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  1. Switched between posting.
  2. Exactly, in fact I would rather miss class on the first sunny day of the year. Golfing is so much more enjoyable then freezing my balls off in the small, bad quality of snow we get. I can't even build a snowman in Victoria right now (although seeing more snow falling this morning gives me hope).
  3. Ah living on the island. It's nice and sunny here right now, enjoy the snow though.
  4. Sorry, maybe it wasn't you who compared them but noticed a lot of it in this thread. I still like what the Swedish coach did. That kind of stuff is unacceptable and by just walking off it showed that they won't accept that kidn of cheap play. You want less head shots in the NHL, it can start with stuff like this, IMO.
  5. Unsportsmanlike for a play that had nothing to do with the game and no place in the game that could have potentially ended one of his players careers(there has been a lot less concussions that have ended peoples careers). In my mind, this was a play to the point that you don't forgive the other player or the other team. it was completely unnecessary and uncalled for, especially in an exhibition game. Completely spineless by cormier and I agree with the Swedish coach, sends a message that people don't accept that, period, in the game of hockey. personally I am proud of the Swedish coach(and a lot of people will disagree with me) because he went against what most people would say is sportsmanlike, but Cormier crossed that line first. Also, in my mind what the Swedish coach crossed that line less than Cormier(potentially destroying a players career versus I didn't get a handshake, come on).
  6. Also not to mention he has proven to be very consistent over the years. Something Burrows and Backes need to prove this year, that they can repeat their performances.
  7. Burrows for sure and then either Backes or Pavelski. Whoever said Hartnell why? He will get you good penalty minutes, 45+ points, hits, and a good plus/minus. He is a great fantasy player because he hits all categories well.
  8. Naslund was always a perimeter p[layer. he never really went into the dirty areas as much but bertuzzi and Morrison did that for them(why they were such an efective line). You want to find the guy that disappeared in the playoffs, look at Bertuzzi. Those two played off each other and when one disappeared the other was less effective.
  9. Let me guess, you absolutely love the Sedions and Luongo and Mitchell adn Kesler and Burrows. They haven't gotten even as far as Naslund took us in the playoffs. Game 7 of the second round is the furthest we have since 94 and Naslund took us there. That we choked comment to me is one of the exampls of how Naslund was a good leader to the fans and the team. He was willing to admit when they messed up, willing to takew blame. That is a good leader, not trying to pass it on or deflect blame, acceptiong the blame onto himself. That is something a real leader would say(let me guess you loved Luongo saying how he messed up in the playoffs too, here's a hint-that is the same as what Naslund did). Why would it be a bad thing to have an guy turn out to be the same as a guy considered the best player in the world for several years? Even was sai8d by Gretzky to be the best in the world. Hell even Naslund's last years here are unfairly bashed. He was still a top 6 winger putting up close to sixty points a year. People ahve said they are happy with Kesler getting that and he is entering his prime and they weren't fine with a guy nearing the end of his career doing that on their second line? That is jsut unbelievably stupid to me when I see people posting how great Kesler's numbers are for a second liner but bash Nazzy's numbers in a similar role for his last copuple years here(he even had less ice-time than Kesler).
  10. With the looks of things now one of Despres or Elliopt may still be available in the early second round. get er done Gillis.
  11. I was hoping John Moore would fall to us and seeing him picked right before we did hurt. This pick took that away, top ten talent but just a smaller guy. Can't wait to see him at camp.
  12. Thanks for the profile view. :)

  13. Lol it was a halarious post mah friend!!!

    Keep up the um... Funniness?

    Hahaha :P