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  1. This was on TV this year as well.
  2. Just so we're clear, Vancouver Island is moving farther away, not closer. That can still contribute to an earthquake.
  3. Legal air bnb's are legal. Go back to reddit.
  4. Canucks release 2018-19 regular season schedule

    TSN doesn't broadcast Canucks games unless they are playing the Jets or Senators. Sportsnet has the Wednesday doubleheaders.
  5. Name That Canuck!

    Harold Druken.
  6. Name That Canuck!

    Sven Butenschon.
  7. Name That Canuck!

    I watched every game the last two years and have no idea.
  8. Name That Canuck!

    Brent Ashton.
  9. Name That Canuck!

    Dan Quinn.
  10. Name That Canuck!

    Duco, Dunbar, Dunn - I thought I was on to something.
  11. Name That Canuck!

    Are we doing this alphabetically? Dave Dunn. If so, my next guess is Ed Dyck.
  12. Name That Canuck!

    Only if its not Dale Dunbar.
  13. Brock Boeser and the Calder race.

    Its so good to see other team's fans ragging on their management for not picking Boeser.. Its a pleasant change.
  14. Name That Canuck!

    Derek Dorsett.
  15. Alex Edler's 700th NHL Game

    Harold Snepsts played more games as a Canuck than both of them.