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  1. need to make things up with Urine man.....he’s the guy supplying the urine! Funny thing is, the biggest bull****** in the world is the guy complaining the most about fake news! Donnie is so easily triggered when you attack him personally.
  2. Yeah I didn’t like him as a player for us but he put the team ahead of his ego. NEVER complained about his scratches (at least not publicly), never demanded a trade.....basically just kept his mouth shut.
  3. Easy for the Vikings though. They had Antonio Banderas fighting on their side!
  4. "My choice" Ironically, I'd be willing to be a TON of money most of these people are anti-abortionists.
  5. I keep telling you's the *STONECUTTERS* that control everything!
  6. That she's got a price he's willing to pay? Yes,'re not really a billionaire but a millionaire.
  7. He's still got a rock solid base (not in itself enough for him to win with obviously) that won't change. All the manure that's he's spewed from his mouth does serve a purpose (it's for the most part a calculated move, at least during moments when he's not acting like a two year old). His base has become desensitized to it all. Like lemming running over a cliff, they'd decided to continue their kamikazee direction. I just hope for your guys sake, he doesn't declare war on some banana republic as a final diversionary move to get votes.
  8. His problem wasn’t that he had a noticeable weaknesses....he had none. Problem was, he wasn’t particularly great at anything either. Just my opinion, but he was the jack of all trades but master of none.
  9. I somehow managed to watch that movie even though I was only 12. That’s where I got the inspiration to call my dog something ELSE. Suffice to say, my dad introduced me to his belt.
  10. I didn’t know he was supposed to be the lead but it didn’t work out and was replaced by Dick Van Dyke (after the pilot?).
  11. Florida going full on herd immunity. Glad our broders are shut. Snow birds can leave & not come back.