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  1. You just named some of the most consistent players in the league. Also, Tyler Johnson is not soft. Baertchi isn't even close to being in their league. How many soft/inconsistent but high potential prospects usually make it to being a top 6? Good ol' canuck fans overrating prospects
  2. Yea and Id still take Kassian going into the playoffs anyday over softy Baertschi Alright fanboy, don't get too devastated next season when you realize Baertschi's flaws were actually his own and not a result of Calgary mistreating him 1 season. Just a warning
  3. Kassian had to deal with injuries for the most of the time he was with canucks so obviously he will be inconsistent. What's Baertschi's excuse? The soft factor doesn't help either. Inconsistency/softness is cancer in the playoffs Yes, Calgary sent him down after 5 games but this was his rookie year where they just wanted a look at him. Im sure they would have sent him down no matter how well he played since playing a young talented rookie on one of the worst teams in the league (then) with bottom 6 minutes would be developmental suicide. You can't blame them for doing this. After that, he got chances playing for months at a time and showed inconsistency. Then he went on his final dry spell with the flames last season when they were playing great. So he does have a lot to prove and is a bust prospect as of now. As for AHL, sure he had his best numbers with the nucks but he wasn't doing that bad with the Abbotsford heat either. Plus, ask Markkstrom how good he is in the AHL. You can merge 4 seasons into one and try and make a point of how skilled he is but you really get a better picture of his issues when you look at his game-to-game log. Hey, Yakupov doesn't look half bad when you combine his 3 seasons.
  4. yes, I guess you are right. 2 goals in 3 games. He has done more than enough to proved himself to be a good prospect. And you blame Calgary for ruining his development. How so? Is the Canucks management going to be that much better when we put him with the bottom 6 we have right now where he will basically have to create a lot of offence on his own? And don't mind him being EXTREMELY inconsistent and soft with calgary, there is no way that will transpire with the canucks...because hey, our are rookie management is on par with detroit no doubt. I am not saying he can't develop into a 2nd line forward, but you are delusional if you think Sven Baertschi has proved himself to not be a bust prospect already. 2nd rounders are worth a lot nowaday and frankly if we are rebuilding, I'd take a 2nd rounder rather than gamble on a rookie who has had problems with developing over his first 3 seasons.
  5. I find it hard to believe people can even begin to defend Benning's recent move. The bottom line we all know is Canucks need to go through a rebuild. Our team is not strong enough to compete in the west and our prospect pool is pretty weak. But what the hell kind of strategy is this? 1) Trading away or letting go the teams character players like Bieksa, Matthias, Richardson, Kassian →Oilers prospects are a very nice example of what happens to their development when they are rushed and don't have veteran leadership on the team. 2) Just horrible trades -Vey for a 2nd: ok -Bieksa for a weak 2nd: ok i guess if we are rebuilding -Baertschi for a 2nd: bad (too much of a gamble for a 2nd) -Dorsett for a 3rd: bad -Lack for 3rd and 7th: brutal -Prust for Kassian AND a 5th: brutal Questions: →How can you gamble a 2nd on Baertschi yet you can't get a 2nd for an NHL calibre 27 year old Eddie Lack? →If we are planning on putting prospects on the team next year, why are we surrounding them with players that have cement in their gloves and have probably scored most of their goals with their skates like Dorsett, Prust? I'd easily take Kassian, Matthias, Richardson to play with our prospects over those two. Same goes on defence with Sbisa and Bartkowski. Some great role models for our prospects. P.S. Boston fans were rejoicing with Bartkowski leaving (kind of like Duck fans with Sbisa) →Wouldn't it be better to keep Kassian to see if he pans out then just throw him away for a 30 yr old goon who we will probably lose to UFA next year. But hey, with Benning's recent moves, maybe he'll re-sign Prust for 6 years/18 mill 3) Multiyear/ overpaid deals for replaceable players -Dorsett, Sbisa...I'm just at a loss for words on this one -Tanev though, I got to admit I'm really happy about. If Benning trades him for some garbage, I'll lose it. 4) Goaltending situation -Why let go of Lack for a 3rd/7th and leave us with Miller/Markkstrom. A 34 year old goalie and a bust prospect that gives me Cloutier flashbacks The only way this all makes sense to me is if Benning is trying to build one of the strongest contenders...for the 2016 1st overall draft pick.
  6. I was wondering if there are any websites that provide a fantasy hockey league you can join for like 20-100 bucks and if you come in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd you get a payout. I know ESPN provides something like that however, Canadian citizens are not eligible for the prize. So does any Canadian friendly prize winning fantasy hockey websites? Thanks
  7. i bet this thread owner was hoping noone would bring his stupid thread up.