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  1. Bone Spurs doesn't need a tax cut. 1) He ain't really rich as he owes TONS of money to the Russians 2) He never pays any taxes
  2. That list is as long as Urine Man’s ex-wives. Only list longer is the number of creditors still looking for their money that “successful” businessman grifter Bone Spurs screwed them out of their money. Or the list of the spawn of Urine Man leeching off the government.
  3. I wondered how Gandalf became Richard III became King of England during WWII?
  4. He owes ALOT of money to foreign banks like in Russia. Sooner or later those guys want their money back (or something else in return).
  5. Problem is, while none of "his base" care even if there would leaked videos of him being into doing it with various animals; it doesn't nothing to expand his potential voter base. You can't win with just either the typical GOP or Dem registered voter. You need the independents. He's done NOTHING substantial to win their votes. Much like Killery in the last election, he'll lose if he doesn't change tactics to win over those 'other than his base'.
  6. lol. He's made **** from his businesses for what? The past decade+ prior to his "election" as Prez (re: having to only pay $750 in income taxes). Greatest businessman ever! Great grifter though (he's like the bizzaro version of "the Lancasters" in GOT - where they always pay their debits....a Trump never pay's his debts lol!)
  7. When the Ukraine gave up their nukes, they essentially gave up the Crimea. This isn't to say things would be significantly better in that country today if they hadn't given them up. We (Canada) aren't the only country that has a good chunk of corruption in government (though one could easily argue, it's on another level there [in a bad way]).
  8. We have a good chance at being a playoff team next season (especially if we free up $6 million on cap space by unloading Eriksson's contract). That means that 2nd round pick will likely be a mid-to low ranked 2nd round selection (limiting it's value). Adding Lind (imho) ain't nearly enough a sweetener to dump that contract.
  9. Gillis got this guy for free off of waivers and he’s racked up over 500 games at the NHL level. Not to shabby. Trivia......Gillis traded him for R. Diaz & later flipped Diaz to the Habs for a fifth round pick. Want to know who we got with that pick (Benning selected him)? Adam Gaudette!
  10. Eriksson isn’t so much a veteran at this point in his career but for NHLers, at over 35 years old, he’s a senior. Maybe the Sens will need him for their alumni team.
  11. Happens to all athletes eventually unfortunately. Hansen was another example. Good thing Benning was able to sense that & dealt him for SOMETHING. A shame for Hansen though (played very solid for us in general; amazing for such a late round pick).
  12. Eriksson doesn't belong anywhere near the 3rd line at this point in his career. Even on a lottery pick team. And that isn't us (and Green put him in the top six for shifts in the post-season).
  13. Neely was only 21 when we dealt him. Virtanen is 24. Jake still has some upside but it wasn't nearly as much as when he was 21. That said, I don't want to trade him & think he'll be a solid 2nd/3rd liner (you can put him in either a offensive or checking role - more versality) for us in the years to come. Agree as well on not helping Boston *in any way*.
  14. First line of defense for all lawyers defending those accused of rape. It was the "harlots" fault. She wanted it.
  15. Why would the Rangers want/need Loui? Even for Lundqvist?