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  1. [Press Release] Canucks name Dan Cloutier goalie coach

    The switch makes sense with where we are in goalie depth , markstrom and Miller will be fine with clouts as he works with what is already there; this allows Melly to get his hands on demko and the next line of goalies early on
  2. [PGT] Sharks 4 - Nux 1- March 29th 2016

    Almost any ss hit would be suspendable today that hit was no where near the velocity it in perspective was less dangerous and vicious then Rome's hit in 2011 !
  3. [PGT] 8 straight losses :]

    His timing sucks and right or wrong Daniel did something him and his brother were vilified for not doing and likely by the same members blasting them here ! Got to assume frustration and competitive spirit were a driving force in said comments . If nothing else these comments may be a teaching tool of sorts for the youth to be more vocal then they were !
  4. 1 Year Evaluation - Baertschi for a 2nd Round Pick

    Even some of the more objective fans have reason to dislike aspects of veys game ! Not that he can't correct it but too many defensive fly bys and non chalant back checks remind of Bert, last season beiksa etc. Have to eliminate more of that and show growth !
  5. I remember being 12 and the atmosphere at my first game was electric and still remember the "drunk" fans good and bad but that electricity in the building made a die hard canucks fan more so then I ever was ! After that I would go to at least two games every year , mowing lawns whatever ! Tides changed and by 2009/2010 things were changing! Staff controls became excessive to even a non drinking fan ! Suits make it so now but the team took that path before and created the product to sell to that niche ! Like the fans asked in town hall about a section to be loud and cheering freely
  6. Brock Boeser | #6 | RW

    This whole situation reminds me of politics and people's lack of patience , understanding, and common sense ! Changes don't happen overnight ! Previous regimes leave a bigger mess then what's shown on the surface. Also a lot of the issues that do come up are the results of actions in the past ala the Alberta issue and everyone blaming newly appointed NDP while we just see the results of decisions made long before
  7. [GDT] 03/03/16 Sharks vs Canucks Take 2

    He doesn't fit the typical mold of defensive dman as lacks the heavy hitting but he is right up there in almost all advance stats along side the elite ! Adding even as young as he is since being with Hutton their stats are through the roof
  8. 1 Year Evaluation - Baertschi for a 2nd Round Pick

    He already beats Raymond as he doesn't trip on the blueline constantly, or fall down for no reason and to add doesn't move up sideboards towards point panic and at last second pass to the defence almost handcuffing them
  9. [Report] Owner involvement nixed possible Hamhuis trade

    With the progress of our current youth we need to do all we can to right the ship , otherwise we risk falling into an Edmonton mold
  10. Last time he discussed it Edler clearly stated he wasn't going to waive his ntc
  11. Listen to JB before getting upset

    At end of the day no matter what played down I as well as I think others are frustrated with what seems to have become norm of the team just not being able to function smoothly it's been a mess since 2011 weather it is or isn't the owner! just too many times we have fumbled our way through handling assets ! Bobby lou Kesler lack beiksa and now hammer and vrbata. It's become a routine and a joke !
  12. Exactly and they likely have a reason for this but if that falls through it will be speculated but lost in the wind ! If Burke didn't pull off the sedins magic his trades brokered before would look inept ! Lots of variables and moving parts in trades
  13. Trevor Linden on TSN1040 6:15 PST 02/23/16

    This is the same feel as the coho deal ... OK to have initial shock anger but let it settle till we see what we have ! Hunter good or bad wasn't going to be given the opportunity to meet potential here if he even will !!! I'll be more peeved if we don't at least trade one of our Ufa's before deadline
  14. Making room?

    In theory sure , but doesn't always work! Lots of people float in jobs and it isn't till they are fired that they find their way and meet their potential! Change is sometimes the only trigger !
  15. Making room?

    Sequin himself after time to breathe agreed in ways and that the trade was a part of what helped him change his mindset