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  1. UPDATED : Elliotte Friedman ‏@FriedgeHNIC 43m 43 minutes ago SJ/BOS trade is Jones for a first-rounder in 2016 and Sean Kuraly, an unsigned prospect
  2. Does anyone have the nbc stream? If so, pm me please. thanks
  3. The guy on the very right is Pavel Bure and yes he did finish with over a ppg (792 pts in 709 games)
  4. Take off your homer glasses and look at the ppl with way more than 900 points that are not in the hall. All of these guys above have a career PPG of over 1.0, Hank is currently at 0.84
  5. Why was Glenn saying that the Governer raped Maggie? I thought he just made her take off her shirt?
  6. You're a bigger tool than clutch.