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  1. Caps are not re-signing Brooks Orpik next year. So there is 5.5 to play with next season.
  2. Agreed. Most likely for blueline depth. Brooks is old and not as mobile as they want him to be.
  3. Too bad its not up to him, but up to the team. Good try though.
  4. Exactly, that's what I said. They keep him for this years run to the Cup, then when they are up against the cap with the Kuz contract, they might dump him. But for now, it would be a value for value trade. Not a value for picks or average prospect trade. I do think they would like to keep him if the right contract could be signed. They had plenty of opportunity to trade him a season or two ago. I think we are on the same page.
  5. I get that. I'm not anti trading Mojo, I'm just not sure the Caps would trade Mojo for someone less talented. They are in 'win now' mode. If they trade Mojo, which they might, it would be for someone who could potentially help them win the cup, not for Etem.
  6. Ok, so you are the Caps GM. You potentially could win the cup in 2016/17, and Kuz is a RFA after the season. Do you really think it's better to trade away a good team fit to save money for the 2017/18 season? Are you basically saying the Capitals should give up on the Cup for next year?
  7. Will develop into a great AHLer.
  8. MJ asked for 5.25. Capitals countered with 3.85. Based on history, he will get somewhere close to the middle. Can I ask why the Capitals would want Emerson Etem? Another overvalued Canuck player. This forum is becoming laughable.
  9. This is like someone posting a list and everyone $&!#ting on it. Relax guys, it's bleacher's not a real or credible source for anything. Everyone getting upset should take a step back and reevaluate their life. TOP 10 PROSPECTS IN HOCKEY: 1. Olli Juolevi 2. Thatcher Demko 3. Brock Boeser 4. Austin Matthews 5. Patrik Laine 6. Mitch Marner 7. Dylan Strome 8. Kyle Connor 9. Jesse Puljujarvi 10. PLD Happy? Let's debate this list now.
  10. I'm not sure Canucks fans over value their players. For years (seems like so long ago) we've had one of the best teams in the league, with great players on all-lines. After 2011, 15-20 teams were lining up to sign Raffi Torres. The problem comes from Canucks fans not knowing the value of other players on other teams. Most Canuck fans are 'below average NHL knowledge fans' at best; just look at this forum. Canucks fans from all ages don't know NHL rules, let alone the value of other teams players. Fans barely watch Canuck games let alone watch out of town games. Most people just look at the stats and compare players. I'm not sure most Canuck fans even know the value of draft picks. This is another reason why most hockey fans don't like Canucks fans. We tend to be huge bandwagon fans that come and go and we get very outspoken when the team does well. This is not the case with all Canuck fans, there are some obvious bright ones, but I would say almost 60% of the fan base are 'nhl homers', lots of my friends included. I believe it's an unfortunate trait of Vancouver, more so than a trait of Canuck fans.
  11. All good points. My only issue is that no common sense GM would blow up their roster after losing in game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals. The obvious decision is to give it another shot. In hindsight, your decision would have us close to the cup today, but no GM would have done that.
  12. I'm not basing this purely off of this one article. The Hockey News has always been a pro-Eastern conference media outlet.
  13. Couldn't agree with you more! The Sedins will retire in Vancouver as HoF players, and as long as they are on our team, we possibly have a chance to win. I'm not saying they have to carry our team to win, because I think it's too late for that, but if we do win in the future, it will because of their veteran skill (50 point players) and leadership, not because of their stats. I believe Trev and JB's goal is to 're-structure' the team around solid leaders, like the Sedins, Burr and Hansen; even though Burr and Hansen might not be around when we start contending. The team has changed from 2011, but we need core leaders to teach the up-and-comers how to play the game; this is why we brought in Guddy. This is how you rebuild. Look at how Pittsburgh built around Crosby and Malkin when they came into the league; they were surrounded by vets, Lemieux, Recchi, LeClair, Gonchar, Roberts, etc. Toews and Kane were surrounded by Sharp, Havlat, Lapointe, Lang, and Sopel Almost every team has 'rebuilt' this way (except the Oilers until this year). If there is no one to show the young players how to play the game, you become the Oilers, who have no changed their philosophy. Because you can't start with a team of young rookies without vets and expect to win anything in year 1 or year 10. Management has a younger core in place, Bo, Hutt, Demko, BB, Virt, OJ, and possibly our 2017 first rounder. But surrounding these kids with the right skills and leadership is important. If these guys develop into the players we expect them to be, plus adding some young talent in trades at the deadline (if we aren't winning), how can you not believe in our future. I think ideally, Trev and JB would love to win the cup with the Sedins and Eriksson as our second line; worst case scenario, a line 1a and line 1b situation. Where the young kids are leading the charge, but the vets are doing some heavy lifting as well. I believe in what JB is doing.
  14. This poll is a joke. It was made to start controversy and boost readership. 1. The Hockey News hasn't been relevant in years, especially since the smart phone came out. 2. Due to their lack of relevance, they haven't been able to get talented writers and journalists to work for them. 3. They have always been pro-east, anti-Canuck. The Hockey News will be lucky to survive past 2020. Take this with a grain of salt, like an Eklund rumor.