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  1. can't make an outlet pass to save our lives
  3. bwahhaha....keystone cops
  4. Fair enough..and hard to argue the point. But I still firmly believe that no amount of leadership or accountability will ever make the Sedins effective playoff performers. You could put Scotty Bowman behind the bench with Babcock and Robinson assisting and the result would be the same....broken cycle vanishing act. If this core stays same it won't make a bit of difference how accountable the players hold themselves to goals is still no goals.
  5. while I feel every aspect of the teams poor performance should be examined and addressed....I would think the craptacular PP and largely invisible top six should be cause for far greater concern than how cocky Bieksa is.
  6. Michael Gillis is grossly overrated

    I dunno....I think the truth lies somewhere in the middle. He hasn't necessarily done anything really spectacular...certainly nothing to warrant genius accolades....but he has managed to help develop a winning culture amongst the club and done a pretty good job convincing certain core players to stay with the club for less than market value. The solution he comes up with to deal with the Schneider situation is going to do a lot to define how successful he's been as a GM.
  7. Anton Rödin Talk

    thank you never mind that the pics could have been taken within minutes of each other...but consider the fact that THIS THREAD SUCKS
  8. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    I made my peace with Burrows falling on his face a long time ago. Everything else he brings to that table more than makes up for it.