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  1. Charlie Hodge.
  2. George Gardner.
  3. One of the best pound-for-pound tough guys ever once worked for the Canucks and appears to be the first GM in Vegas - George McPhee. Loved to fight the bigger guys - which, as he was 5'9' on a good day was pretty much everyone.
  4. Wayne Maki.
  5. Mats Sundin.
  6. Richie Lemieux
  7. Allen Stanley?
  8. Statement From Florida Panthers Television Analyst Denis Potvin: "My choice of words at the conclusion of the Vancouver game on Monday should have been more appropriate. In the passion of the moment and under the circumstances of how the game ended, they came out wrong. For that I'm going to extend my sincere apologies to Daniel Sedin, Trevor Linden and the Canucks organization."
  9. Sportsnet One
  10. FYI it looks like the puck drop won't be until 7:15 because the of Montreal game on sportnet. I think the game is also on sportsnet 1 no matter what is happening Montreal.
  11. John Garrett is ready.
  12. You can't complain about the record and the fact the kids aren't playing enough. You don't know NHL hockey.
  13. Game is not on CBC. Its on Sportsnet One and Sportsnet 360.
  14. Blackouts are from the NHL. Rogers is just following the NHL's rules.
  15. There are 6 games remaining this season scheduled to be on 360.