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  1. I listened to the new Alice In Chains album, it's pretty good. But I wanted to suggest the track "Phantom Limb" to any and all metal fans. Holy crap it's amazing. I'd say easily the heaviest song the band has ever put out.
  2. I guess the tunnel is getting old? - How can we afford this? - Does HWY 99 really need another lane? We already have a Los Angeles Freeway
  3. We're finally not losing guys to the NFL. It's amazing.
  4. I totally know what you're saying, but let's put it into hockey terms. Geroy wanted to be a top 6 forward, Wally wanted him in our bottom 6. His play IMO suggests the latter. For Geroy to stay and retire Trevor Linden style, he would've had to accept a lesser role like Trevor did.
  5. I love Geroy Simon, he's the greatest British Columbia Lion ever, and a top 5 all-time athlete in this city. But this trade had to happen. Geroy Simon is 37 going on 38 and has clearly lost a step the last couple seasons. He still has amazing hands and is a superb route-runner but he needed to take a lesser role this season. We have 3 young, very promising imports chompin' at the bit in Nick Moore, Courtney Taylor and Ernest Jackson. All 3 provide more speed and athleticism to our offence. Thankfully they had someone like Geroy Simon mentoring them and showing them what it takes. I love Wally Buono too. The man in charge is strictly all business, and it will pay off on the football field. Can't wait until the Riders and Geroy return. Oh and Justin Harper looks like he could be something special as well.
  6. It's unusual to see a player this great so committal to a CFL franchise, but I guess given his size he figured the NFL was a waste of time. Maybe speaks to how well the organization is run top to bottom as well. It was one season, but I think he's the best middle linebacker in the league by far. NFL speed and hands. Another shot from Winnipeg
  7. It's only flaw I love BC Place, but can you imagine something like this in downtown Vancouver? I love open air all the way. Wear a jacket bitches
  8. Yupp, it may be late but it's going to be the best stadium in the league IMO
  9. Interesting story lines this week, this one is close to home http://profootballta...uccess-stories/ Plenty of BC/CGY matchups, then head to head for a Miami job, now MIA/SEA. Out of work > CFL > Pro Bowl #Wake #Browner
  10. Every CFL fan needs to watch the Engraved On a Nation episode I just watch. It was about the '7-something Argo's with Theismann kicking ass in the CFL like rockstars. It was funny and like... touching..
  11. Interesting story lines this week, this one is close to home http://profootballta...uccess-stories/ Plenty of BC/CGY matchups, then head to head for a Miami job, now MIA/SEA. Out of work > CFL > Pro Bowl #Wake #Browner
  12. This is pretty cool http://www.tsn.ca/fieldaccess/
  13. It's ???? sad that so many Canadians don't understand this. We've had football in this country for 100 years and it's the undisputed #1 sport on this continent. I'm so ???? sick of the Canadian sports scene. Just way too in to ???? hockey, and just NHL hockey at that. The Americans although I despise their lack of hockey knowledge, are way ahead of us when it comes to being a sports fan as a whole. During non-lockout years you may as well just rename our sports radio to the "Puck 1040". Having over 40k will be awsome, in my opinion it's a travesty it's not sold out but I pin much of the blame on the BC Lions themselves. Their ticket pricing is mind boggling and they've completely priced out the casual fan, then they slap blackouts on everyone.
  14. Yeah Lulay's streak is indeed over. Ridiculous ruling by the CFL. Only league that does it as such. On that consecutive games with a pass TD note: (Don't forget what Brees did earlier this season in the NFL) Strangely enough the greatest backup QB in the CFL Mike Reilly (former Central Washington Wildcat) holds the NCAA All-Division record for most consecutive games with a touchdown pass with 46. I can't believe what Wally Buono, Roy Shivers and the entire scouting department accomplish considering what they're left with after the NFL make their choices and the additional competition up here. Specifically quarterbacks. This Travis Lulay/Mike Reilly situation looks so similar to what he had created in Calgary with Jeff Garcia/Dave Dickenson. Our depth is incredible, and this franchise is the class of the Canadian Football League in every category. Back to Reilly though, the guy looks like the real deal. I mean from what we have to gauge in mop-up duty, pre-season and his first pro-start, I'd say he could start for half the teams in this league. During his NFL time, Reilly went 10-of-15 for 117 yards during the 2009 preseason for the Stealers. Not much opportunity, but decent numbers as a whole. There are so many sides of this Reilly story. Does the expansion Ottawa franchise draft him in late 2013? Does another CFL team pry the free agent away this off-season? Or does Lulay give the NFL one more go? Making Reilly our new starting QB next season?