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  1. Actually it was included in the Kesler deal Dorsett 3rd was in last years draft.
  2. Man 2 games no points!
  3. Andersson is ranked 84 but I doubt he last past 2nd round. Hopefully he's available for us there
  4. Actually for him to be most effective is his off wing the left side to best utilize that lazor one timer
  5. More due to miss-direction than anything else. Coach is really pulling favourites you can tell.
  6. It's been mentioned, his positioning seems off. Where he was that PP high slot between the dots waiting for..... a one-timer? If Paul had the net front then he should've occupied the left boards? No? Seems a bit lost with systems, can be understandable with so many different linemates and no PP practice though. All I can say is I want some more fast break rushes and him to burn that Slovak D and wire home a beauty!!