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  1. Just over an hour into Endgame It's pretty bad I thought Infinity War was pretty good. Not a good follow up
  2. Not if that is your standard output If it is broke does that mean someone already tried to fix it?
  3. There's Oilers ones too Unfortunate for those that get one, it happens to be illegal to put paper bags over them
  4. My trick is to only play 9 holes
  5. Geek Is it hot in here or is it just me?
  6. what an idiot reminds me of Jose Canseco setting up a 1-900 hotline for himself
  7. I think he should jettison from Winnipeg
  8. yesterday I thought summer went by too fast now I realize it hasn't gone fast enough
  9. A guy that used to rail against GMs is now a GM. Funny stuff.
  10. We need a strategy to start bidding up the price of Greenland
  11. 1. Stop spending 2. Pay down as much as you can 3. Stop spending 4. If possible move debt to lower interest loans 5. Stop &^@#ing spending!!!