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  1. IMO he's already in his prime, and shutdown defensemen's prime usually doesn't last very long. What is also concerning to me, is the fact he never played more than 70 games in a year and missed another 30 games this year. The way he sacrifices his body, I'm not sure he has much mileage left in him. I'm not saying get rid of him, but if we can get a good return for him, I don't have a problem moving him.
  2. Brisebois is a finalist for best defenseman in the Q alongside defending champ Samuel Girard (Shawinigan) and WHJC standout Thomas Chabot (St-Johns). Winner will be announced April 5th. Brisebois is the long shot to win, but still nice that he's a finalist.. Well deserved.
  3. If he's not 100% with his wrist, I say let him play out the year in Vancouver and give him a long summer off to heal completely. While he's resting his wrist, he can still work on his skating.
  4. Wow, these guys are not even in the same league as Tanev. You can't compare them. It's like saying, well remember Gretzky, Lemieux, Jagr at 31.....then what's wrong with a 31 years old Eriksson? Once those defensive defenseman loses a step, they quickly fall into a bottom pairing. All-around elite defenseman finds way to adjust their game to continue at the same level.
  5. I'm curious, does Vegas have a farm team set for next year?
  6. I'm sorry but when you're in the bottom 10 of the league, there are no "easy" games. And your analysis is flawed, because you assume that teams will win easy games, but the Canucks are playing 3 of these teams. Therefore the Canucks vs Jets/Starts/Yotes only one of these teams can win their matchup. Plus with the "extra" point you can't really predict how these teams will perform in the end. Every scenario is just as likely as the other one. Anyway if you betting on the Canucks finishing 2nd last based on this analysis, I hope your not betting your house.
  7. We can complain all we want about our electoral system, but the matter of fact is, changing it will cost us billions $ and it's still ain't going to be perfect, in a few years we would complain about another flaw in that system too. Look at the US, Trump won without the popular vote. If you look every American election almost end up in a 52/48% more or less split between the republican and democrat. Therefore whatever system we use, people will always be divided and no system will give you a 70-80-90% support vote in any election. I say put our money/ressources elsewhere.
  8. Markstrom is getting a 2.1M$ raise next year...so Miller's salary would have to be reduce by almost the same amount, so anything around 4M would be good.
  9. Burrows on Montreal's radio show (91.9 Sports FM), where he's a frequent invitee: - Mixed emotions - Had a great conversation with Benning - Ottawa great fit for him, playoff contender - Ottawa expect Burrows to fill McArthur's shoes - Playing MTL (his hometown) 3 times in 8 days in March, will be interesting - Good past experience with Crow and Boucher
  10. Can't imagine the Canucks would have allowed Burrows to negociate with Ottawa, without something of value coming back.
  11. Anyone remember what was the salary cap in 1991? Oh.....right, a big fat nothing. No playoff teams can eat up 13M in cap space and three roster spot, even if we take some back
  12. Teams are mostly looking for puck moving defenseman and will pay the premium. You can find a defensive defenseman anywhere, they are easier to get. Yes, maybe Tanev is one of the best at his job, but still I doubt he could fetch a prospect like Nylander. The Leafs could get a defensive dman, not as good as Tanev, but for way way cheaper (if the price is Nylander and a pick).
  13. Not a really good comparison, Lazar only played 13 games in the AHL (this year) and I believe it was a conditioning stint. Also, Gaunce started his AHL experience at 20, while Lazar was brought up in the NHL at 19. With that said, I still wouldn't trade Gaunce for Lazar, because it would be a lateral move. We know what we have in Gaunce, but not sure what we are getting in Lazar. I'm not against bringing Lazar, but I'd like to add him to our prospect pool rather than swapping him for another one (of his level).
  14. Probably not...but I would say not impossible. After all, Paul Gaustad once fetch a 1st. If teams are calling, rather than the Canucks shopping him, I wouldn't be surprise to get a 1st, especially in a shallow draft like this year, teams won't be as hesitant to trade late 1st rounders.
  15. So what you learn in high school is useless once at the post-secondary level??? The AHL is suppose to be a development league...not every prospect make the NHL rightaway, they need to be develop down there and that is Green's job. Late 1st rounder are not automatic superstar, but are pretty far from crap. Late 1st rounder and 2nd rounder are not suppose to make the NHL at 19 and score 30 goals by 20. They are suppose to develop in the AHL and then make the jump in the NHL. Right now, prospect coming out of junior and NCAA are jumping in front of our AHL prospects. Wow, if Green made such a miracle in 30 games with Sven Baerstchi, why can't he use his magic on other prospect ?!?!? And I doubt Green had anything to do with Markstrom's development, it's more Rollie and whoever the goalie coach, was that had anything to do with that.. High profile might have been a bad choice of word, but Green had plenty of raw talent to work with and so far, he hasn't really produce anything worth putting him on a pedestal.