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  1. Huh? You know Dan Murphy and Jon Abbott are Vancouver broadcasters right?
  2. Oh, so much drama.
  3. FYI This game is on Sportsnet Vancouver Hockey, not Pacific.
  4. 7:12 puck drop in LA. Ceremoy
  5. The game was on Telus and Novus and Bell on time. Shaw never swithced over at 7 oclock. Not Rogers fault.
  6. If the Montreal game goes long it will start on Sportsnet Vancouver hockey on Shaw. 302 and 326
  7. I believe the game will start on Sportsnet Vancouver Hockey if (when) the Montreal game goes long.
  8. Ugh. Jim Agnew.
  9. Geoff Sanderson.
  10. That's weird. It actually appears to say "Bryan Allen" at the bottom of the card.
  11. Bruce Affleck.
  12. Kay Whitmore.
  13. Gary Smith used to loan that fur coat to teammates who had a date they wanted to impress.
  14. Kirk Mclean.
  15. And strangely enough he is listed by the Canucks,etc as having worn #30 in that game. The picture may well be from a preseason game. There are also several Getty images of him "warming up" prior to an NHL game in 1990, wearing 31. My best guess is when the Canucks signed Bob Mason on December 1 (4 days before McKichan's game) they gave him 31 and Mckichan changed to 30.