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  1. "JUST GIVE ME THE GODDAMMED NUMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

  2. I got 18cm's outside my place in Nanaimo. And its still snowing.
  3. happy shared birthday!

  4. ♥♣♥happy birthday♥♣♥

  5. Hahahahaha awesome. Now how in the hell would someone from Kingston know this?
  6. Can't wait to escape to Mexico in 6 days.
  7. I'm up at the north end, and it is definitely snowing. Edit: ZOMG Page 100
  8. Well it was pouring rain in nanaimo after they called for snow, but i just started snowing now.
  9. Uncle Jesse!! I loved you in Full House.

    You were breathtaking!

  10. Just woke up here in Nanimo must be atleast a foot and a half of snow
  11. We had snow for about 20 mins today in Nanaimo from 9:40-10:00