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  1. IDK, felt like it, tbh.

  2. Yeah. I thought you'd nail the first one for sure ...
  3. EDIT: On further inspection, that wasn't a very good one .... Here's a better one:
  4. Udst udst udst... wassup?

  5. Happppppy Birthdayyy!! :)

  6. Happy Birthday!

  7. Happy Birthday my american canuck friend

  8. Damn, that "18 year old girl" remark was funny a year ago. But now it's just creepy.

  9. Uncle Jesse!! I loved you in Full House.

    You were breathtaking!

  10. Welcome to the boards!

  11. Jenkem is a hell of a drug.

  12. Seriously, Dude. What's the crowhammer?

  13. Ya, I'm on my way to STL right now.