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  1. He "inherited" Ron Wilson. Hired & fired: Todd McLellan and now Peter DeBoer. Hired as GM near the end of the 2002/03 season. Sharks only missed the playoffs (can't count the 2002/03 season really as that's the reason the GM before him was canned) once in 2014/15. Made the Conference Finals this past season.
  2. You're saying like it's a plus that Louie E never gets injured. (yes, I'm joking. I never wish injury on a Canuck player).
  3. Still, Loui’s issues is that he just is garbage. Ferland’s excuse is legit. Once he’s on LITR, that solves the issue of the big contract. Loui? We’re stuck with his cap hit. Aquaman can afford it.
  4. I haven't followed his play after Willie was no longer the head coach of LA; but he really gave Kovalchuk a raw deal. If I recall, he was still putting up points but the AHL coach in his infinite wisdom put him on the 4th line. Of course he ain't going to produce there (and he never was a checker - at least Louie Eriksson was a solid two-way winger in his prime [too bad we got the version that was well past his due date]). But as to your point....yes. If those guys could be put on waivers. Eriksson could.
  5. He's not on the line to be putting up points. He's there to prevent a puke like Matheson giving Petterson a body slam (which is why we have guys like Ferland on the team).
  6. You should talk about near fatal eruptions. How about the time you forgot Mrs Alf's birthday?
  7. All this 'gloom and doom' talk reminds me of the only thing I remember from my first year economics last where my prof said "It doesn't matter because in the long run we are all dead". The DCAU >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> DCU
  8. Just do what Bone Spurs does & walk away leaving the creditors holding nothing but their ****.
  9. We have to make the playoffs first. Then you need a little luck (as most teams except really stacked ones need).
  10. Jagmeet Singh inherited a crapload of money recently? No way the NDP can afford another election so soon.
  11. Flamers did for a short time I believe a few years ago. League predictably did nothing. Now if it were the Canucks, you better believe Buttman would've brought the hammer down on us.
  12. He barely beat a candidate that was more loathed than him. Course, the Dems don't seem to have learned their lesson from the last election. You need to elect a candidate that the voters want to vote for. It's not enough merely to say "at least I'm not bad like that person....".