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  1. Best "I need to kill someone" facial expression ever.
  2. There won't be playoffs for this season.
  3. Consistency is my main goal right now So far, so good
  4. Variable April was due for renewal
  5. Time for everybody to hate me I just renewed mine for 1.2%
  6. irrelevant musings
  7. Almost time to start thinking about where to buy a new laptop
  8. Got my first one two days after it was announced. &^@#ing jerks!
  9. I'm not voting until you find a way to get the V sweaters in! Because I want to vote for SEXY
  10. I tend to agree. Can't see a lot of travelers until vaccine is out.
  11. It's ok I have had more time for yoga recently and you really gotta change your avatar I keep thinking I am looking at Tilda Swinton