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  1. I got 18cm's outside my place in Nanaimo. And its still snowing.
  2. Hahahahaha awesome. Now how in the hell would someone from Kingston know this?
  3. Can't wait to escape to Mexico in 6 days.
  4. I'm up at the north end, and it is definitely snowing. Edit: ZOMG Page 100
  5. Well it was pouring rain in nanaimo after they called for snow, but i just started snowing now.
  6. Just woke up here in Nanimo must be atleast a foot and a half of snow
  7. We had snow for about 20 mins today in Nanaimo from 9:40-10:00
  8. over a foot in Nanaimo
  9. blizzard here in nanaimo i nearly crashed my car with no snow tires. 1 inch away form the light post
  10. if i can miss school tomorrow because of it i wont care
  11. snowing even harder now
  12. its snowing hard here
  13. I dont know wheat, sugar and pixey dust.