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  1. According to who? your friends? Unless your friends are Bob Murray or Randy Carlisle, ain't going to happen.
  2. Based on recent play, logically it should be Tanev, but I'm not sure everyone around the league values him like we do in Vancouver. On the other hand, even though his play regressed the past few years, Edler is more established and I believe some GM would rather risk it for Edler over Tanev, thinking they might bring him back near his prime. With that said, I think Edler's NTC might crush any value he has if teams that are interested in him, aren't on his short list of teams he might be willing to waive for.
  3. 1. Toews 2. Bergeron 3. Kopitar Honorable mention for their play in the 2017 playoffs : J.-G. Pageau, Getzlaf, Forsberg, Theodore, Johansen and Ryan Ellis
  4. I get what your saying, but that theory contains a lot of IFs and BUTs. Not every teams has Edmonton's luxury to trade a top 3 (or 6) forward for a defenseman. Even if teams loses top 4 D, they won't necessarily try to fill the voids by weakening their top 6. Most teams have a top 4 D prospect in their system and will probably try to fill the void from within first. I agree that odds of getting greater return increases after Exp. Draft, but I'm sure were going to hit it out of the park either.
  5. Agreed, as oppose to Chicago where the day Toews and Kane leaves or are not elite anymore, Chicago will fall hard into the same hole from which they came from. With Keith and Seabrook nearing the mid 30s, I can only see the Hawks being contender for 1 or 2 more years.
  6. why would Gaunce basically sign a second ELC?
  7. Willie would have had a headache trying to figure out which brother to play with the Sedins... ...probably would have played 4 forwards at 5on5.
  8. Subban's NTC kicked in one or two days after his trade. I also believe despite growing up in Toronto, Subban grew up a Habs fan, not sure what his motivation would be playing for Toronto. Plus, not sure Babcock wants him and not sure Subban wants to play for him, after making the Olympic team and barely played and then wasn't selected for the World Cup.
  9. those were some comments in the thread, there were probably 100 more similar in the Proposal section, not going to count how many posts there actually was. When I say CDC, I didn't mean EVERY single user, jeez i'm not that stupid. I was talking figuratively, that a lot of CDC proposed a deal like that at the time. Wow, you seem to be offended by that. Just like now a lot of people are throwing crazy optimistic proposal for Tanev, while a lot of other people argues that these proposals are crazy. OMG if I would have known you were going to take me so literally, I would have been more precise. My point was a lot of CDC proposal requested 10th, 24th + 1 or 2 other players, they weren't necessarily ALL 10th, 24th, Bonino + Other, but something in that area. Neway, sorry for those that were offended...I didn't want to include ALL of you!
  10. These are the ones I found quickly, but i'm not about to go through 208 pages to prove my point. If you want to see for yourself, go ahead I gave you the link To which I responded: "I agree, [...] So we can't expect top 10 pick + late first or 2015 first + A grade prospect or top 6 player. Either two of the above. But I still think the best offer we could get would be Anaheim, since they seem more willing to overpay, as they should since they are rivals."
  11. Any player's value is whatever somebody is willing to pay to land him...pretty much the definition of Fair Market Value...doesn't mean you'll get the same return for each of them. It's not impossible that a GM has a brain fart and overpays badly for a player (i.e Forsberg/Erat), but highly improbable, you probably won't see as bad a trade as this one for another 10 years. But realistically, if you look at Tanev's value, you can't expect to land a lopsided deal like this, which most proposal in here pretty much suggest. CDC was expecting 10th, 24th, Bonino + Vatanen/Fowler/Lindholm/Theodore for Kesler. Again the realistic return was a late 1st, middle 6 center and bottom pairing defenseman.
  12. In comparison to other overly lopsided proposals, yes of course! In comparison to the true value of Tanev, pretty much right on the money.
  13. The reason they lost game 2 is they went through a span of 20 minutes without registering a shot on goal. They stood back all game long, waiting for an opportunity that never came. All Pittsburgh needed is 1 goal to win the game. You don't score 4 goals in 12 minutes because of line matchup. The Penguins were just terrible in that game, plain and simple. To me the rules are fine as they are. I wouldn't change it.
  14. It hard to have parity, when elite players like Lebron, Durant, Curry, MJ, Kobe, Shaq plays 40-45 minutes of a 48 minutes games. That like 90% of the game. Imagine if Crosby, Gretzky, McDavid, Lemieux, could play 50 minutes of an NHL games. The reality is they only play 33% of the game and all-star goalie that can play 60 minutes can't score goals. So it's a totally different dynamic.
  15. 1. Hall is a unidimensional offensive, dispensable and with a reputation of being somewhat of a selfish player. With Draitsail and McDavid coming up, the Oilers had plenty of offense to spare and it took Hall to fill a big need. Not a lot of other team have that luxury. Horvat and Barkov are much more well-rounded and offer more intangible than Hall and IMO more valuable, but that's me. But still, Larsson is similar to Tanev, but more physical, more durable, and most importantly much younger with a good pedigree, hence the good return. 2. Look around shut-down, 2nd pairing, defensive defenceman, Tanev is not a bargain, he's right in the ballpark of fair market value. Hjalmarsson 4.1, Vlasic, 4.25, Methot, 4.9, Ekholm, 3.75, McDonaugh 4.7, Savard 4.25. 3. I wouldn't put Draitsail in the same league as McDavid or Matthews, he had a pretty good year, mostly playing with McDavid and had great playoff without playing with McDavid but he a notch under IMO. Maybe Barkov had 25 pts less than Draitsail, but he also had 21 less games played and played most of the year without his #1 LW Huberdeau. 4. Maybe you don't consider Barkov and elite 1C, but i'm pretty sure the Panthers does. Marchessault had 1 good season and you don't trade Barkov to make room for him if it's not guaranteed he can repeat. None of them has 1C potential like Barkov. 5. If Florida was 20th in goals, why in the hell would they trade their #1 forward player??? It only going to get worst. Tanev is a shutdown defenseman, he's not a goalie, he didn't prevent the Canucks from having one of the worst goal against in the league. Neway, just glad your are not our GM, losing Horvat for a guy like Tanev, I would officially change allegiance.