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  1. NFL thread

    Really happy for the Rams getting Tavon Austin, and extremely talented and dynamic playmaker at WR. Was hoping they didn't have to trade up so they could use that 2nd rounder to get Eddie Lacy. Oh well.
  2. NFL thread

    You goof. You said Willis would have more tackles than Lewis, but that Lewis would have the most tackles.
  3. NFL thread

    1. Tails 2. San Francisco 3. 49ers FG 4. Rushing 5. Baltimore 6. No 7. Yes 8. Yes 9. 14-20 10. No 11. 4th 12. Baltimore 13. 2 14. Yes 15. No 16. Yes 17. Stands 18. No 19. San Francisco 20. San Francisco 21. No 22. Baltimore 23. Baltimore 24. No 25. Yes 26. Baltimore 27. Yes 28. Yes 29. Boldin 30. Davis 31. Gore 32. Rice 33. Willis 34. Flacco 35. Yes 36. No 37. Yes 38. No 39. Yes 40. No 41. Yes 42. Yes 43. F. Gore 44. A. Boldin 45. F. Gore 46. T. Smith 47. R. Rice 48. P. Willis 49. San Francisco 50. Colin Kaepernick
  4. NFL thread

    Just for fun, let's have a little pool here and see who can get the most right: 1. Coin Toss - Heads or Tails? 2. Which team kicks off to start the game? 3. What will be the first score of the game (Ravens FG, Ravens TD, Niners FG, Niners TD, ect)? 4. How will the first TD of the game be scored (Passing, Rushing, Defence, Special Teams)? 5. Which team will punt first? 6. Will either team score on their first drive of the game? 7. Will the team who scores first win the game? 8. Will the team who scores last win the game? 9. What will the biggest lead of the game be (1-6, 7-13, 14-20, 21+)? 10. Will their be a scoreless Quarter? 11. Which will be the highest scoring Quarter? 12. Which team will score last? 13. How many TDs will be scored in the 4th quarter? 14. Will the team who scores first have the lead at half time? 15. Will a 2-point conversion be attempted in the game? 16. Will a team go for it on 4th down prior to the last 2 minutes of the game? 17. What will be the result of the first Reviewed Play of the game (stand or overturned)? 18. Will the longest made Field Goal be longer than 40 yards? 19. Which team will have the most QB Sacks? 20. Which team will record the first QB Sack? 21. Will their be more than 6 total Sacks in the game? 22. Which team will commit the first penalty of the game? 23. Which team will commit the most penalties in the game (number of penalties, not yards)? 24. Will their be a Roughing the Passer penalty in the game? 25. Will a kickoff be returned past the 35 yard line? 26. Which team will have the most punts in the game? 27. Will the Ravens have a Rushing TD in the game? 28. Will the 49ers have at least 2 Rushing TDs in the game? 29. Who will have more receiving yards - A. Boldin or M. Crabtree? 30. Who will have more receptions - T. Smith or V. Davis? 31. Who will have more rushing yards - C. Kaepernick or F. Gore? 32. Who will have more rushing yards - R. Rice or F. Gore? 33. Who will have more tackles - R. Lewis or P. WIllis? 34. Who will complete more passes - J. Flacco or C. Kaepernick? 35. Will Colin Kaepernick pass for more than 225 yards? 36. Will Colin Kaepernick pass for more than 2 TDs? 37. Will Joe Flacco pass for more than 250 yards? 38. Will Joe Flacco pass for more than 2 TDs? 39. Will there be a 100 yard rusher? 40. Will their be a 100 yard receiver? 41. Will either team have at least 2 INTs? 42. Will their be at least 4 total turnovers? 43. Who will have the most Rushing Attempts in the game? 44. Who will have the most Receptions in the game? 45. Who will have the most Rushing yards in the game? 46. Who will have the most Receiving yards in the game? 47. Who will have the most Total yards (rushing + receiving + return yards)? 48. Who will have the most Tackles in the game? 49. Who will win Super Bowl XLVII? 50. Who will win the Super Bowl XLVII MVP?
  5. **Unofficial Golf Thread**

    Oh god I hope not.
  6. NFL thread

    Guess what? Peyton Manning has won a SB more recently than the Patriots! They have also been in the same number of SB's since then as well.
  7. NFL thread

    LOL I think this post had the opposite affect you were hoping. Peyton Manning won a Super Bowl WHILE the Patriots were supposedly cheating. Far more impressive than winning won after they were caught. Nice try though.
  8. NFL thread

    I'm going to state up front that I am not saying for sure that the tapes had anything to do with the victories either, BUT... As a football coach myself, I know how much seeing 1 extra thing on gamefilm can affect the gameplan, and thus the outcome on gameday. Unless the games were blowouts, you cannot say for certain that spygate did not in fact help the Patriots win any of their SB's.
  9. NFL thread

    The NFL Network really needs to update it's "Top 10" episodes. Just watched "Top 10 records that will never be broken". #2? Unitas' 47-game TD streak. LOL
  10. NFL thread

    Let's be realistic. That's the main purpose of a fine like that. I don't see it very logical that the league would fine a guy like $1,000,000 for 1 act. The Players Union would never allow that in a million years.
  11. NFL thread

    Just trying to give him the gears.
  12. NFL thread

    Completely stupid and classless.... however everything she said is true. I don't like how much Ray Lewis gets put on a pedestal, when he has been far from a quality role model off the field. Great player, one of the best ever, but no role model for how young football players, or anyone for that matter, should conduct themselves.
  13. NFL thread

    Sorry dude. Just keep digging the hole deeper.
  14. NFL thread

    This just in: Patriots fans are sore losers.
  15. NFL thread

    Dude wasn't even talking to you. You really need to take the next week or two off from this thread, because you are obviously not over the loss.