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  1. Sometimes I wish I will just wake up and all of this was just a bad dream.....
  2. Shinkaruk suffered a hip injury and never really recovered (never healed properly to the point it effected his development). It happens.
  3. I come in a ...errrr nah I’ll keep this family friendly.
  4. Who put the players on the field? And you get what you pay for. Don’t expect the best & latest fashions when shopping at Value Village (though I have gotten some good items there on occasion).
  5. Which is why urine man keeps doing it. He would’ve made a great illusionist.....classic use of misdirection. Best way to deflect attention from doing nothing about draining the swamp (and why should he since the majority of people in the Senate swamp are members of the Grand Old Pedo party?)? Trigger those that have no intention of voting for him while at the same time rallying his base.
  6. Yeah didn’t they get a TON of money on the transfer fees regarding Davies? I fail to see where the money went. It certainly didn’t go on the field. Their pockets?
  7. That isn't going to change anything. We need the Aquilini's to buy the Whitecaps and actually spend some money on the team. Don't we have one of the lowest payrolls in the league? It's like we are soccer's version of the Yotes.
  8. Ahh....but every year he gets older, means one less year on his crap contract!
  9. Shows you just how meaningless a .500 record is today (with the 'loser point'). Panthers have been a .500 or better team in 4 out of the previous 5 NHL seasons.
  10. This is why urine man likely is looking to eliminate term limits for Presidents.
  11. I was a fan of the Kung Fu sub genre out of that era... Jim Kelly (no Sabrefan1, not THAT Jim Kelly)...
  12. Yeah remember why we traded for him.....acquired him to get rid of a garbage UFA signing by Benning named Sam Gagner.