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  1. At least you are still doing something
  2. Now if only I could go back in time to do it lol
  3. Your personal marginal rate unless you incorporate a business specifically for your rental income. I don't recommend the corporation route for what you are describing. As for personal income if you make $100k/year now you will be paying tax at the incremental amount. At the rate of $100k+. It sounds like it sucks but it really doesn't. Paying more income tax is a good thing. It means you are making more money. Just make sure you are taking all the deductions you can.
  4. confessions

    And post vids on internet for secondary revenue stream
  5. Rate The Last Movie You Saw - 2

    Suicide Squad DC really knows how to screw the pooch
  6. Rate Last TV Show You Saw

    That 70s Show. I would only peek at it once in awhile when it aired. I always loved the parents. Going to give whole series ago. 3 episodes in and I really want to duct tape Yackie.
  7. Two other notes All related costs to the rental property can be used to reduce taxable income - strata fees, property taxes, general maintenance, advertising to rent, property management firm (in case you don't want to deal with renters directly), tenant insurance. HELOCs are often tied to prime rate. So as prime moves so does your interest rate.
  8. Yes, interest will be deducted from rental income to reduce your taxable income. Yes, the interest will decrease given the rate remains the same and you pay down the principal.
  9. The Workout Thread

    Point being he has alternatives. You don't.
  10. by my count that happened about 30 years ago or ever since I have known about him
  11. Well that was an amazing endorsement for Trump supporters
  12. This probably explains screaming the wrong name in the throes of passion