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  1. I'm just gonna start calling him Hodgson so you guys get confused and stop complaining thinking we still have Hodgson.

    1. malHOEtra


      The topic was locked, but a girl on my facebook wa mad

      I told her

      "If you don't read the nameplate, and ignore the fact that he looks like the lovechild of Cody Hodgson and the Incredible Hulk its like we never traded him"

  2. I have never been this excited for a Phoenix game...or excited at all for a Phoenix game.

  3. What will we see come Feb. 27th?

    As the season goes on, it becomes easier to distinguish who will be looking to sell come deadline, and who will want to spend come deadline. While some people think we need that one piece to "put us over the top", its unlikely Mike Gillis makes much more of a splash than he did last year. A couple 3rd round picks, and some contract moves and we end up with Chris Higgins and Maxim Lapierre. The bulk of Canucks fans were left scratching their heads, and searching Hockeydb to get an idea of what they brought to the team. I don't think I need to explain how these moves worked out *cough* pretty damn good *cough* So coming into this trade deadline, the pieces we need shouldn't cost us the farm by any means. A 4th line winger who can move up in the lineup if needed, and a guy who can play on the 3rd pair, but move into the top 4 if needed. Mike Gillis is a very patient GM, and the team he has built has allowed him to do this. He is not going to enter bidding wars, or overpay for rental players, but instead maximize the value on his return. He's unlikely to outbid GM's and offer a first for Gleason, or move our better prospects. For Argument sake lets say a rental defenseman is going to cost us a 3rd round pick (2013) or this years 4th from the Islanders (close to a 3rd) and maybe a mid-low end prospect. Guys who may fall into that price range Hall Gill Milan Jurcina Greg Zanon Matt Carkner Adrian Aucoin With the exception of Carkner I would consider all of them top 4 d-men who could play well on the 3rd pairing. Carkner may have trouble beating out Alberts and Rome for a spot on the 3rd pairing, but could very well play 3rd pairing when we have injuries. We all know injured defensemen are inevitable on this team, so having as many guys who can eat up minutes is a major benefit. As for the 4th line, its identity has been built as a shutdown line, handling the tough minutes, and getting the least amount of starts in the offensive zone. The player brought in will have to have a strong 2-way game, and be very competent defensively while adding some grit to the 4th line. Lets apply similar value to these players as the d-men listed above. (3rd/4th round, lower prospect) Guys who may fall into that price range Trent Hunter Adam Burish Travis Moen (likely a bit more) Patrick Dwyer Adam Hall Jim Slater Chris Thorburn So come deadline, don't be surprised when you have to hockeydb the acquisitions MG makes. Don't be surprised if you look at their stats on the NHL website to get a better idea of what they bring to the table. Just know Mike Gillis isn't going to overpay for deadline players, and hes going to bring in guys who (like Chris Higgins and Max Lapierre) are able to give us depth and play in all situations.
  4. Toughness - an over-rated intangible.

    Good read. You should check out the recent article by Pass It To Bulis for some very good insight on the perceived "toughness" issue. I would like to acquire someone for the 4th line, but fighting is just a bonus to the equation. Malhotra and Lapierre are forming a very effective shutdown line, and starting only about 20% of their faceoffs in the offensive zone (lowest in NHL). They need a guy who can play to this strength, not a guy who will hinder it for the sake of "being tough and protecting players".
  5. Jannik Hansen

    Hes on pace for 44 points....
  6. I definitely agree! I think it was a matter of the team being unhealthy, so guys like Kesler and Burrows weren't providing the same grit towards the end that they were at the beginning. The defense got a bit warn down with the injuries to Hamhuis, and overall the effects of injuries took its toll.

  7. i agree with your assessments on team toughness...even against boston, there were games where we out hit them...with the canucks trying to stay disciplined and playing between the whistles, boston made them pay...that is when we could have used an equalizer....i think the canucks will have more grit available in the playoffs...they will be carrying extra bodies.

  8. Kevin Bieksa you are really...

    If thats the case, then I bet Edler feels like the black guy in a horror movie.
  9. Kevin Bieksa you are really...

    ehrhoff must feel like the last man standing from friday the 13th
  10. Kevin Bieksa you are really...

    It goes back a page ago. Basically someone said someone cant tell the difference between a wheel and a tire and the dude bolded "tire" words such as rubber, rim, etc
  11. Kevin Bieksa you are really...

    Knee jerk conclusions are to CDC what the constitution is the the USA!
  12. Kevin Bieksa you are really... cant remember anyone. Pretty sure everyone hated him. If it was they must have been a no-name poster who nobody cared about and disappeared off cdc when....OH! I see what you did
  13. Kevin Bieksa you are really...

    Its funny how everyone disliked Alberts so much coming into this season, and people downright hated the guy. The guy plays some decent hockey for a bottom pairing guy everyone suddenly lays off and forget about their opinions a few months ago (myself included). Bieksa starts out slow, and then turns it on and plays as good as any of our other top 4 guys (hard to say who is the best...they are all so good) and there is still people someone hating. What if the season after Rory Fitzpatrick almost got voted into the all-star game he won the Norris? The typical rational person would be able to say "wow, that Rory guy sure stepped it up. Good job Rory".
  14. Kevin Bieksa you are really...

    And Canuckelion would make such a great GM with his rational, objective thinking?
  15. Kevin Bieksa you are really...

    Why doe's it matter if he gets third star against San Jose, Detroit etc? He was the third best player of the game, he played better than 38 other guys that night.