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  1. I'm not trying to piss anyone off but imo, Nazzy was a lameduck captain. Totally ineffectual. Having his number in the rafters is a joke imho. No offence. If you don't know what heart is, just look at the roster of a recent cup winner and put it right beside the canucks roster, then take off your homer goggles.
  2. Pavel Bure all the ???? way. His supernatural goalscoring overshadows all the other things he brought to the rink. He was an all round player who scored a crap tonne of goals and did so in spectacular and clutch fashion. The Sedins have had the benefit of playing the majority of their games and padding their stats against cellar dwellars such as Edmonchuck, Calgary, Colorado and Minnesota for years. Hank only won the Art Ross cuz Crosby was injured. They also have each other to rely on so separating one from the other is not really possible and in my mind, detracts again from their achievments as INDIVIDUALS. In Bure's day, Vancouver was the cellar dwellers but they had something the Sedins and Naslund lack : HEART. Sedins also were beneficiaries of AV playing them on the pp and never on the pk. To me, they are quite one dimensional. Soft perimeter players who have enjoyed more success than they normally would have due to a series of circumstances. Hank n Dank are 4/5 on my list behind Bure Linden and Lu.
  3. http://www.cbc.ca/do...ld-of-gold.html I don't know if this link will work cause I'm not too web savvy, but it is worth watching Hey it worked! I'm not a total webertard
  4. It's questionable as to whether the US even has any gold at all. Fort Knox hasn't been audited in 30 years or so. They used to do a yearly public viewing but that stopped sometime in the 70's and no-one has actually laid eyes on the basis for US wealth since then. Meanwhile Germany has been trying to repatriate their gold from the US for a few years now, to no avail. Vhere is ze golt?? Venezuela recently made a big show and patriotic to do about returning their physical gold to the hands of the nation. This is part of the reason Venezuela and the States are at such diplomatic odds, The Venezuelans refused to go along with the states game. In other news, the comex has 55 PAPER OUNCES of gold for every 1 single PHYSICAL oz in existence. You bet your sweet bippy the states needs to hold down the price of gold.
  5. The chinese have been around for thousands of years, I don't think they are stupid enough to accept a freshly minted $1 Trillion note at face value lol I don't think you are dumb enough to believe the market truly determines the price of gold, either. There are 2, maybe 3 puppet masters pulling the strings at any given time. The US $ is in trouble, we may be witnessing the downfall of the greatest and shortest lived empire in world history.
  6. So the US gov shuts down and gold goes lower. THat can only mean manipulation. Yesterday was a great buying opportunity, I got a truckload of img for 4.80. China has a bunch of US bonds, which the US sure as hell don't want to have to pay out right now, so the chinese are probably putting the pressure on the states to keep attacking gold so that they can keep buying the crap out of it. Gold goes where the power is, historically speaking, and right now it is all being transferred to China and Russia. Can you say NI Hao? Actually, alot of you probably can lol
  7. So for the second time in the last few years, the American gov literally cannot afford to stay up and running. They will be shutting 'er down in 48 hours. This despite printing 80 billion+$ every month. Whats up with that? Gold rules, I'm 99% sure of it.
  8. I know you guys are yakking about hard commodities but just thought I'd throw this in. I am gold (t.img) is a steal anywhere near 5$, wish I had more cash to throw at it right now.
  9. G & S and other precious metals are a tangible display of wealth, always have been, always will be. Fiat currency are essentially a representation of peoples confidence in a government. It is entirely feasible, and almost a guarantee, that today's governments will, at some point in the future, cease to exist. G&S will always be here. Also, everything is relative and prices continue to go up and up. Oil is being held at an artificially low level right now so that current govs can show the populace "growth" and retain their grip on power. Once that charade is exposed and the govs are toppled, watchout.
  10. Ron, let me ask you this: Did you have the same attitude towards gold before it fell off a few months back?
  11. What about supply and demand? Finite supply and ever increasing demand for gold as far as I can see.
  12. Perhaps you should start at the beginning
  13. "If the government hadn't acted, I would be eating Thanksgiving dinner at McDonald's." That's kind of funny considering that Buffet is renowned for eating cheeseburgers and drinking cherry coke every day of his life! Btw, I have a safety deposit box through TD at absolutely no fees if anyone wants to store their gold somewhere for free, pm me haha
  14. You can't emulate Berkshire unless you have enough loot to become a controlling shareholder and the business savvy to run the businesses being purchased. Buffet doesn't simply buy a stock and wait for the price to go up. Buffet also goes against popular notions of diversification. If you are confident in your investment decisions, you should be confident enough to purchase large amounts of them. Diversification might lend an illusion of stability to your portfolio but on the flipside, you are missing out on real profit by buying a wide array of stocks. Might as well stick to mutual funds and etf's at that point. Of course an ounce of gold will always weigh an ounce. However, gold producers have tremendous growth potential and some even pay dividends (t.img for example).
  15. If you would have bought just about any gold miner 30 days ago and sold 2 days ago, you would be looking at 50% + gain in 4 weeks. 30 days ago, people were scared to death of gold going to 1000$ Buy when others are fearful, it takes balls but results speak for themselves.