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  1. Ultimately, in the NYI trade. It's a call dump for a run this year. They need a heavy push to make the playoffs this year. They're a bubble team and there's belief that if they miss the playoffs that it shows Tavares that they didn't do "all they could to win". Gudbranson also comes off the books and Gagner is a cheaper piece than Kulemin has been, although you're right, he comes off the books. We retain salary for the remainder of EG's deal and allow them the opportunity to add more for the deadline run. They still have a 1st and it costs them one prospect on a team with lots of youth.
  2. So many are crying about how we need Vanek for this exact reason. Id rather get the asset for him and bring in someone that it doesn't hurt to bring in on a lost season and could help him as well. I think it's very low risk.
  3. Alright, stick with me. The trades are pretty easily understandable I think. The signing, I will explain. First, NYI needs defense and a way to prove to Tavares that they are doing all they can to win. I think they can do that in a couple ways. 1. Shoring up defense. They are prolific offensively but porous on the back end. We know the playoffs are physical and could use a guy of Gudbranson's skillset. 2. Bringing in a 2 way center/winger that could turn it on with offensive players around him like NYI has and can play a 2 way game as he has displayed in part with a poor team in Vancouver. 3. Goaltending. But we can help with the first 2. To Vancouver: N. Kulemin (4.1875mill), S. Aho (0.770mill), CGY 1st To NYI: E. Gudbranson (3.5mill-VAN retains 50% to leave them with 1.75mill cap hit), S. Gagner (3.15mill) Van does this to bring in a young defender in Aho and bring in a midrange 1st rounder. We take on a bad contract in Kulemin but he's a UFA at season's end and we just let him walk on July 1. NYI has more salary room to either re-sign Gudbranson or use on a possible Tavares signing or other deadline moves. The next move is simple. Boston gets a veteran scorer and Vancouver gets a pick. To Vancouver: BOS 2nd To Boston: T. Vanek (2mill) The UFA signing is a combination of low risk and high reward. Sign J. Iginla- 1 year (to season's end)- $750,000 Very similar to when Vancouver signed Sundin to a short term contract, not with the hopes of high production but to lead and mentor a young, up and coming core. Following the season that he played part of in Vancouver, the Canucks core developed quickly and the Sedins emerged as elite players and leaders along with guys like Kesler. They would go on to win several President's trophies and go on the 2011 Cup run. Years later, Sedins still credit Sundin for much of their professionalism and leadership on and off the ice. Iginla, like Sundin, has captained a Canadian team for years, he has won on the international stage and has gone to the Cup Finals in 2004 with Calgary. Having a long lasting and productive career in the process of padding an impressive resume. I think it's lowrisk because no one expects him to be the Iginla of old. He doesn't need to be. What he brings is a mentor alongside the Sedins in the departure of Vanek. Iginla takes this deal for obvious reasons. He doesn't want to retire and he can potentially showcase that he can still play. Thoughts?
  4. With Leivo asking for a trade out due to playing time and Martin eating up 2.5 mill of Toronto's cap space while playing for the Marlies this year along with their need for a defenceman and Gudbranson being a Babcock type defender. I propose the following. To Toronto: Gudbranson and Granlund To Vancouver: Leivo, Soshnikov, Martin, 2nd We take Leivo and Martin off their hands which kills 2 birds with one stone for Toronto while helping them clear cap space to acquire Gudbranson and Granlund contracts which we could also retain some of Guds contract to the seasons end. Toronto gets a good young PK player in Granlund that Babcock would love as a Swiss Army knife but has underperformed in Vancouver this year. Vancouver receives a 2nd and Soshnikov for taking on the retained salary and Martin deal. Soshnikov and Leivo are odd men out anyways in Toronto and they address their need for a rugged defenseman. Added bonus for the enormous boner Cherry would have seeing Gudbranson in blue and white. Thoughts?
  5. Sweeten it to get that return to make Snow bite. Guds, Marky, Goldy, 3rd and 5th for Greiss, Cgy 1st and NYI 1st both 2018. This year is the year to load up on 1sts.
  6. We all know how badly Nashville wants Duchene from Colorado but how high their ask price is and how Nashville is unwilling to part with their D to complete said trade. My proposal is that, as we are rebuilding anyways, we can take advantage and make a deal for our future and satisfy the current needs of all 3 teams. To Van: D Jack Dougherty (Nas), C Rocco Grimaldi (Col), Colorado's 4th To Nas: C Matt Duchene To Col: D Chris Tanev, C Vern Fiddler, Vancouver's 4th Ultimately, Nashville gives Fiddler and Dougherty for Duchene. Colorado gives Duchene, Grimaldi, 4th for Tanev, Fiddler and a 4th. Vancouver gives Tanev and a 4th for Dougherty, Grimaldi and a 4th. What do you think? I have tried to help balance things with the 4th round picks but that can be tweaked. Basically in the end, Vancouver stocks up for the future, Nashville fills James Neal's hole and Colorado both relieves themselves of the Duchene drama and gets a young defenceman in Tanev along with a veteran in Fiddler.
  7. This is a blockbuster proposal but would benefit both teams greatly in my opinion. I'll get right to it. To Edmonton: Ilya Kovalchuk To New Jersey: Jordan Eberle, 4th Edmonton did not get the playoff production that they needed from Eberle and rumours are swirling about his future in Edmonton. Trading him and going all in on a championship like they will want to do makes sense and it makes sense for Kovalchuk to agree to go there for a chance at a cup and to play with McDavid. Could you imagine that as a line? New Jersey gets to scoop another young scorer from Edmonton and get something significant in return for Kovy which is a nice bonus for the Devils. Eberle and Hall are reunited. 4th rounder for balancing. What do you think?
  8. [Proposal] Trade Deadline

    The issue with the Islanders isn't what they could offer to Vancouver but what they could offer to the Sedins as a destination. They would never waive their NTC to go there.
  9. [Proposal] Trade Deadline

    Thus the proposal part. I would prefer to see this course and have Sedins immortalized in Canucks history after retirement rather than prolong a semi productive but inevitable goodbye. They deserve better and Trevor knows it too.
  10. [Proposal] Trade Deadline

    I think if the Sedins were ever to move it would be down to Ottawa, Nashville or Detroit. From Ottawa it'd be interesting. From Nashville, I think Colin Wilson becomes the centrepiece. From Detroit, I think Mantha is the centrepiece.
  11. [Proposal] Trade Deadline

    I think they'd use Lazar as trade bait for a move in order to contend short term. In which case, I think we can afford the time he'd need to develop well with other young guys. Bobby Ryan I think would excite fans and take the sting away from trading Sedins. We could adjust picks/prospects though. I think we could get more for Miller as well but we need to think about expansion draft too.
  12. With the Canucks treading water surprisingly but clearly not contending as they stick to their retooling plan, the Canucks could speed things up by getting younger and acquiring better draft positions. I propose the following: Vancouver gets: Lazar, Ryan and Ott 2nd Ottawa gets: Daniel and Henrik Sedin and Van 5th. Reasoning for Ottawa: Lazar hasn't panned out and could use a change of scenery. Bobby Ryan hasn't played up to potential although being immensely talented. He has a massive contract which hinders them as well. They want to contend but have the leagues 25th best offense. Not good enough to contend even with the defense and goaltending they've gotten. Reasoning for Vancouver: New environments for Lazar and Ryan could pay huge dividends and in the long term win the trade for Vancouver, potentially. They get younger and kickstarts a new era in Vancouver which the fans desperately want to see. Also the draft pick swap will favour them. Reasoning for Sedins: They get an opportunity to contend with players that they are familiar with such as Karlsson. They still get to play in Canada and are already locks for being among the greatest players in Canucks history. Time for them to get one more crack at a cup. Vancouver gets: Pavelec, 3rd Winnipeg gets: Miller Reasoning for Winnipeg: Miller has been stealing games for a very mediocre Canucks team. The Jets goaltending is their weak link and having a goalie of Miller's calibre could help mentor their young goaltenders and backstop them to contend. Miller's contract also expires at the end of the season which lets them off the hook come expansion draft time. Reasoning for Vancouver: Vancouver decides to sell and get what they can for rental players. We bring in a competent goalie in Pavelec. This allows Markstrom more playing time and the Canucks gain a draft pick as well. Thoughts?
  13. Cheap Young Forwards

    I would absolutely gamble on a trade of Sbisa for Yakupov. I think Edmonton would do it too. For us, we know the max potential of Sbisa and it's not much, if any, higher than he already is. He will also only dwindle on the Oilers blue line meaning that it's not a high risk interdivisional trade for us. For them, they get a defenceman and don't have to rid themselves of RNH to do it. Sbisa is solid enough and they'll know exactly what they're getting with him. We get the wildcard. Yakupov has the skill set to be extraordinary. This could potentially turn into one of the most lopsided trade wins in our favour ever. It could also just turn out to be slightly better than the Hodgson for Kassian trade. Either way, not a loss really, and fills a need for us.
  14. With the comments that GMJB made today about bringing in more forwards and ones with an edgy physical game as well as his trend of bringing in tweeners that need better development and time but can provide strong internal competition, I propose the following 2 signings and trade. Sign Sergei Plotnikov- he will come cheap, he has a physical element to his game, appears to have potential upside and drives to the neat hard. Sign Anthony Camara- Jim Benning will be familiar with him from his Boston days and knows how physical he plays. Hard hitter, straight line skater on the forecheck. Both signings may not immediately impact the Canucks roster but either way Utica can truly benefit as well. Trade our 2017 3rd round pick to Oilers for Nail Yakupov. His value is low but his potential is still there if developed properly. Having several Russians on the roster as well might have some positive impact and seeing the work ethic that players like Horvat, Tryamkin etc have. He could also help with pitching for another coveted Russian free agent in Shepyshev. I feel like Yakupov solves the issue of more depth scoring especially if he can be guided properly. He can be had cheap and Plotnikov and Camara would both be other cheap grabs that would assist Utica and our development programs as well as a possible future spot on the big club. Leaving us lots of cap room to play with for the rest of the year leading up to next summer. Thoughts?
  15. As the Sedins get older and slow down, Vancouver doesn't have a future face for the franchise yet aside from the prospect of Horvat becoming that. This summer holds a very rare opportunity to completely change the landscape of the organization and allow the Sedins to thrive in a 1B situation. If we could give them that role, it'd be a very hard thing for defensive match ups against us. I propose the following based off of our cap space. Trade at Draft: To Van- Okposo's rights, 4th round pick To NYI- Burrows, Sbisa, 6th round pick Reason: We get a strong young RW coming into his prime. NY doesn't come up empty handed because he will walk in the summer and gets a veteran grinder and young defender and a pick. We sign Okposo to a 5 year-5mill AAV contract To Van- 3rd and 7th round picks To Edm- Hamhuis Reason: Edmonton is in desperate need for a defenceman like Hamhuis and having a mentor for their youth would be something they shouldn't pass up. Vancouver gets 2 picks to help replenish the shelves. Draft: 5th Overall-Matthew Tkachuk 63rd-Sean Day 110th-David Quenneville 140th-Carsen Twarynski 183rd-Brennan Menell 184th-Kristians Rubins 194th-Derek Daschke Free Agency: Sign Stamkos-7 years-9 mill AAV Reason: He signs because we promise to be able to be competitive now and in the long term. Showed him our commitment to winning with moves at the draft and sell him on the city, market and opportunity to be the franchise cornerstone for the remainder of his career. Also 9 million dollars, long term. Sign Cowen-1 year-0.950 mill AAV 2 way. Reason: Low risk, potentially high reward. Offer him the opportunity to turn career around for cheap. Buy out Higgins Trade: To Van-Paajarvi To StL-Rodin, 2017 6th round pick Reason: Paajarvi is a RFA on a cap crunched Blues team. We trade projects and they get a pick to boot. We take him because our cupboards are skimpy on LW and Paajarvi gives us another NHL capable LW to round out our line up. Roster: Baertschi/Paajarvi/Granlund Stamkos Okposo Sedin Sedin Hansen B/P/G Horvat Virtanen B/P/G Sutter Etem/Dorsett/Vey =Kenins/Gaunce Hutton Gudbranson Tanev Edler Tryamkin Pedan =Biega/Weber/Cowen Miller Markstrom We get younger, we get faster, we get better. I am anticipating getting blasted on cap issues but there's honestly no cap troubles. We dump cap then max our cap out but we ice a very competitive, fast, young team that can potentially do damage immediately. I know it's a massive proposal. It's supposed to be. Thoughts?