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  1. I thought it was Ric Flair? Or was it Tully Blanchard? Or one of the Anderson ‘brothers’?
  2. "Living next to you is in some ways like sleeping with an elephant. No matter how friendly and even-tempered is the beast, if I can call it that, one is affected by every twitch and grunt." Justin's daddy....
  3. Rats are the first that desert a sinking ship. I can overlook the offer sheet he signed that made Dave Nonis' job more's the handcuff he put on Benning that makes it tougher for me to swallow (one or two team demand list).
  4. But Shillery's emails! Need another investigation! Yes, Bone Spurs is always under investigation. That's why he can't release his tax records.
  5. We're all Ukranian bots replying to you. They're the real enemy not the democratically elected Poutine that's been a loyal ally of Urine Man.
  6. Source: Urine man's mouth. I'm sure he's been invoicing the govt for all those golf business trips.
  7. Is he really though? He's a con man that's declared bankruptcy as much times as any NDPer put in charge of finances. Only reason he's had any success in business as a result of inheriting Daddy's money.
  8. She's a professional fraud. At least Bone Spurs is just an amateur grifter.
  9. Quality D cost the most as most teams other than maybe a team like the Canes are looking to add here. Cost the Coilers Taylor Hall, a first line forward, to get a 2nd pairing D.
  10. The guys we can afford to deal pretty much have limited value because of either NTC type clauses and or the fact we can't retain much due to our cap situation. Sometimes the best move is to do nothing....especially not dealing any more picks. This is the clear strength of the organization. Let them find more gems via drafting.
  11. Doubt Sutter gets moved as he has another year left on his contract after this season. It’ll take a pretty hefty salary retention (which eliminates the purpose of dealing him for cap purposes) for another team to want to take such a risk in acquiring him (given his injury history). He also has about a 50% ‘do not trade’ clause which increases the difficulty in moving him. If he can EVER stay healthy, he provides a valuable skill in the postseason.....defensive play.