Sheary, Guntzel.
  7. Still, since the beginning, the cap has increased 3M/year in average. If the report is true and Vegas tickets sales is in the top 10 of the NHL, it will only bring the average revenues per teams up. Also, does the 500M$ expansion fees count towards the league revenues for cap purposes? The Canadians dollars also has picked up recently. I get that it's now divided over 31 teams, but still I wouldn't be surprise to see the cap rise 4-5M next year. Of course, the players escrow clause also affects the cap, I believe it would have increased 4M$ this year and they chose to full escrow clause instead of only half of it.
  8. LOL very funny comparison, they do have a similar path...but I don't think the NCAA was the same caliber as it is today, so for that reason, their NHL similarities should end there.
  9. My best case scenario...trade the Sedins for Crosby/Malkin or Toews/Kane. Then trade Edler for PK Subban, Tanev for Weber, Sutter for Bergeron. Ok, I know I'm exaggerating and my scenario is impossible....but your best case scenario, is barely more probable than mine.
  10. If the Cap doesn't jump at least 5M$ next year, something else went wrong.
  11. I'd like to see a line of Eriksson-Horvat-Boeser. Although he's played RW most of his career Eriksson is a left shot. That line would be a good mix, with a veteran with lots to prove, a rising star and a potential Calder candidate. That line also has a good balance of skills, IQ, shooting, defensive awareness. If Horvat can get Eriksson going, it will benefit the team a lot.
  12. Went with Goldobin, since he's the most NHL ready of the pack. Hesitated between Goldy, Virtanen and Dahlen....lots of unpredictability with the first two, while the other one need to prove he can translate his game to North America. After training camp, we'll have a cleary picture.
  13. I think making the playoffs with this core would be a really good things, unlike when did made the playoffs in WD's first year. That years, we made the playoffs with a veteran team, Sedins, Vrbata, Bonino (still young, but lot of experience), Burrows, Higgins, Hansen, Matthias, Dorsett, Richardson, Tanev, Edler, Bieksa, Hamhuis. If we make the playoffs now, with Horvat, Grandlund, Baerstchi, Stetcher, Guddy and a few of Virtanen, Dahlen, Goldobin, Boeser, Juolevi, etc.....well it means that our young core is progressing well....which is a good things and that the rebuild is ahead of time. No way, will the Sedins alone will bring us back to the playoffs, even if they go back to 60 pts. My expectations for this year is that the kids are productive and are progressing. I hope they can all break out offensively and that we play an exciting style of play. Even if we give up a lot of goals (which I believe will be our undoing this year and miss the playoffs), I hope we score a lot of goals too, because we can always shore up the defense at a later stage, much easier than teaching how to score goals.
  14. I'll be happy if he can get to 20-25 goals again, and I truly believe he can. Last year was an anomaly I think. Plus, his contract won't really be an albatross, since by the time we are competitive again, he will have 1-2 years left and with a potential 85-90M$ cap, I don't think will cause much cap crunching headaches. Plus don't forget in 2019-20 season, we could be in lockout again...eliminating 1 year of that contract. Also the contract is a little front loaded, which could potentially attract internal cap teams in the latter years of his contract. Also, if the Sedins leaves after this year, Eriksson could still be a good mentor to Dahlen and Pettersson who probably won't be able to benefit from the Sedin's presence if they leave. This signing is a failures so far, but I don't think it's too late yet that it is irreversible. Even if it doesn't get better, I don't think the this contract will hamper us in the future
  15. And Chicago does this why? The goodness of their heart?