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  1. I have fat fingers when I text I have given up correcting. People can either figure out what I meant or just think I am crazy. Pretty sure they are going with the latter.
  2. Atomic Blonde A reasonable amount of fun
  3. Smithers is nice this time of year
  4. Where is this salon?
  5. It's just a 3
  6. Interweb vortex malfunction
  7. Still looks 15 Happy Birthday, Jake
  8. Art.........I mean Keith Carney
  9. I got a better socialist idea. Raise the basic personal amount on the TD1 to $30k
  10. I once called out the wrong name during late night passion
  11. I learned that from playing LottoMax!
  12. I have sinned. I watched another Mark Wahlberg movie Lone Survivor. It wasn't too bad..........biggest problem was Mark Wahlberg.
  13. You are all wonderful people
  14. Production Value!