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  1. Cut Torts some least while he was dictator here, he made the trains run on time!
  2. Fonzie can’t hear you....he’s got Jack Adams trophy’s covering each ear. (thankfully this guy was with us only one season, and did in a way caused a switch in management).
  3. Anderson has VERY small hands. Alf told me he took a peak when he met him at the urinals.
  4. Schenn is ideally a #7 guy who's just in case of injuries. On the whole, I've been impressed with play in general. I'll be the first to admit I thought he was just AHL bound for the rest of his career. But I think he's earned a spot on the roster (at least as a depth guy).
  5. The thing with Bertuzzi is that he put up 39 points as a 19/20 year old (rookie year). I’m not sure why the Islanders gave up on him.
  6. Stecher is a midget.. That and Smith has a well deserved rep for diving on the slightest contact. Made worse because he roams outside of his crease wanting people just to brush him gently so he can act like their was a sniper up in the rafters. Huge difference imho
  7. Mike Smith is a douche. Sorry, even if they weren’t the Flamers (could NEVER cheer for that team), I couldn’t get behind a team that has a goalie that cries when somebody so much as breathes on him. Quit roaming out of your net Mike.
  8. It actually hurts more as Guds assisted on at least one of those goals.
  9. Maholtra’s on the Canucks payroll right? If so, looks like he’s getting thru to our centers.
  10. Moral dilemma whenever the Laffs are playing an Albertan team...who do you want to lose.
  11. Keenan was the crazy uncle you never wanted to be alone with. WD was the uncle who was nice but soiled his garmets (which you had to change). I think Keenan also holds the distinction of being the only head coach to win both a Stanley Cup and whatever that equivalent is in the KHL. Some guys are just lucky.