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  1. Where is old Clutchy boy these days?
  2. Stay classy douche bag.

  3. I love how your "critical" assessment of biases is positioned within a false dichotomy. It is not only ironic that self proclaimed "centrists" like yourself place your views within this framework - it is outright hypocritical.
  4. This thread! The the gift that keeps on giving!
  5. As long as Burrows remains a Canuck, this thread should never die.
  6. Did I say that? Or did I say you were subscribing to the lowest common denominator through the use of fear as a justification. Whatever man, I'm sick of reading the typical BS posted from you. Not a critical thought in your brain - unless we count the problem with small signage at transit.
  7. That's not what I meant - anyways, cameras won't stop any of that.
  8. Fear based logic! Now all the cliches are complete.