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  1. Just got an Echo Dot as a gift.
    No need for a girlfriend now.

    Alexa knows everything.

  2. Edler He hasn't made any mistakes for all of December
  3. My thoughts exactly Department of Dip$&!#s should get the memo but won't
  4. &^@# Cancer! Loved "The Look" when it came out.
  5. Unlike the rest of us there is still a lot of hope for your 3 year old.
  6. Let's beat these &^@#ers As every year this is the Cup for me And I'm going to miss it thanks to work! lol Go Canucks Go!!!
  7. When you think voting Trump was a good idea, pound sand.
  8. ^^^^ $444 might mean I, personally, have a net financial benefit from this carbon plan. Yay me but I still think the rebate system sets up a program that isn't aggressive enough to tackle the problem. Just looks primarily to be a redistribution of wealth.
  9. Stupid start time! Oh well. My whole day tomorrow is a mess anyway. lol Go Canucks Go!!!!
  10. I would be a responsible tank owner Responsible for a lot of destruction on the daily commute that is.