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  1. Brock Boeser | #6 | RW

    This whole situation reminds me of politics and people's lack of patience , understanding, and common sense ! Changes don't happen overnight ! Previous regimes leave a bigger mess then what's shown on the surface. Also a lot of the issues that do come up are the results of actions in the past ala the Alberta issue and everyone blaming newly appointed NDP while we just see the results of decisions made long before
  2. Granlund can play the wings efficiently BTW
  3. [Extension] Derek Dorsett and Luca Sbisa re-signed

    On that highlight package he had his man in half of them despite adding a screen while bikesa was in no man's land without a check ! Not taking away from some of the flaws it showed but feel he isn't as bad as numbers show and that he was weakened by pairing with kb and scapgoated ! And on a positive will earn more of his pay then Jeff finger did !
  4. Possibility of relocation for Utica?

    Utica makes sense and the fan base had been amazing and selfishly would love our prospects locally ! Only major positive of them being here would be the adjustment/development of the extent of travel the canucks deal with in a season but it is moot point at same time with their schedule in the ahl being so different
  5. ISS/CS Draft Rankings - 2014 NHL Entry Draft

    Of the possible picks we are fighting over which ones are eligible to join Utica ?
  6. ISS/CS Draft Rankings - 2014 NHL Entry Draft

    Of the possible picks we are fighting over which ones are eligible to join Utica ?
  7. Who will Benning draft?

    Now what if Montreal comes back and wins ? Still stand by the goaltending stance ? What about Crawford when they won, ward when they won Roy when he was a nobody ... It continues
  8. Bo Horvat Talk

    Bo meets world
  9. ISS/CS Draft Rankings - 2014 NHL Entry Draft

    So anyone with a bertuzzi reference that wants someone like him can't comment on kassians performance for a couple years as most power forwards like that are on a slow curve with a short lived level of prime ! Bertuzzi was horrible with minor flashes before finally hitting stride after how many seasons !
  10. [Report] President Trevor Linden

    hockey news also states we only have two jerseys retired, minor in the overall article but still a oversight by the writer !!!
  11. [Report] President Trevor Linden

    How much you think this is to counteract the bad taste owners had of all those interfering rumors hoping this will squash the thought of them doing such things
  12. [OFFICIAL] Canucks Injury Thread

    I would love a high draft pick ! But would also love to see a run to make the playoffs! Gets some young guys a taste specially our goalies ! And even if a first round exit it will be interesting to see torts approach/ abilities to adjust in a series !
  13. Lupul, Versteeg, pominville which is best choice ? 1 pt goals and assists
  14. Need help get three trades on Saturday: Have erhoff and letang on d which to trade ? Roy, Hemsky, Ladd , carter which to get rid of And should I replace enforcer : parros , only .25 PTs per min Lupul Versteeg pominville of these three which to pick up
  15. You want picks and get Staal and erickson for malkin fair trade in my mind two decent players