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  1. Be sure that i dont talked about the car! ;) and i totally agree with you.

  2. Hey man, whats that on your sig??? :D are u still here?

  3. 3 Days! I dont get how people can swear at eachother and just x out a letter and thats ok....ie. FuXX

  4. I called the Mods "idiots" some weeks ago and i werent banned. the mods are strange sometimes. anyways nucks won again :)

  5. Banned for calling someone Donkey?? man man. How long is or was the ban?

  6. how is it in ireland right now??? i want to visit "the green isle" one day.

  7. hey, i've done your tattoo render..check thread

  8. got u mistaken for the german canuck...

  9. I didn't get banned :P I guess you mistaken me for tgc :P

  10. you dont got my pm??? i was banned 3 and a half week. at first it were 2 weeks but i tried to cheating with another account so i got one and half weeks more.

  11. 2 weeks y did u get banned?

  12. Hey, was a nice "Fight" hahaha